Rita Grey
Biographical information

13th May, 2008,

Redes Nook, Berner's Street, Fitzrovia, London, Great Britain

Blood status


Also known as

•Grey (everyone)


•Pure-blood supremacist


•A True Slytherin

•Picklebottom: Most likely to become MoM(2022 Winter Ball)


Slytherin Chaser(2021-2023)

•S.E.R.P.E.N (unknown)

Physical information


Pig Briefly transfigured by Nami Kim (known)

Rat/Beetle Briefly transfigured by Helena Arlet (unknown)





Hair colour

•Brunette Ombre (natural)

•Inky Black (Using Colovaria)

Eye colour

Forest Green

Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Carmella Niobe Grey(Mother) (Née Nimal)

Gabriel Onnen Grey(Father)

Myron Drachen Grey (Мьроп Драчен Граь)(Parental Grandfather)

Viviran Nerini Grey (Parental Grandmother)

Nerini Abretxio Grey(Parental Great Grandfather)

Estera Drachen Grey(Parental Great Grandmother)

Anthia Tralious Nimal(Maternal Grandmother)

Ferox Niobe Nimal(Maternal Grandfather)

Trixnios Ferox Nimal(Maternal Great Grandfather)

Nithius Carmella Nimal(Maternal Great Grandmother)

Safiya Family (سافييه)(Stepfamily)(Unknown)

Magical characteristics

Her disappointed grandmother


•(†?) 7 inch, Rigid, Blackthorn, Unicorn hair Core

•11 inch, Swishy, Hawthorn, Dragon heartstring core






Helena Arlet


The Grey Family

Unknown Dark Wizard (2023-2023)

Pure-blood supremacists

Dorchester and Goons (2023-2023)

Priscilla Knotts (2023-2023)

OOC information
Played By

Wiloaa Resident

"Why should I tell anyone anything? You won't listen. All you ever do is make a bigger mess of things, and what he did just proved it. "
— Rita during the battle of Inferi. 2023

Rita Grey (B. May 13th, 2008) is a sixteen year old Pure-blood witch born in London, United Kingdom. She is the only child of parents Gabriel Gabe Grey and Carmella Ella Grey (née Nimal). Alike members of her family she was also sorted into Slytherin

Currently in her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Rita made a name for herself in her third year, and was also suspended. At the beginning of her fourth year was where she really shined. Using her skill of investigating she managed to impress members of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad that came to Hogwarts. Making impressions towards those in the Ministry continued once Judy Dorchester set foot in the castle. Rita managed to get herself tasked with spying on other students for one of Dorchester's goons known as Priscilla Knotts. At the same time Rita was sought out by a dark wizard. Rita never denied the tasks asked, and also did everything willingly. Rita proved herself as a true slytherin during this time, and also grew close to to Helena Arlet. The bond the girls formed over the months was proved strong. When Rita had completed her task she found herself being crucioed, and the dark wizard vanishing along with Helena. Rita struggled with the fact that she had now aided in the possible distruction of Hogwarts, and wished to save Helena from whatever fate the dark wizard planned. Having  known what the dark wizard was up to Rita went to find Professor Fox who helped to save Helena Arlet, and Hogwarts. Rita returned to Hogwarts for her fifth year although she's found it a struggle with everything she build over the past year being gone. She had searched for Helena, but saw the girl did not return to Hogwarts. Rita has been confined and quiet although she is not afraid to appear as her former self should anyone bother her. 

((IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a continuous story with details that will not be complete. To no extend is this information allowed to be used ICly ever. Specific types of information in this writing are only allowed to be used as OOC knowledge for your awareness of the character. IC information is obvious to those whom RP with this character, but if you have questions do not hesitate to IM me.))

Family Legacy

Family Crest

The Grey family crest credits nobility to an unknown old wizard. It bears the colours black, grey and moss green. There can be two unicorns seen crossing their horns which could be the sentiment of the family's ideas that all things pure must always stay pure together. The latin words 'Puri sermonis amator' are inscribed on the crest and they translate to 'a lover of pure speech'

Early History 

The Grey family consists of a long-line of British pure-blood wizards and witches which hold traces of Bulgarian in their lineage. They are a wealthy family and were known to buy their ways out of trouble. Members of the family which attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are traditionally known to have been sorted into Slytherin. They are pugnacious when speaking of pure-bloods associating themselves with non-magical blood. The Greys believe any pure-blooded witch or wizard that associates themselves with half-bloods and muggle-borns are considered a blood traitor. During the First and Second Wizarding Wars the Greys were well-known for their pure-blood supremacy. Not one single witch or wizard has ever come close to solving the riddle of the hostile relationship between the Greys and non pure-blood families. The reason is unknown and it is considered to be a great and difficult task to see these hidden secrets unrevealed. 

Recent History

Heritage is the key to the family especially concerning Grey Manor. Like Hogwarts, the manor is hidden away from muggle eyes under a Fidelius Charm. The manor is located in the outskirts of London and lies within Dulwich Village. Currently the keeper of the manor is Myron Grey and the lady of the manor is his beloved wife Vyri Grey. Vale is the resident house-elf and has served under the name of Grey for long time and still remains fiercely loyal. 

To date Gabriel Grey is supposed to be the successor of Myron Grey. Upon Myron's death Gabriel is known to be named keeper of Grey manor. Although Gabriel currently meets the requirements; being a pure-blood and a member of the Grey Family, they remains one trait that disqualifies him from such heritage.  The Grey's worship pure-blood supremacy over anything else. Gabriel has gone against the codes, the family's sacred covenant's by befriending muggle-born and half-blood families. Currently Gabriel has produced no other child than a girl and she cannot take hold of the keys without altering the ancient family history. Henceforth this remains a problem. 

Early Family History (1940s-1970s)

Parental History

Grandparental History

Vyri Grey (Born 1941) is a frightfully black-hearted witch who seeks out to impair and restore the wizarding world to how it used to be. She is known to be a 'retired' Obliviator and remains a member on the Committee on Experimental Charms which lies within the Ministry and is trusted with the family's past. Her husband Myron Grey(Мьроп Драчен Граь) (Born 1945) is of Bulgarian descent. Myron was born in Vratsa, and attended Durmstrang Institute. In his early years of graduating from Drumstrang he migrated over to England. Myron is a reserved and uncharitable wizard who is is known to be a retired Hit Wizard whom seeks the trust in those to keep his family's past unchanged. 

Since retiring from their work they have turned into a exceptionally shady and unspoken couple. If one should ever encounter the two they appear as any other ordinary couple walking the streets but their hidden life together is laced with lies and mystery. One thing that is certain to suspect from this iniquitous couple is that Vyri is the one whom acts but it is Myron who knows the hidden truths. 

It was in their sons years at Hogwarts did they pay attention to him befriending half-bloods and muggle-borns which showed a spark of displeasure among Vyri and Myron. They would not tolerate such behaviour, they would scold him but still he insisted in proving them that blood purity was not a fact to worry over anymore and that they had to change their ways. 

Indeed did their son marry a pure-blood witch into the family. A marriage that had approval though the girl went under investigation beforehand, but this was not enough to please Vyri and Myron. As their son continued to befriend anyone of which was not pureblood they named him a blood traitor to the family.

For the sake of family they had to stop Gabriel and Carmella. It was in 2007 when Vyri and Myron heard about the birth of their sons child. Vyri decided upon inquest and pledged to seek vengeance for she knew this would not be the ending. This spoken injustice of hers would invole Rita Grey. The first born child of Gabriel and Carmella Grey.

Their current motives are unknown to everyone but themselves and a certain young girl. The only truth the wizarding world will learn is that their wicked ways are linked to family matters and will remain that way forever...

Until recently where Rita Grey may have just let their ideas slip from her mouth. There are currently only (five?) students at Hogwarts who have ideas but it is not certain they know the real truth.


Myron and Viviran in their final years of education.


Maternal History

Grandmaternal History

Anthia Tralious Nimal (Born 1934) was a witch who used her charismatic on other's to get her what she wanted. She worked for the  Centaur Liaison Office however was certainly never friendly towards them. Insulting their half-breed status on multiple occasions. It was only the centaurs who saw her truthful colours, not the department nor anyone else. 

Ferox Nioble Nimal (Born 1943) was an exceptionally a smart and cunning wizard and a consistent liar who worked as a Curse-Breaker in Egypt. Whilst working in the county he met an Egyptian witch named Echidna who made it her desire to help the Curse Breakers who traveled. He later married the woman however because of his father desires he dated and produced a child with Anthia Nimal. Echidna had always been his true love, until the secret which was uncovered by Vyri Grey. When the lot met to discuss their children and their future together. It was Vyri Grey who decided to put a stop to it.Vyri had travelled to Egypt to oblivate Echidna and to remove the marriage records and obliviate any who knew of such things. She then returned to oblivate Ferox's memories of the marriage.

Parent History (1970s-2000s)

Parental History

Carmella Nimal(Born 1972) was a pure-blood girl known to stay clear of any wizard or wizard that was unpure. At heart she was timid but showed a vicious side to herself at times. She was known as an intelligent young witch by her professors though they worried for her well-being as she kept herself isolated. A lot of the students would not speak to her as her views were not tolerated though it was Gabriel whom changed her for good. Gabriel Grey(Born 1971) was the first child of The Greys whom had chosen to go down another path which was named treachery to his parents. He was also indifferent to the wide views of Slytherin students, as he befriended all houses including those of the lion. His families wrong doing never tainted his life as he was respected among his peers, was known among professors as a shining student and also known to be a Quidditch player for Slytherin.

In Gabriel's mind he would have married a half-blood or muggle-born into the family just to prove to his parents and ancestors that they were no different but his fate changed when he met Carmella. This girl he had spotted reminded him of his family's unpleasant traits. It was uncanny how both Gabriel and Carmella would be so different yet so similar. Gabriel found himself interested in Carmella and by his fifth year he would begin to befriend her. Wanting to change her ways for the sake of good and so the girl did not have to suffer like many others had before them. Many months did it take until Carmella found trust in Gabriel and opened her mind up, allowing the thoughts to flow out and beyond them. In their seventh year they started dating, it may have seemed like a shock to their peers but it was clear the two had spent a lot of time with one another. 

