Selina Satin
Biographical information

11th March, 1970 London, England

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Marital status


Also known as

Psychic Satin

  • Witch
  • Psychic
  • Radio Personality
  • Author
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Hair colour

Silvery Black

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Family information
Family members
  • Sandrine Stacius Satin (sister)
  • Sabelina Ozanne Satin (sister)
  • Azelinus Satin (distant relative)
  • Gefroi Huguard Satin (distant relative)
  • Zimelda Zemeckis (distant relative)
Magical characteristics

Being Poor


Psychic Radio & Book Personality



  • Ravenclaw
  • Satin Family

"I saw it there, as clear as crystal! It came to me, a starry premonition, oh! I was gifted with the sight, and so to you my dwindling fans, I share it freely."

- Excerpt from Psychic Satin, My Mystic Miracle!

Selina 'Psychic' Satin (b. 11th March 1970) is a Half-blood British witch, who was raised in London. She was a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry between 1981 and 1987, and was housed in Ravenclaw. She is a national best-selling author and radio personality, who claims to have potent Psychic abilities, but has been trialled by critics as Britain's biggest fraud.

In 2015 Selina traversed the Muggle radio industry, and before long started to hold national events, using magic as a tool to extract information from her gullible audiences. She was taken to court by the Ministry of Magic the same year, but was declared innocent, a decision no doubt swayed by the illusive Zimelda Zemeckis, Vice-Chancellor of the Wizengamot.

An article was released shortly after this derailed conviction, slating Zimelda Zemeckis as a injurious pig-woman who used her powers within politics to free, what was discovered to be, a distant relative.


  • Satin is actually a legilimens, and it was this mind-reading technique that she used to extract information from her gulliable audiences across the nation, resulting her successes. 
  • Satin actually has no psychic abilities whatsoever, but due to her skill in legilimency, was a threat to Zimelda Zemeckis, who was harbouring a dark secret that could have been the ruination of everything she had worked to hide if it came to public knowledge. 
  • Satin did have real psychic abilities, and was Zimelda's personal divination-drudge. 
  • Zemeckis simply saved her in the court of law because of their relation to one another. This seems the least likely, however, considering Zimelda's personality and history. 

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Behind the scenes

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