Non est magicae quod nos utor in umbris
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Shadow Organisation

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Humans, Possibly some beasts

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"...It is believed that a new order is forming, In the quake of the dark lords demise"

- Excerpt from The Daily Prophet by Sidgeon Quilt, August 10th 2022

The Umbra (or Umbrae) is thought to be a secret society, with an unknown purpose, and an unknown hierarchy, with an accredited supply of wealth and power.

When convicted and sentenced to Azkaban, Judy Dorchester confirmed the existence of the entity, and her bearing to it. Having worked at the Wizengamot for many years, this may have been an indication that the Umbra have existed for an untold number of years.

Known Villains

The Shadow

In his human form, as Professor Ironhand, the Shadow was a squirrelly and disturbed wizard with a literal iron-hand, though unbeknownst to the students of the castle, was also the monstrous black mist that haunted some of them for many months. Latching onto Dorchester as one of her cronies was really a ploy to gain access to the quadrant of mystic pillars known as the Heart of Four, the location where he met his demise at the hand of his mother, the Hag of Crowscreep.

Judy Dorchester

Cold and austere Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, who later became Headmistress, who's plan to reform the castle into a military of witches and wizards backfired, where she did a full circle and found herself back in the courts, only this time as the accused. 

Suspected Villains

Eponina Hawthorne

Cruel and draconian Headmistress of Hogwarts, who's personal vendetta paved the way for a series of catastrophic events, leading to the penultimate demise of a Professor, and the anguish of many students. She was eventually killed in duel by Professor Shantola Nettlebane.

Zimelda Zemeckis

Grandiose and mysterious Vice-Chancellor to the Wizengamot, who was later revealed as an ex-Death Eater. Though she was personally responsible for chasing out various professors at the castle, and despite her tumultuous past, many are undecided regarding her connections to the Umbra, if any at all.

Behind the scenes

  • The Umbra was devised by the Roleplay Department at Mischief Managed for the storyline of 2015/2016 realtime. They were first mentioned by Zimelda Zemeckis in the finale of 2016 as 'Them', and later given a name by the Daily Prophet.
  • Umbra is a derivative of Umbrae which is latin for shadow.