Once their seventh year had arrived at its end they still remainded a strong couple who planned to support one enougher and disregard their families views for they were both unalike and did not want to play a part in the endless pain. Both having taken their O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s they decided to apply for apprenticeships at the Ministry of Magic in 1990. They were accepted, both trained and eventually employed within the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Carmella originally started working in the Administrative Registration Department but later moved onto working in the Improper Use of Magic Office alongside Gabriel in 1994. 

Three years later on the 17th of January in 1996 was the wedding day of Gabriel and Carmell. The two agreed to not have their parents involvement as an uproar would be caused. A strong fact because more than half the wedding guests would be that of muggle-born and half-blood families. 

Twelve years past and on the 13th of May in 2007 their first child was born. Happiness shone through each person on that day, yet a shadowy history lingered over this child and unfortunate luck would conceal her.


Early Life (2007-2019)

Rita was born into a odious pureblood family and was a child of enigma. Her parents had arguged over the dreaded thought of leaving her with her grandparents, but they had no other choice. Rita's parent's advanced in their positions at the Ministry, more work meant less time to spend with their child. This unguarded decision was the path to Rita's life now spiraling out from her own control. Just a child Rita never knew it was all happening, innocent in all this you could never blame her for the way she turned out. It was her grandparents that would determain the way she would think, they would teach her to only take notice to the foregone history and treat it as the future. They would have her live the life they wanted of her and have it be that nobody could change this, not even her parents. Yet that was not the only fault in Rita's wretched life. This poor child would never begin to understand the corruption that steered her life into morbidness. 

During her parents time at Hogwarts they befriended a muggle-born family called the Murrells and these people would take a notable place in her life. During certain holidays would Rita's parents and the Murrells gather together to celebrate. Because Rita had spent time with her grandparents she changed over time, into an unacceptable child, one who happened to be bitter towards the Murrells daughter. Rita's parents disciplined her for doing such but because her grandparents continued to taint with her this forged the inability for her parents to show love and affection, them believing that she could never change her way. 

Her parents hower did endeavour that Rita spend time with the Murrells daughter Trudy, yet it was ineffective as Rita always would refuse. It would be Trudy that would bring out Rita's first apperance of magic. Because Trudy got the love and attention of her parents Rita became jealous. One day she was sick and tired of Trudy and wanted her to shut up. Rita would insult Trudy's muggle-born status, saying a number of impolite and revolting things to the girl yet from the shouting of her parents she did not care, she hated the fact that the girl was more loved than her, she become overwhelmed, her temper boiled at the situation and soon the lights in the room started to flicker, unknowling it was the power of her magic that blew up these lights up and it was she who created the sparks that flew everywhere.

Months after this innocent would a letter from an ow appear adressed to Rita. An acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

Hogwarts Years (2019-Current)

First Year (2019 - 2020)

Second Year (2020 - 2021)

Third Year (2021 - 2022)

Two years, she kept it shut. Complete silence, completely unknown to others school-wide. She played as cute little young one at first, maybe because she had been told to do so until the day came. The time she was sick of being hidden in the dark and wanted to make herself known for her views and make the name Grey echo through the walls again.

On the 28th of May 2022 she attended the trip to Hogsmeade, she kept out of the way listening to conversations. Such as ones that included Mark Firley and Sapphira Pendragon. The info she took that the girl was something of a queen, and so she would use this information in the future. Wakefield Lucas was the first to speak to her, even offer her butter beer. She joked, asking if he had poisoned it but the only poison was Rita. Playing undercover as someone so innocent, but deadly. When Caroline Barrett came over to chat, Rita may have expressed her lies without anyone really noticing. Rita described herself as being innocent and sweet, but that she could be a liar.

Oh and so the little devil showed herself at dinner in the Great Hall. She proclaimed that Sapphira was no queen, began to insult the girl for no reason which upset Aiyana Choi. A rivalry began, one which would see Rita trying to upset Aiyna at every corner she turned and by doing this she somehow managed to gather friends.

Arabella Ashe and espicially Katrina Lebeau became known as 'the mean team' but it was only a secret between the three of them. Rita never really followed the girls or claimed to be their friends, oh no, she just wanted someone who could set her on the path to being known and did they do so. Katrina spoke of wanting to find trouble, so Rita gladly agreeded and went along to Art Club, held by Lukka Rookswood. An ex of Arabella's happened to be there, and so Katrina and Rita decided to insult the boy, crowd around him...which was noticed by a member of staff overlooking the Art Club. The libarian Mr. Revnikas came over to break up the fued, but it turned into choas as a sudden outburst of disrespect would have Rita loose 120 points from Slytherin. The announcement, had students turning their heads and they would begin to question. Who was Rita Grey?

She may have pleased herself by getting herself a name in the school halls, yet, the professors were not pleased. A meeting with her head of house, Professor Grimsbane which included The Deputy Headmaster Fox and Headmistress Fischer. She would have been expelled right on the spot of Grimsbane had not given her the chance to stay, which become her own personal hell. Punishment being punishment, she lost her wand, so remained harmless but this was nothing compared to the torture Grimsbane brang upon her. She had disrespected his request by staying in her commons and his threat to expell her from his house and Hogwarts..which resulted in a terryfying angry howler from Grimsbane the next night. Him being sick of her lies, he'd use legilimency on her, so he could see for himself what trouble she got up to and obliviated her memory straight after to put fear into her eyes. To this day, this is unknown by Rita. Her first detention lead her to the disturbingly disgusting boy's lavatory, in which she would clean with just a tooth brush. though she did try to refuse, it was done.

Rita was sent back to her droms, told not to leave, speak or even breath the wrong was, but did she listen? No and she may have bumped into the herbology professor, professor Gaelyth, who was told, along with every other professor that Rita should not be outside her commons, but he let her off but hell did Grimsbane find out, his cruel harsh words would rain down on her like satan in the coutyard outside the greathall in witch Rita was sent off to the Headmistress's office.

Fischer was just as bad as Grimsbane, even worse. She'd tell Rita she belonged in Knockturn Alley, and was wiring out a letter of expulsion however that wicked but brilliant witch allowed Rita to stay. Her wand was not returned, she had to write apolgoy letters and do chores. In which, she did, but it took a bloodly long time.

She became a radar, one of trouble because even after all of that, she continued distrupting the halls, even lessons, literally anything and everything. Causing terror, bullying students. Her hated being settled with Aiyana Choi, but not fully. Before she picked her new victim, she met Cassandra R. Middes. Decided to tag along with her to the kitchens, to ruin dinner by stickig pygmy puff fur in it. Cassandra even ofered Rita a position on the owl post...but that never happened. As they were leaving the kitchens, Rita found out that Cassandra was a muggle-born and immediately began insulting the girl, but Cassandra was way too strong and Rita was weak but she continued at it, even during muggle studies.

Where Briony Rookswood would become unpleased by it, and inform Lukka Rookswood. After being finished with Cassandra, she found someone else. Which would be Claudia Rosier. First she did the childish thing in the book, bully the girl into doing her homework and when she girl didn't do so, she stole a valuable posession, a bow. A bow that was shoved in her mouth by Lukka Rookswood, who was sick of Rita, and also made her sick but she was thankfully saved by the blinding yellow-shirt of Upton Zero, Cecil Callaghan and Mark Firley and not the mention a Pepperup Potion.

After being cured, she went onto hounding Claudia again. A fight in which she met Aryiana Novelli, the girl demanaded a duel, Rita agreeded and would await for it to be set. After Aryiana left, Rita continued. Even stole a wand from Essa Nazari to get payback on Claudia Rosier. They had numerous fights and Claudia won, every single one which infuriated Rita, greatly. Mostly because she could not fight back with no wand. Rita threatened to shove Claudia down the stairs, and she did, by accident. Witnesses included Claudia's best friend Deryn Laroux and an odd seventh year with a walking cane known as Zakai, threatened to hand Rita in for such violence, but he did not. Instead, he'd drag her off to the librarby, to chop off some of her hair and when she still continued shouting, angry at him, he decided to kiss her! Claudia and Dery witnessed it too, and were confused by what had happened. Rita however, was not confused, but wrath took hold of her and she'd slap him in the face for such a move. When Mark Firley discovered what had happened between Rita and Zakai, he got awfully mad and and a whole new rivalry started. Rita kept her eyes on Zakai, afraid of him going to the Headmistress about the staire innocident.

She decided to go silent for awhile, to let the dust settle, she'd even ask Professor Fox for her wand back, in which he handed back but with warning. One she did not listen to because as soon as she had her wand she decided to throw some horrid hex at Claudia, continuing the on-going battle. Zakai came along and stopped her though and Claudia took Rita's wand into her own hands. Zakai decided to place Rita under a happiness charm, in which she would spill her deepest darkest secrets to him, but upon him undoing the spell, she was terrified at what she had just said. All mannor of evil thoughts were shouted out to the boy.

Rita in an angered rage instead went to go find Claudia, again. She decided to go chop the girl's precious hair off, and they engaged in a cat fight which ended with them being caught by alchemy professor Lapere, whom lead them from the hall into seperate classrooms and would individually investitage what had happened. The two girls got send to the Headmistress's office and professor Fox who had been apointed the new head of Slytherin joined with professor Adler the Ravenclaw head of house. Claudia would get her wand taken and be made to serve detention with Adler. Rita was given a final warning, her last. Fox told her to write an four foot long essay about the responsibility of magic, of course she handed it in late. Along with that, she lost her wand /again, and she was made to serve dinner in the great hall. It would not be trouble-free because Rita would accidently spill some pumpkin juice on some girl name Karina, another enemy of Rita's, one whom she had had fights with before but Karina was not one to hold back and sent Rita to the hospital wing with a broken nose.

