Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1
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Miranda Goshawk


Basic Spells for First Years

The Standard Book of Spells, Grade One is the standard textbook for First Years for basic level spells at Hogwarts. It is written by Miranda Goshawk. This book can be purchased at Florish and Blotts in Diagon Alley or at Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade.

Level 1

  • Unlocking Charm (Alohomora) Unlocks doors and windows, although it is possible to bewitch doors to resist the spell.
  • Locking Spell (Colloportus)used to lock or seal doors so that they cannot be opened manually.
  • Levitation Charm (Wingardium Leviosa) Levitates objects. It does not work on humans directly.

Level 2

  • Red Sparks (Creo Igniculus) Causes red sparks to shoot from the wand.

Level 4

Level 5

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