Did Rita settle after all this? Oh hell no, she continued again. Raving on about how Godric Gryffindor ruined the school, and it was Slytherin who had to save it. She clearly had not read Hogwarts; A History, maybe because she never turned up to a single HOM class. Well, Sila told her the truth, but Rita did not listen. Sila Warrington, yes, another little enemy because of a Quidditch game she lost. Saffron Foxclaw eventually showed herself along with Karina. Karina who gave Rita the jelly-legs curse but Sila helped Rita out which she did not thank. Saffron created a cloud of black smoke and along came Fischer who was not impressed with a cloud of black smoke on the lunch menu.

She'd confine Karina and Rita to clean the girls lavatory as punishment but Rita continued to argue with Karina. Essa decided to come help, and when Karina had left the two girls alone, Rita would treat Essa to a punch in the face after being sick of the girl.

The next day Rita saw Essa in the coutyard outside the great hall, decided to bother her, after finding out she was a muggle-born she decided to play with this, but Sila came along and threatened to hand her over to the Headmistress, but she did not need to. Fischer showed up and suspended Rita on the spot, sentanced her to a week at home.

When Rita returned to Hogwarts, a noticable sudden silence was shown in Rita, but she un-silently continued with her hatred for muggle-borns, making it a stronger fact now, even by calling people 'mudblood.' At the end of the year feast, she began th hound Fischer for her wand and insulted Essa for being a muggle-born. Fischer unpleased she sneakly splashed water all over Rita, which went unseen by the snake.

Rita went to her commons to change her robes but got caught by limbo mist. With the help of unnamed Slytherin she would eventually get to the feast. She'd sit down, but act odd, though she still managed to accuse Helena Arlet, convinced the girl was a hag after the school meeting about the entire thing. Something made Rita step up and warn everyone about the limbo mist, but nobody listened to her. Why would they? So. She decied to go inform Fischer who was not pleased and would shove Rita to move and lead the way. Upon stepping out the hall she not only got herself caught in the limno mist, but Fischer, professor Lapere, and Ipswich. After much humour of Fischer and Ipswich batting eachother, professor Lapere eventually helped the lot of them get down. In which the wrath of Fischer and Ipswich would go directly on Rita, when she had not done a thing, though it may have seemed like she led them into the trap, well she did, but not really. Annoyed by the blame and the fact of Karina sticking up for her, she'd hed off to the dungeons.

On a late night walk around the castle, she'd find Essa stuck in the mist, and she'd laugh at the girl, insulting her but Essa proved herself as a real witch and managed to stick Rita in her place, literally doing so.

Nothing else happened in that year, except the Hogwarts Express journey home. She shared a compartment with Helena Arlet, and another Slytherin, including various other students who eventually left due to Helena's and Rita's ongoing banter. The two went at it for four endless hours, and Rita sent Helena's friend off by clamining the two elder snakes were dating. The two said their goodbyes and headed off from Plaform 9 and Three Quarters, in seperate directions, towards home or not home at all...

Summer 2022

-Brighton Bay 2022-

In the summer of 2022, Vale the Grey's house elf was supposed to take Rita from King's Cross station to her grandparents, but this event never occoured. Rita never showed herself and by doing so she may have just made her life a whole lot worse then it already is.

What people don't know is that Rita is terribily afraid of this people. She's afraid of her own family, and that is one of the worst expiereinces someone could have. She knows that when she returns home, her grandmother will take a look into the depths of Rita's mind and when she does, she'll not be pleased. Something ungodly will show when her grandmotherl earns what Rita has said and done. A secret she may have let slip, which could endager her grandparents. 

When leaving the Hogwarts Express and heading into London, Rita caught The Knight Bus and ended up in Brighton Bay. She would find somewhere to stay but her reason would be unknown to everyone but herself. It is odd for her to be around her enemies, but she has nowhere else to go and she believes she is safe even if it's going to be a difficult task for her to hide. 

There was a slight problem with her plan, that being her parents have her wand. Due to the trace, Rita will not be allowed magic duing the summer, yet she knows she will need one for the return of school in September. If she would to travel home to have it returned, it would certainly not be retuned. Her parents may also go ahead with their threat and send her to St Mungo's for a physiatrist evaluation, but this is not out of love. They are sick of hearing from professors about Rita's behaviour, not only that their positions at the Ministry are being threatened and they want it stopped.

-Ireland 2022-

-Hogsmeade 2022-

-Dulwich 2022-

A period began in the early days of July 2022 where Rita was not seen causing trouble on the beaches of Brighton Bay. 

The 8th of July 2022 came with enough warning for the future ahead. The future that would not be pleasant for Rita. It was her father who had decided on her fate for good. Sending just an owl, with the words that stated him and her mother were renouning her as their daughter. Her father informed that all her belongings would be send to her grandparents and they would take future care of her. Rita's father also suggested she was just as filthy and repulsive as her grandparents, that she could continue with the hoard of fortune and pure-blood supremancy.

The 9th of July 2022. Vyri Grey being clever having placed Rita undering a silencing charm so when she grabbed Rita's wrist harshly it was not heard. They arrived at a mysterious cottage, deep within Dulwich woods. Being on private land and under a fidelius charm nobody would happen to wonder upon it. Dim lighting, a dreary atmosphere and such a place that chills to rthe spine, it is not a home for anyone. Savage snarls came from Vyri that hurled towards Rita. Vyri decided to send Rita into a dastardly penitence with the slashing of several hexes. According to Vyri, Rita had broken 'laws' of the family. Which was why Vyri decied to admit Rita into a searing bit of pain by casting diffindo, to punish for her wrong-doings. Vyri now in posession of this child, could do what she wished and that's what she did. 

On the 24th of July 2022 the 'torture' came to a stop but with Vyri obliviating Rita's mind from all, she would not remember what had happened. Neither would she understand the bruises and cuts on her fingers.


Fourth Year (2022 - 2023)

(*Information may be missing or in the incorrect order due to vast amount of RP/This is on-going)

-Hogwarts 2022-

Upon arriving back at Hogwarts Rita seemed to be rather quiet, acting different from her usual however it did not take long for her to kick in to her mischief for another year. However this time, it appears to be more courageous, branching out to new forms of destruction and perhaps even forming alliances...

The breakfast antics continued for another year when someone happened to throw something at Rita. Herself putting the blame on Lyra Arcand. An act of revenge started by stealing an book from the girl however the the feud became more wilder when a first year Lami Jung made Rita step into something that was most likely to be found near magical creatures and not the hall. Rita continued blaming Lyra, wanting to edge the girl on however as always Fischer came along and pulled Rita to the side. 

Fischer requested Rita form a union to help the school, instructing her to go into the forest with Lyra however this responsibility was taken away from her within seconds when she did not agree. Rita as always ignored the request and ventured into the Forbidden Forest with Lyra on a Full Moon. Lyra acted suspicious, explaining to her that the Ministry was after Lyra and Rita was there to protect her in case of a sudden attack. Rita didn't understand, thought it was a joke especially when Lyra spoke of how Fischer would put the blame on Rita if anything happened during that night.  It was not until the moon lit the sky and the dawn of the night began when Rita found out the truth with her own eyes, she saw who the girl was, a beast, a werewolf. 

Rita seemed to act distracted since, confused by the whole ordeal however it did not stop her from acting out by wanting to poison breakfast however Saffron Foxclaw stopped it from happening but Rita did not go unpunished, no. Yet again the Headmistress walked in, finding Rita on the floor and gave her detention to clear dishes for being 'annoying' and Rita now believed that Lyra had been telling the truth, that the Headmistress was now out to get Rita.

Suddenly the halls began to speak of a creature,  the truth of Lyra had gotten out and Rita knowing that if someone else caught on, she'd be in danger due to the words that had been whispered to her... 

Trying to distract herself from it all, the only opinion - bully the first years. Rita decided it would be a grand idea to show a young Slytherin to the charm class however she took a de-tore around the entire castle before being stopped by Professor Priaulx. However the aid of a Gryffindor Karina  Rodriguez came to pass, taking Rita and the first year straight to Charms class with Professor Gothly not being all too happy about it. 

Actions made by Rita sparked the interest of Nami Kim, a known Slytherin bad girl. Rita had believed the girl to be some sort of fairy-tail, that was until she met the girl. Nami corned Rita in the dungeons to which she fought back, pushing the girl back and then got herself turned into a pig. Rita roamed the halls as a pig, finding herself stuck near the grand stairs as some students decided to pick her up and pet her.  The students believed it odd for a pig to be in Hogwarts and eventually got the attention of Professor Venom who reversed the spell and turned Rita back into a witch, not animal. Of course Rita was furious, her anger being brought out, losing her points and wanting to hunt Nami down however the culprit herself came nearby an acted as an innocent therefore escaping. 

Rita was furious however she had no clue who the girl was, not until a meeting with a Quidditch Captain. Rita found herself spying on the Ravenclaw try-outs ,spotting the competition however decided  to threaten everyone, including the Ravenclaw Captain. It ended with Nyle having words with Rita...however their conversation came to a short end when the 'bumped' into Helena Arlet. 

The girl happened to be standing out in the pouring rain, with no help from Nyle. Rita  then followed as Arlet seemed to run away, watching the girl go...she was curious as to what the elder snake may be doing and why she was heading to the gamekeeper's hut. Rita trailed the girl all the way back to the castle not being spotted once however she did confront the girl and had a cat fight. Rita managed to break Helena down, making the blonde dangerously angry...however she left. 

Rita believed she was now the top being proud of defeating that girl however it didn't turn out that great when Helena dragged Rita outside in the storm, threatening to kill her. Eventually Helena managed to break Rita down, getting her to surrender...turning the odds against her...

Eventually trouble, after trouble. The Slytherin Head of House summoned Rita, removing her points and telling her to go without shoes for a week. This caught on to the Head-Boy and Slytherin Quidditch Captain, Nyle. The two having another 'discussion' that somehow ended up Rita being badly injured however nobody knows how it happened. Herself wondering around all cut-up was suspicious and the girl who threatened to kill her now cornered her, asking what had name kept the conversation interesting. 

The clock-tower innocent was a major accident. When Lyra jumped in believing Helena had hurt Rita the entire thing flipped. Lyra attacking Helena which only sparked Rita to attack Lyra however her attack turned out more worse than she intended. Lyra badly injuring her face on the stone-floor and knocked out cold. Rita only knew one thing, run. Both Helena and her ran from the scene into the night, getting locked outside in the rain. They spoke, creating plans of what to say when Lyra was found. The two managed to sneak back into the castle, nearly getting caught by easily let run free by one prefect. 

They thought they were safe, not until Helena received a note from an unknown sending telling her they know what had happened. Rita when on ahead, trying to find out information, knowing if news had got out and who had been told, what they had been told. After a few nights of worrying the tension finally died down....unknown if the innocent would be ever brought up again. 

Helena had wanted Rita not to cause trouble...but she did. Oh she did, she continued. Making a mess in the potions classroom when Fischer was teaching....and antics just outside the great hall. Rita decided to set a NPCs homework on fire which called upon the attention of Sayuri Aoki. The girl giving her detention however a girl she had recently attacked came to save the day when she moved a suit of armour to grab at Sayuri and drop her before the fountain outside. Rita ran off, though she was chased...but Lyra once again saved Rita and let her run free.

It was a close shot, however did it stop her? No. The mania continued, but in a good form this time. A girl named Priscilla, a snake, bugging Rita a lot decided to get herself a bounty. So Rita aided with Esmee managed to catch Priscilla and hand her in. Rita was asked by the Slytherin HOH to escort Priscilla to the girl's dorms to await Professor Fox to attend to her. However it did not end out that way.  Priscilla decided to attack Rita, which ended up in a difficult situation. Rita called out for the other girls in the dorms, Haiden and Jade to catch Priscilla. One spell went wrong, causing Priscilla to fall and knock her out...another accident. Blood. Rita decided to drag the girl to the Hospital Wing, after putting on a show to the snakes in the commons, dragging Priscilla unconsciously around, acting like a maniac with crew words and pretending she injured the girl. 

However the night had to be covered up quickly and oh it was before the Ministry Officals caught her parading that girl around. When wondering out the hospital wing she noticed an odd conversation between Ravenclaws. They spoke of dragon eggs and Rita pried into the conversation wanting to know more. She soon learnt that the Ministry were after dragon eggs students had stolen....and this gave Rita an idea. She decided to hunt down whoever was hiding them, the names given by the Ravenclaws. After hurrying around she eventually found the culprits. Eric Hyland and Jesma Pearl. Analise Baxton, a member of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad strolled by and Rita told her what she had discovered, the two Ravenclaws got dragged away and Rita let go and finding herself getting what she wanted. She'd walk away, heading down the grand stairs to stop upon another Ravenclaw and another Ministry Official, W. D'Marra. Catching onto the end of the conversation she pronounced herself and spoke to D'Marra, explaining her deed and what she had caught. The woman took a liking to Rita, and instructed her to go back to the Ministry worker who took the Ravenclaws away. She headeded off however found herself trapped when discovering it was the Ravenclaw dorms they'd been taken to. A girl came out to speak with Rita,  explaining that Rita was no longer needed...

However when everything seemed to die down a Ravenclaw dragged her into the commons, asking for help. Rita may have accepted..or may have not however when Rae Katana discovered Rita in the commons she instructed her strongly to get out, and that she had to attend study group for a month...

Rita had met Rae Katana before, and she had been playing a game with this girl also. Yes, Rita had been attending Owl Post meetings..under a disguise that nobody knew of except Cassandra Middles. Cas told Rita that it was fine for her to be apart of the Owl post, that she did not need to hide. The two had a conversation and Rita managed to learn something. Though she was told to use this for good...of course she did not.

During study group Rita hid in the library being confronted by yet again Lyra and of course Karina. Rita wanting to get away from them, shoved Karina..and the girl tripped down the stairs. Lyra running after Karina and leaving her book near by. Rita grabbed the book and then tried to run however she got jumped on by Karina. Rita used the jinx Cas at taught her, Ebublio Jinx and trapped Karina in a bubble and shortly escaped with Lyra's book after....

More antics continued for unnecessary reasons. Rita wondered into the courtyard outside the Great Hall. Seeing Maylo Lilliehook sat on the edge of the fountain. Rita decided to amuse herself, knocking the girl backwards with the spell however it went seriously wrong when the girl seemed to be knocked into the water, unconscious and possibility drowning. If it had not been for another girl, Rita would have left Maylo there...

More students soon came to help Maylo. Rita was running off but the same spelt she was taught and used was now used on her. Trapped in a bubble by Cas. Rita knew she had been caught, knew there was no way out until Helena came along and pushed her bubble all the way to the dungeons...and then popped it, leaving Rita to land on the stone floor and break her arm. Helena warned Rita yet again to stop it, to stay quiet and shortly left leaving the girl be summoned by the Head of House..again.

The meeting did not go well, not at all...with The Slytherin HOH using Rita's pain as an advantage, threatening her also however she was let go...but the next meeting would be the worst after Rita's antics continued...

During COMC the class was introduced to a magical creature, a Centaur. Creatures are known to attack when provoked. The lesson seemed to be going well, well it was until Rita came along, strolling through to the front of the class, and pulling out her wand, a threat to the Centaur. Another girl managed to pull Rita back but she still got charged and fell into the mud. The class started to shout, assuming Rita of being an idiot, having nearly got them all killed. If the Centaur had her could have gone another way. Professor Daisy removed picked up Rita's wand that had fallen and sent it to the Slytherin HOH for the actions, banning her from COMC for a month. 

It was not just students Rita seemed to bully, now it became apparent that the creatures were not out of question as Rita wondered into the kitchens and began to toy with a house-elf named Aphy. Rita bribed the elf with butter beer, thinking she could get the house-elf on her side, telling her that if she didn't get what she wanted then Aphy would be punished for it. Aphy did not accept the bribes which sparked Rita to push the barrel the house-elf stood on and watched as she fell, not caring for her actions. She left quickly after, not wanting the rest of the house-elfs to start a riot. 

What else was there to do? To be a pest, in History of Magic. She'd attended a class before and she knew how much the ticking pestered Digby so she decided to play a game however her pestering didn't work during class so she stayed. Using riddles and asking Digby why he's afraid of clocks, she didn't get much other than threats of detention and one answer...but it would be something she will continue with until she figures it out.

The first trip to Hogsmeade soon came along, Rita being banned for not attending a house evaluation however she went along, stiring some drama with a Hufflepuff prefect once more though she soon left...only to go back to the castle to start on her plan. Creating a sleeping draught whilst Professor Fox was away in Hogsmeade she knew she would not be caught..oh and she could be sneaky with it using her Gryffindor disguise. 

After the potion being brewed she returned to Hogsmeade, finding Karina. Having a 'chat' which consisted of little words, and acting suspicious by offering the girl a butterbeer from her bag and then running. She left, fleeing the scene and waited for the magic to happen. After an hour past she decided to run back with her disguise, wanting to laugh at it all. She may had caused Karina to fall asleep but the suspicious were on her for doing it to the girl. Maylo removing Rita's scarf and uncovering the mask of who it was...and it did not end there. The Slytherin HOH discovered Rita at the scene of the crime..and she knew it was not going to end well.

It was not going to end well, and Rita took a entire different turn when she went on the run with a warrant on her head. Nobody ever knew why Rita decided to take off and hide, but herself. Enjoying the thrill of being hunted, seeing how long she can hide without being caught. While hiding in the forest she noticed Essa wondering into the forest alone, and decided to play a mind game. Essa previously telling Rita about a dark wizard they faught of, Rita pretended to 'mimic' him, of course it didn't go so well - Essa eventually getting Rita to the ground. She would have been sent back to the castle if it hadn't been for Helena to save her from Essa. Helena was the one who warned Rita to run and seek for her help. 

Rita had no wand, being defenceless against attacks and creatures, This did not stop her from grabbing one. Deciding to venture out of the forest she found James Morris in the coutyard with Saffron Foxclaw and a few other students. When they saw her, they thought to stop her, casting a full-body blind curse. Saff told Rita that she would only free Rita if she kissed Saff, which only happened for a few seconds becuase James reserved the spell, allowing Rita to punch Saff in the face and then grab harsly onto James's hand to make him drop it. When she grabbed the wand she'd run off as fast which only caused the two to warn people that Rita now had a wand and could attack at any moment. 

She had lasted a fair while until a group eventually game looking for her. Jade, Eric, Jesma and Michiyo came in search. Rita heard people in the forest seeking her so she attempted to, casting an incendio at Michiyo to try cause a distraction to leave however they saw her cast the spell and Jade cast a stupefy at Rita, tieing her with rope so she couldn't escape. The group decided to drag her from the forest, into the castle and to Professor Gothly.

Professor Gothly was extremely angry at Rita for the trouble she had caused, stealing a wand and trying to attack Helena. She also knew that someone had to be helping her, that she could not have survived that long without being caught or attacked and that someone was working with her. Rita denined it over and over and there was never any truth of who had helped her. Gothly decided to 'burn' Rita's wand, right in front of her eyes, she thought it had gone forever. Rita knew she had another wand, but she was never getting it back from her parents, so she was now wandless completely. Due to what Rita had done, and how long she had tried to stay without punishment she decided to break her legs with a spell and leave her in a cauldron so that she couldn't run, or do anything for that matter.

After some days, Rita was eventually let out and allowed to join the Slytherin house party. Rita met with Helena during the party to inform her that Gothly knew someone was helping however she never told Gothly it had been Helena. After the party and everyone being gone a small fight broke out in the common room.



Rita eventually earned her wand back and found out it was under a fire protection spell and didn't perish in flames. She went back to her usual self, the threatning behaviour. Especially towards Essa, playing mind games with the girl. Warning her that more would be attack, that they would not be safe when they attended Hogwarts. She knew nothing what would happen, only pretending it would however some poisoning at the Three Broomsticks did happen. She was eventually told by who did it, herself being on the culprit's side, and she had known all along who it is and what had happened on that trip. She laughed at Emily for being posioned, saying that the girl deserved it and was too blind to not see it coming. 

Rita laid low and quiet for awhile however she still caused distrurbance even in class. During a charms class she decided to set the brazier alight when Professor Gothly was not looking. She managed to do it however Gothly had decided to uaw Priori Incantato on the entire class, Rita being found out the moment their wands lit with their past spells. Gothly decided that Rita could use incendio and light the braziers around the castle. Rita happened to take a liking to incendo over the year, it being a spell she could use in many ways which were wrong and harmful. Herself thinking it was no problem however when lighting the braziers at the bottom of the grand stairs a small fire broke out, erupting into a much larger one, consuming herself and burning herself rather badly. She was saved and the fire was put out and not too much damage was done. Rita was sent to the hospital wing, however she refused to be treated, and eventually passed out due to the pain. 


Rita continued with the lighting of the brazier for the next week or two, however she was only supposed to do one night so everything that happened since there was her own doing. Burning herself over a number of times, badly. The burn on her hand only getting worse as she continued to refuse to be treated or stop. Rita had caused herself to become dangerously ill, and her hand was badly infected. She had continued to the point of passing out when Saff found her and had to be rushed to the Hospital Wing for immediate healing. Rita had been unconscious and remained so for a period of two weeks, being left in the wing to heal. She was at the very end, hidden to all and nobody was allowed to visit. 

Rita eventually got out of the hospital wing and once again after everything continued on her path to anger people. This time it being with Jade, attempting to get revenge on the girl after she had caught her in the forest. Rita had a duel between her, going from the coutyard and ended up in the forest. Jade did win, casting a full body blind and leaving her to say in the forest. 

Rita decided to go along to the Three Broomsticks, to watch the new broomstick be unreviled. When sat in the Three Broomsticks she noticed Analise Baxton, the offical she had spoke with the night they came to Hogwarts and another woman who she'd never met, it was none other Philomena Pest. Rita decided to do some eavesdropping to see what it was the two woman were speaking about, finding the conversation was now involving Lyra she decided to speak up herself, telling the two how the wolf was attacking students, including herself. Baxton and Pest eventually left to go see the unrevealing of the new broomstick however she was rather poud to dig Lyra into a hole. 

Rita and Lyra had been fighting all since the start of the year, some vicious attacks happening Course Lyra had never attacked Rita back figuring out that Rita was attempting to her her to retaliate so that she would be hurt and could make a claim for Lyra to be locked up and sent away, however she didn't get her way, but she hoped the longer she continued at it, then Lyra would eventually flip and attack her.

Rita also threatened Essa and Eric about what happened the night the Ministry came for the eggs, warning them that she would tell of what they did, however she had no evidence of anything, she was just trying to scare them with threats, however as always it didn't work. 

Rita went beyond the point when attacking Essa when everyone was having a Quidditch celebration. Using expelliarumus on Essa so that the girl had no way to stop her attacks she decided to blindfold her, trap her in a bubble and cause her to choke on slugs while full-body binded. Five spells was over the top, and could have seriously hurt Essa if she had left the girl however Travis Martin eventually came along and stopped it all, along with Professor Green giving Rita a month detention for doing it. 

Rita had to attent potions class for her detentions and Rita was the victim of one of them, An Antidote to Common Poisions was to be prepared in class, however it had to be done well and quickly as Rita had got bitten by a spider, causing her to cry in pain and almost pass out. Rita was saved by the antidote however began to hate Professor Green alot after the incident. 

Again Rita made repeat attacks on students, and in the great hall. She attempted to attack Eric and teamed up with Kamillia to do so however she was caught in the cross fire and was made to do detention with Cas, and made to be in the kitchen for a week with the elves. 

That didn't make Rita stop with her threatning in the halls to many and including attacking Louis, causing him to fall down the bottom great hall steps. Nor did it stop her from skipping the detention made by Cas to go see fights in the hall, watching one between Lyra and Helena which of course she voted on Helena to win and was glad when the girl did.

Cas decided one night to 'duel' Rita, being that if the girl wanted to hurt so much, then she could do it in a more productive way rather than freely attacking. Cas eventually won the duel, and dropping Rita on the floor, causing her to hit her head and told her to go to the wing to check in-case of any head induries. 

During a COMC creature class Rita had decided to attack Essa once again and accio the girl's bag because she wanted to steal something from her however she ended up getting herself caught in a carpet with a failed accio. Eventually getting the bag she would find a cat, and continue to class Essa crazy, that the girl was going insane, however Professor Daisy got involved and warned Rita to not bully Essa no-more. Daily took Rita's wand and whacked her repeatly with it, and would not allow it back until the end of the night, warning her that every time she was heard of bullying, that she would meet with Daisy. Of course she got Essa in slight trouble for reveling that the girl had captured a cat so it hadn't been too bad for her. 

Yet Rita decided to go back and attack someone else, once again Lyra. The on-going battle, deciding to cast a sea urchin jinx on the girl to cause her a large ammount of pain. Saff being there had caught Rita and racked her up with a fair bit of detention, but of course that hadn't ended well for Saff.

After a couple of days Rita decided to get her revenge, casting a fixing charm on Saffron when the girl was not looking. When Saf happened to stand up from her seat in the great hall, she ripped her pants and caused a rather large embarassment to herself. 

Rita had once again gone silent for awhile however when wondering the halls she noticed Helena running away and a werewolf wondering the halls. She didn't know who it was, however the wolf was going for her so she decided to cast it in the air for it to not attack her, yet the wolf was cast high and over and landed on the ground. Rita had wondered down the stairs to watch George tend to the wall, of course him thinking she was cruel for attacking the animal and she tongue tieing him for him to not say what happened however the wolf got up and grabbed onto Rita's ankle, biting into her leg and causing her to scream out in pain. Many turned up to the scene, including a Professor who untransfigured the wolf and everyone discovered it was Lyra. Rita made a huge scene, telling everyone how Lyra had attacked her and was pleased that this was perfect and that with Lyra having bit her as a wolf, Rita now had evidence and witnesses of the crime that was comitted. 

Rita attended the winter ball however remained to herself and quiet, still thinking things through and planning attend for over the holidays and the return. She was shocked when she won herself an award for Most likely to be the future MOM, however herself finding it ironic after what she had been saying over the past few weeks.

-Hogwarts 2023-

After the Christmas break and everyone had returned to Hogwarts, Rita once again went back to her verbal attacks. Especially on Essa and spoke her unliked opinion with Mark and Miles. Suggesting her same old 'mudbloods ruined our world'. Including causing Essa crazy and she rather wished she would be attacked again, that the dark wizard would not spare her this time. She also told how she thought the curse on Fischer was a great thing and would gladly see the woman gone.

Rita met Saff on the grand stairs, almost pushed the girl off the banister which she would have gladly done however Saf managed to stay put, Rita of course tried to battle and steal the girls special parchment because wanted to play mind games with CJ. Rita managed to grab it and write a couple of words, however the writing was only seen by Saf, the girl recalling the writing. Of course Rita knew what Saff thought however didn't spill the truth, knowing if Saff knew, herself would be in big trouble because the crimes she had done could cause her to be exeplled if ever found out. Rita continued to grap the parchment again to continue however she never got it.

After being attacked by Lyra a few weeks past and she decided to threaten the girl, that she would be locked up for what she did however the whole thing back-fired on her, herself being blinded by a curse and being made to eat slugs by Lyra's friends who were around. Saff eventually came along to help Rita, and after doing so Rita left the scene knowing that she couldn't take them all on alone.

The greatest news prehaps ever had came. After the meeting at the Owl Post and everyone noticing owls fly into the castle, they went down to the hall to see a Daily Prophet article about Hogwarts Decline. Rita was extremely happy by this fact, hoping the school would be brought now, and that the ones who loved it would fall down to do. Everyone was upset by the news, and Rita was standing laughing and overjoyed by it and couldn't wait to see what would happen next.

During a Mythology lesson Jesma decided to colour change Kamila's hair who was sat right next to her. Rita being who she was, hating Jesma and Professor Venom she decided to cast a spell on Jesma which would cause her to go bald and become an embarassment to the entire class. Venom was not too pleased and Rita again once voice her opinion which was not taken well, when she threatened Jesma in front of Venom.

Rita being the violent one this year and appearing to attack out of the blue managed to pull a very violent attack by luck. Walking into the long gallery to find Lyra on the floor laughing and George handing over the banister for dear life Rita decided to cast a jelly-fingers curse causing the boy to fall. Lyra somehow managed to prevent the boys fall being to hard however got crused in the cause with Saffron falling with George. Rita only by a simple curse and extreme luck caused the three broken ribs, noses and a lot of screaming pain. She trid to flee from the scene however got full body blinded by Eric who assumed Rita was the culprit. Professor Green eventually came along to the scene, wondering what on earth had gone on, however not being there she couldn't blame Rita for the attack even if the others were blaming her. Rita did of course earn herself detention and a metting with Green about such, however claimed herself guilty of that any all other attacks on the Ravenclaws. 



Rita had been quiet for some time, herself haiving to do so, to prevent herself form getting expelled due to her recent attacks being that if she continued on then she would be proved to be everyone thinks she is. She has been remaining low, and quiet however her behaviour is still suspicious. She shows herself on occasion. Something recent with the Owl Post caught her eye and that she is hunting on right now. She cast a green-spark curse on Saff however nothing had showed. Rita never discovered the truth of what really was going on with the Owl Post, and with threats from certain members to uncover the truth of her alias, she decided along with S.E.R.P.E.N to go silent.

During the Hearty Party when Dorchester and The Goons invaded Hogwarts Rita watched as everyone became feared and she rather liked the idea of someone other than Fischer being in charge, but it was not just that. She remembered how she acted and aided the Magical Law Enforcement Squad when they came during the start of the school year and wanted to prove herself again.

The morning after the invasion Rita spoke to Aryiana Novelli, and spoke to her how if truths were spilled about the two and another, then they'd be in big trouble. They made a pack to side with Dorchester and The Goons, to do anything to make them favour them. It was during then did Rita reveal to Aryiana that she was S.E.R.P.E.N, and only then had she trusted the girl enough to spill.

Rita had been non-stop going on to Essa Nazari that now Dorchester was here, she was no longer safe. They argued back and forth, and soon Professor Daisy stepped in. Meanwhile during this argument in the Great Hall, Rita discovered some information that she had been trying to get all year. When Rita ventured into the Dark Forest earlier the same year and noticed Essa hiding something she wanted to know what it was, but it was not until now did she find out that she was hiding the dragon eggs under Fischer's orders. 

With this information Rita walked up to Magwina Leech during one breakfast, delivering her a letter to give to Dorchester. In this letter contained information of student's names, and the evidence that Fischer had been hiding what the Law Enforcement Squad had previously came searching for. Of course Leech didn't trust the letter at first, having other Goon's search it, and Ironhand himself came along, calling Rita 'curious'.

During the year Rita took to hiding in a secret location only opened by casting 'Dissendium'. During the start of the year when Rita was being hunted down by her own HOH she took to hiding in this corridor, and it took a great deal of hunting the castle in the night, casting the charm to find somewhere. Of course it took many attemps for it to reveal itself, but then it did she knew she was safe and nobody would find her or it.

Many months had past, nobody or nothing had ever came here until one night. A voice called out to Rita in the darkness, it spoke about dangers, but that didn't make Rita ever stop going there, yet it did startle her. The voice was male, but she had never known the voice nor did she who it was.

During the same night she had a scream and left the corridor, heading for the Great Hall to see what had happened, but she wasn't really herself. Rita showed a different side to her, something that looked like fear and she only knew of one person to confinde in. Helena Arlet. So she went to the girl, asked if it had been her calling out, when Arlet told Rita it hadn't, she then worried who it really had been. She took Helena to the place that was hidden, however Rita's own cast failed, as if Hogwarts itself wanted to protect her from something there. Helena managed to cast the charm correctly and they both walked into the hidden passage. Rita explained what had happened, and Helena belived there to be something beyond the wall, and they both decided to hunt in the library for something. 

Rita and Helena continued to discuss their plan until their discussion became heated. They started to insult eachother, at first a joke but Rita took it too far attempting to set Helena on fire, but when Helena cast protego it only backfired on Rita and herself being set alight. It was then the Dragonology Professor came along to stop this argument, making Rita explain why she had done this. Rita claimed she was only perfecting Incendio for Ironhand's transfiguration class, and that he would burn the school down one day or so she hoped. Rita's wand was taken however Helena managed to get away with her wand. The Dragonology Professor would not let Rita go until she spilled information, she spoke truthfully about the way she felt, how she disliked many and her violence was because she enjoyed it. At that point in time she cared for nothing she said because she felt free. She felt like she could because Fischer was not around to stop her. 

Rita and Helena were not over, as their alliance still remained after. Rita explained to Helena how she she hadn't meant to do it, that she went too far, and she also informed her that she was without a wand and their plan to find something may be ruined.   

Rita was wondering about the dungeons when the Ashworth boys came, attempting to 'flirt' with Rita, but she didn't agree with their words. She said many harsh word and it only got worse when Aryiana came along with Helena. The three girls decided to attack the Ashworth's, and Rita even snatched Aryiana's wand at some point to cause pain to the boys. Yet they couldn't cause more fear as a number of Professors were searching the corridors for students out of curfew, and they had to flee. Rita used a smoke-screen for them to get away, she dropped Aryiana's wand and then made her escape. 

There had been some comotion going on in the kittchen that Rita had heard about, so decided to go on and see what was happening. She watched as Priscilla Knotts was screaming about something lost, and and trying to get information out of a house elf. Many belived Knotts to be attacking the elf, however Rita knew that the creatures were below wizards and witches, they were servants. Rita and her famiy had acted the same with theirs at home so she saw nothing wrong with this. Knotts got attacked by a Professor, and Rita continued to speak on about how Knotts was not in the wrong, nor was it a wise idea to attack her. When Magwina Leech came into the scene and demanded an explanation, and everyone was spilling lies Rita came forth and gave Leech the full truth. Rita was then ask to help Knotts up from the ground, which she obeyed and doing such in front of everyone really proved who 's side she was on. The argument continued, the Professor whom attacked Knotts continued to battle, but it shortly ended when Dorchester came in and, then Ironhand making an entrance by setting the kitchen door on fire. When Dorchester herself demanded an explanation, the same thing happened and Rita handed over the truth and not the lies of others. Once again Ironahand came over to Rita calling her a 'curious child', and still she never understood what he had meant by this. 

It was time for Rita and Helena to hunt for something in the library, though it was not going to be easy as there would be guests. Rita was still without her wand and feared she would be useless, however a surprise came. Helena trusted Rita with her own wand. Rita now had Helena Arlet's wand in her own hands, something that needed a great deal of trust, but it was also if the wand would trust in her as it was very dangerous to use someone else's wand. Wand law being extremely complicated, though Rita belived that because the girls had a bond, and both darkness within them that it would sail smoothly, and it did for awhile until the attack began. Rita managed to hold Cassandra Middles, Upton Zero and Aryiana for awhile, letting Helena escape into the restricted section, but their task had not been a success. Rita was eventually caught, and she grew angry for Aryiana going against her and Helena. When Rita was eventually released from the spell cast on her by Cas, she attacked Aryiana by slamming her head on a table and knocking the girl unconscious.  Rita only got more excited when werewolf hunters came to Hogwarts under Dorchester's orders. Rita having such hatred for the beasts, she had many things to say. Ever since Rita heard a member of the Minister, Analise Baxton speaking about putting Lyra Arcand in a cage it was a mission to have the wolf captured, and so she handed the girl's name over. She had played the mindless games all year, and now the beast could be lead into the final trap. Rita spoke to both Armadaus Crix and Ebony Shadowwalker and gave the two hunters the truths they were looking for unlike the others around who wanted to keep information from them. 

Rita was shown to be devious, and others began to notice in. One person in particular was one of Dorchester's Goon's. Priscillia Knotts sought Rita out. Knotts told Rita that she could prove her loyatly to Dorchester by using her skills, to spy on the other students and figure out who was eating and proviidng the food that was not on the menu. Knotts also informed Rita she could use her own 'personal discipline', but that was not all. Knotts advised Rita to not go against her, and left. Rita however understood it as a threat, and made no plans to go against her. 

Though the hunt to find traitors of the menu and the 'Headmistress' was difficult, her nights were more interesting. Helena devised some fun during one full moon. They lured their victim into a trap, Delphine Chauveau. There was some difficulty with the spell. Rita aided as backup, but she watched over as Helena failed a spell she was always known to be the best at, but Rita had noticed something different in the girl, a weakness as if all her energy was lot. Despite this they managed to be successful, Delphine along with various other students were transfigurated into werewolves to roam about the halls on a full moon and even attack the students.

When Rita was not reporting to Knott or aiding Helena with Arlet, then she was in the same blace she had been all year. The forgotten corridor. Many months had past since the voice had been heard, but one morning it returned in black smoke. The shadow that appeared from the darkness was the one the Wizarding World had been after. 'The Shade' an infamous dark wizard appeared in front of Rita to tell her  the truth of the forgotten corridor, and the truth of what he wanted. He allowed her to explore history, memories of the past. Though these's memories she discovered the story of the Golden Frog and how Professor Fox and Professor Digby were there from the start. These memories gave Rita many questions, but they had to wait as The Shade wanted something from Rita. The Shade spoke of the 'Heart of Four', and he wanted Rita to find the 'Key of the Snake.' She of course agreeded, and would do his bidding without being forced. She accepted the task willingly and went off in search. 

The search was endless, Rita searched all day and night, every inch and every stone of the castle. The threat of her death if the key was to not be found was upon her, and she never gave up hope. Rita went to lengths to find the key, reaching out to Professors in search of answers. She met Professor Venom in her office and had a peculiar discussion about some things that a student should not be asking which may have raised suspicions. Rita also spoke to Professor Digby to see if he could give her answers to the Golden Frog, yet it was a dead end and a conversation about clocks.

Rita never did let on to anyone about what she was doing, who she was aiding. She would meet only dangerous conseqences if she were to, so she kept it quiet, even thoughout the year she had adjusted her ways. Taking her attacks away from public, yet nothing much every came from it. Until one night when she attacked  Hope Downly. Hours prior to this Rita had spoken to Kamila Bullsrod. The girl was asking for revenge and she spoke of a notebook the young lion had. Rita decided to attack and take the notebook away from the girl. Though she didn't have it all that easy, her ability to perform charms had always been terrible, and with everything weighing down her magic was not going so well. Rita did however get the notebook after the vicious attack and left. 

When reading though the notebook she discovered many things, of course she hoped for something to be written about who was handing out food, but nothing. There were theories of the 'Heart of Four', yet she had her own knowledge already. It was the theory of Dorchester and The Goon's that Rita found most interesting, and so she belived someone else would. Rita sent the notebook along with an OWL to Knotts so she along with Dorchester would be informed about what the students were thinking. 

Rita manged to get away with it, although Professor's Blackwell and DracheBlume eventually caught Rita and interrogated her about Hope. Professor Blackwell used legilimency on Rita to get out answers, yet Rita didn't know what she was doing, only felt pain to her head and was left away. She did however feel as if someone was in her memories and was concerned that Blackwell learnt more than Rita wanted. 

Rita became lost in her search, and spent countless nights and says stood in the forgotten corridor. Waiting for something, waiting to hear a voice. Waiting to be given more answers, but none came. With nobody to trust nor ask and time running out there was little she could do, yet she found someone. That same someone who had been her must trusted all year, Helena. Rita confined in Helena, telling her everything that had happened, what she knew and about the 'The Shade'.  

It had been Helena who suggested for Rita to search the Slytherin commons, and Rita had done so before, yet not enough. Until one day where she took to searching the commons thorughly, not letting her eyes miss a single thing and eventually after all the searching she spotted The Key. Now it was hers, and now she had discovered it. Rita was a True Slytherin, and her mission had been successful and now it was time to deliver the prize to the one who had asked for her to seek it. 

- Return to Hogwarts 2023 - 2024-

During summer she visited Bulgaria with her grandparents. Rita's mother was searching for contact after hearing the events that happened at Hogwarts, but yet failed to find her. Rita of course explained everything that had happened, and they were proud with her. Proud that she supported those with high power in the Ministry, like the family had always done. The people they supported may just be corrupt, and even the fact Rita helped a dark wizard, but that was the entire point. Rita's grandparents had warned her parents that they would completely and utterly destroy whatever goodness was in Rita, and so she would become filled with a darkness, and a distrubed mind. Rita's path had always been planned, and no matter how much her parents begged for them to not to, nothing changed. Rita's grandparents being pleased with their planned would not leave Rita. They would let her graduate Hogwarts, they would no longer control her because their work had already been done. 

When Rita returned to Hogwarts for her fifth year something changed within her. Indeed she spent the summer searching for Helena Arlet as there had been no contact after the events that brought them together. Rita had realized the mistakes she had made, how she was unable to defend herself, how she struggled to save someone close. More so it was the reality of how she had been completely weak, that she had followed a path she shouldn't have ever gone town. She was warned, but yet she ignored it, and when she needed the help she was without it. The expierence changed Rita, of course she felt  like everything she had bilt for herself had fallen down. She had made the wrong choices, but yet she would never tell anyone this. Being in her fifth year now she decided she wished to be better, in a sense that she could defend herself from a scenirio like the one she had witnessed.  Rita although quiet, she still had a temper. In-fact Marley Lurkspur began to irritate her, so she cast incendio against him. Incendio had become one of her favourite spells in the past year, she had grown a connection with it, and it now became somewhat her signature spell. Rita has seen to be doing well in class, especially in DADA and transfiguration.

Personality and Traits

With family which vitiated her from having friendship, compassion or any sent of emotional value, she treads though a life of loneliness. Herself believing that having nobody around makes her stronger and more in favour of pleasing her family. Her mindset has been taught to inflict pain, which combines what she has learnt and what not. From a young age she was forged into becoming the bully, but with emotional trauma brings something else to the cause. Feeling it unfair she inflicts pain on others, imagining that it is only right they feel what she does. She has a strong tendency to tear people apart with harsh words. Never has gone out of her way to make friends, only to make enemies, the worst type of enemies. The fierceness of her opinions could be considered what defines her yet it is also her downfall. Being ill-mannered, troublesome and always known to be the one to cause a scene. This all has her eventually digger into her grave. Ritavaries between cynical and secluded, she weaves between that of a snake and a lion. Yet nobody would question The Sorting Hat's decision as to why it placed her into Slytherin.

She is known to be hostile, her words often posion and her words cold. Some may even consider her to be distrubed with her barbaric thoughts. 

Prehaps the hat sees through her like no other and if it did, it would have learnt. The main sediment of Rita is not who she portrays herself to be, but who she really is. Not acting whole, hiding herself from the world and pushing it all into the dark. Her real reason for mishap lies deep beneath but by pushing it further away there is a possibly no way to reach her from falling. Only those who had learnt the hidden secrets will understand and know she's feared and forced to become someone she's not. Taking the traits of someone who is extremely vulgar By doing so she loses such things as love and affection, thus the creation of who she is today.  

Physical Appearance

Often found in Twilfitt and Tattings. Her style is considered to be zany, often laughed at by muggle children when she walks through King's Cross station to return home from Hogwarts. She will almost always go for the darkest shade in whatever it is she is wearing, though the darkest green or black may be lighter on occasions. Her outfits could be considered gloomy, yet they sometimes appear fashionably stylish, but this is unintentional. Rita cares little for her appearance, for example, her bushy brunette ombre hair is nothing special, so she will usually throw it up in a bun, wear it down or have it plaited down one side. Her attitude to school uniform is often frowned upon by professors as she likes to have her shirt untucked, her tie not straight or undone around her neck, but she somehow manages to made it somewhat presentable.

In her fourth year she returned to Hogwarts with her brunette hair no longer visible. Her hair now inky black which could be in kind to her darkening personality. Another noticeable change happening upon an accident. In November 2022 receiving a burn from a backfire of incendo. Rita obtained a scar on her right hand, known as her wand hand. A scar which flows all up her right arm.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Flying/Quidditch: In her first year during flying lessons it was discovered that Rita had a natural gift for flying though it was not until her third year in which she decided to try-out for the Slytherin Quidditch Team and shortly after Captain Nyle Arens accepted her to be a chaser alongside him on the team. In her fourth year she was replaced by Vyvyan Damom for a period of time. Having hostalities with the captain and being banned from the first game it was unseebal for her to be a member of the team; a reserve however she became. She quit for a short time completely forgetting her love for the sport, departing from it. After weeks of not showing; she did, and was allowed her spot as chaser back. She gladly took it although it's uncertain if she remains on the team for good.

Rita was banned from Quidditch, although since a change of HOHs she has not since returned to the team.


Transfiguration: The Fire-Making spell, also known as incendio is Rita's signature spell. 


Wand: 7 inch, rigid, Blackthorn, Unicorn hair core. Purchased at age 11 at Ollivander’s this was Rita’s very first wand. During her third year she lost possession of it for acts against students. When it was eventually handed back it only took one week for it to be removed again. During the end of the her third year the wand was sent to Rita’s parents and she never received her wand back from them. It is unknown what happened to it or if it will ever be returned.

Second wand: 11 inch, Swishy, Hawthorn, Dragon heartstring core. Purchased at a wand shop in Brighton Bay and is currently the wand Rita uses. Students would not know that this is a different wand from her first, or that she got a new wand. At the start of Rita’s fourth year she did unfortunately have this wand taken away for threatening a centaur in a COMC class. It was eventually handed back to her after she believed it was burnt in the fire her HOH threw it in. This wand has a notability; spells cast having dangerous consequences. One warning flows through the core; prone to accidents. However the other warning that flows through the wood; it should not be handed in the wrong way.  

Rita has lost her wand a number of times howeve at the moment she has it.

Broomstick: At the front of her bed is a Cirrus 2000. Brought at Quality Quidditch Supplies. This broomstick is mainly used for Quidditch, however if in need it will always be used as her quickest means of transportation.

Broomstick Servicing Kit: When purchasing her broomstick Rita also brought a servicing kit. Dedicating time she always makes sure her broomstick is polished and in immaculate condition.

Quills: Carried in her bag is a self-spelling quill and a quick-quotes quill.

Orrery: Stolen from the Astronomy Tower and Professor Priaulx. Rita got rid of this object, and its wearabouts are currently unknown.



  • Gabriel Gabe Grey (Father): The truthful story is that a father didn't leave his child to suffer due to lack of care, it was out of love. His family being so draconian and him wanting to change things for the better good by inducing half-blood and muggle-born 'friends' into the family cost him his child. His own parents became angry at him, so they issued a warning. It was either he stick what he was doing and loose Rita for all she's worth or continue the hatred with the family and keep her unharmed. It's a wonder if it was wrong morals to not accept their threat and continue on his path  to befriend those hated by the family. Yet it was his decision that altered Rita's life. Vyri threatening Gabriel that if he were to adjust one single thing about Rita, then she'd be gone from him; forever. It mattered no way he choose because he knew in the end he was not going to have his child live a normal life due to his family. He sometimes doubts on why he had her, thinking she'd a burden and brought nothing but pain to the family. He thinks she's a punishment, to him. Yet he still has the fatherly heart somewhere, locked under key. Yet he as never attempted to show it for he is scared of what might happen when he does so he continue to remain cold, acting as if Rita is nothing, that she's not worth his time. 
  • Carmella Ella Grey (Mother): Carmella is more pacified when speaking to her daughter. Working in the Ministry she understands and knows what happens to witches and wizards like Rita. She pledges to find a way to make it a forbiden fact that her daughter never takes that route. Carmella agrees with her husband's words. Her only sympathy goes to Gabriel's stress, brought on by Rita. She does not care like a mother and only punishes Rita for her wrong-doings. Carmella speaks with Rita about the truth and no affection is given. 
  • Myron Grey (Grandfather): Myron is a man with few words. Myron never appears and Rita has never come to understand who he really is. Nobody knows who this man is. All they know is that he is the husband of Vyri. Vyri's recent letter to Rita stated that Myron has killed men, woman and children but there is no details to say if it is the truth. Myron may be the brains, handing his deleterious traits to Vyri's hands.  
  • Vyri Grey  (Grandmother): The iniquitous witch who is one that chills Rita to the spine. This woman is not one to mess with as she brings all evil with her. Her plenitude is keeping the heritage of pure-blood, pure forever. Rita is a menace of Vyri's own doing and the soul reason of who the girl is. Vyri has taught Rita not to love or to have friendships, but to be how Vyri wants her to be. She wanted Rita to be expelled, she did not want Rita associating with muggle-borns and half-bloods. If Rita had been a boy, she would have been educated at Durmstrang and not Hogwarts. Rita did not return home for the summer in 2022, which sparked an ungodly act. Vyri stole Rita's letters and returned a grey owl. The owl which contined hemlock poison in its claws and a sleeping draught. The letter with the owl stated this was a warning.
  • Vale (Grey family house-elf): Vale is treated in an un-kind way by the Greys, but forever remains loyal. Vale knows nothing, only to worship and serve her masters. Vale is to serve them until death. She is never offered clothing, nor food or anything. Rita neither shows kindship to the house-elf, and does not treat her as an equal, but as a slave. Vale was the one who was supposed to collect Rita at the train-station in 2022 and when arriving back to Vyri and Myron without, she would have been punished. 
  • Trudy Murrells (Family Friend): A muggle-born who tried to be friendly to Rita. However, the way Rita learnt to bully is through this girl. Rita's grandparents turned Trudy into a punching back. Rita was taught to become cold, to not feel anything when tearing the girl apart with words. Trudy gained the love from Rita's parents though this, and it was why the bullying from Rita only became worse as she began to feel jealous. 


  • Headmistress Fischer
  • Professor Fox



  • Mark Firley: They used to stick together like glue, but now remain permanently unstuck. Mark was the only one person at Hogwarts who Rita trusted. Mark was Rita's only friend. The hostility started when Rita learnt that Mark knew secrets, gathered from a Ravenclaw boy. Her anger became wilder when she found a letter in the Slytherin commons addressed to Mark. Rita decided to read the letter from Mark's aunt, who stated she had interest in Rita's family. Mark's aunt suggest that both Rita and Firley should be court, but Rita knew this would never be approved by her grandparents. Rita decided to vanquish the entire friendship by Mark's notebook filled with precious Firley family memories. The final ending was when Rita wished something direful on Mark's mother, something that came to pass.
  • Aryiana Novelli: When Rita was having a disagreement with other students, she noticed Aryiana and decided to pull the girl into it. When Aryiana threw a spell at Rita, she dodged, and did not turn bald. She was furious, however Aryiana decided to end it in an adult-like mannor. Aryiana stated she would ask their Head of House's and the Headmistress if they could have a wizarding duel. This duel was never accepted and never took place. Rita belived it to be all over, until she met Aryiana at Brighton Bay. Rita decided to taunt the girl, calling her a coward for not going on her threat of a duel. Aryiana decided to strike back, by kissing Rita. This act rendered Rita silent and she fleeded from the scene. Rita will come back to Aryiana not because of embarassment or revenge because she wants to know how this kiss became an article in the Owl Post. 
  • Helena Arlet: Helena is someone who Rita idolizes, but she will never tell the girl herself. Their relationship started as a 'simple' fued. When in conversation the girls vounce threats back and forth. Rita wanted to know who Helena was, she asked and discovered, however never got the full story, only a tale of Helena turning a boy into a poodle. They created a truce, to be enemies but they sound more like frenemies. Rita heard about the attack in Hogsmeade from a school meeting in the great hall, Rita began to jump to the conclusion it was Helena. At the leaving feast of 2022, Rita began to confront Helena again and also belived the older girl placed limbo mist around the school. Helena denies everything, even during the 4 hour long Hogwart's Express interrogation, but this is not the end. Rita belives Helena is up to something and wants to find out. 
  • Cassandra Middles: They started off by bribing house-elves with Butterbeer. Creating a ghastly feast will with Pygmy Puff fur. Cassie invivted Rita to join the Owl Post, which she did accept for a moment until she discovered Cassie was a muggle-born. Rita turned around, insulting the girl at every corner, even decided to attend an Owl Post meeting to distrupt it. The two have rarely spoken since, only ever meeting in corridors where Cassie did threaten Rita if she continued. Rita has remained silent, in Cassie's eyes, but this doesn't mean she won't come back. Because of a recent Owl Post artical, Rita wants to seek Cassie out and to discover who TRQ is. 
  • Evander Lennox: Evander thinks Rita is silly with her insults and often calls her '12'. The entire disbute started when Evander came in to protect Cassie after letting out she was a muggle-born. Every time Rita finds herself in an embarassing situation, Evander always seems to appear which makes her hate him even more.
  • Upton Zero: Zero is never really found insulted by Rita and she finds it difficult to do. They have an odd relationship, and when they talk it's often about Quidditch. Rita threatens to knock Zero off his broom, yet, he's a beater who would probably have her falling to the ground first. The only thing Rita has ever really done, is sent a first year to flipendo him, which didn't work out so well as he placed the firstie into a bubble. 
  • Sila Warrington: Sila agreed with Rita when she was talking about Hogwarts not being safe after the storm which caused floodings and wrecked the library and there didn't seem to be a problem between the two until the day of the Slytherin vs Hufflepuff Quidditch match in witch Sila caught the snitch and won for Hufflepuff. This frustrated Rita a lot and she began to hate Sila for it. 
  • Essa Nazari: Essa is a girl who tends to bite back and wants Rita to change her ways for the better good. Rita hates this girl and her words and when she found out she was muggle-born, it did not get any better for Essa. Essa is the reason Rita for suspended. Rita was told to clean the girl's bathrooms and when Essa came to join, Rita punched her. Sila told the Headmistress and send her packing home. Rita still continues at Essa every single day. When she noticed Essa flying on a broomstick in Brighton Bay, she decided to get nasty. Essa made Rita fly around, chasing after her and even sent water slashing onto her. Rita flipped, knocking Essa off her broom and broke the girl's arm. Essa is not afraid of Rita, but Rita still continues without reason other than the girl being muggle-born. 
  • Persephone Puddle:

  • Karina Rodriguez: Karina and Rita have been at eachother's throats from the day they met. When Rita discovered Karina was a muggle--born, the conflict only became worse. Both girls have injured each other with their fist-fights and Karina has won every fight, even out of school in Brighton. It somehow changed when Rita decided to strike out of the blue. Karina was injured, with a broken arm but only Rita and Karina know of how this happened. At a point in a cafe, Rita became frenzied with Oliva and Essa watching. Rita grabbed onto Karina's broken arm, and turned the girl into tears and immense pain which may have scared Karina away for good. 
  • Olivia Owens: Rita met this girl at Brighton Bay and the girl burst out that she was muggle-born when Rita was being rude. Olivia punched Rita in the face and because she grew angry, she decided to drag her to the water. Not knowing why, something was pushing her to go in, it was mermaids. Rita ended up pushing Olivia into the water, but Olivia dragged her with her to the mermaids. One dragged Olivia away, but Rita was dragged away, but did get dragged back under by Grindylows. When the mermaids had gone thanks to the others at the beach Olivia started screaming at Rita, saying she had tried to kill her. Rita confused and scared herself started screaming back but it ended with her walking away. The next day, Rita continued with threatning the girl, telling her she'd drag her back in, and managed to find out some information that Olivia let slip. Rita now claims to have 'fed' the girl to mermaids, but those who were there, knew it was not like that. Olivia has become a new target for Rita. She decided to stop all over the girl's sandcastle, 'sandwarts' which ended with Olivia spitting on the Rita's dress, claiming she now had muggle germs. The last meeting happened when she was busy causing pain to Karina. Olivia got Rita out of her trance like state by throwing a icy cold drink all over her. 
  • James Morirs: Someone who Rita would never seen dead with, espicially 'dating'. This boy claims to have a crush on Rita and even set up a date, however Rita had another plan. She wanted James to make Karina fall in love with him and then crush her. However James did not agree and left. Firley her former friend informed her that James was in fact a muggle-born. However, it was too late. She had sent a letter before this information, to arrange a meeting so she could try manipulate him. After finding out he was a muggle-born, she sent another letter, which told him to never turn up. This letter was stolen and the boy showed up. Rita was angry, having no idea why he was here or what happened to her bird. She claimed that James had stolen it, but then a grey owl came, after she began threatning him with a wand. When she was being pecked, he picked up the letter she dropped, discovering about her family. He quickly dragged her out of Brighton, to safety. When flooing out of Brighton, Rita passed out due to poison. It was James a muggle-born who helped her, and got a family doctor to cure her. However, Rita knows if her grandparents find this information, they will kill him and her so she ran from him back to Brighton. Rita has turned violent because she's scared and angry that James knows, and right now has not a single idea of what to do. 
  • Lyra Arcand
  • Saffron Foxclaw
  • Kamila Bullstrod



Grey isn't the same as she was a few years ago, she's still rude, mean and a horrible person, but something has changed. 

She asked Professor Daisy about executing animal

I even saw her talking to Knotts by the grand stairs, and it didn't look like she was in trouble.

She sided with Dorchester. She even helped up one of the goons in the kitchens!

Incendio back fired on her and she nearly burnt down the Grand Stairs!

I heard she spends most of her time lurking in the dungeons and is hardly ever seen unless out to attack. What game is she playing? Why is Grey obsessed with Arlet? Ever since the school meeting on the Hag, she won't leave the girl alone.

I heard the Headmistress over-heard Grey call someone a mud-blood. That's why she got suspended.

Did you see Grey at Brighton Bay? She pushed some girl off a broomstick!

She's typical. Pureblood who hates all muggle-borns.

You know how she lost 120 points at Art Club? She called the house cup pathetic!

Did you see what she did to Olivia? She pushed the girl into the sea full of mermaids! Mermaids at Brighton Bay!

She's just a bully with only one insult.

Did you hear? She got her wand taken away from her?

I don't think she has any friends. How sad is that?

I once heard her in the Great Hall speaking of how she thinks Godric Gryffindor is stupid and destroyed Hogwarts. She worships Salazar Slytherin. Thinking he was right about no muggle-borns in Hogwarts. Someone needs to lend her Hogwarts: A History

Grey is hunted. A warrant on her head by the Slytherin Head of House. 

Quotes on Rita

(WOP: Most recent towards the top)

Quotes by Rita

Why would I ever consider joining forces with someone like you? It's your who makes it worse. If you had just done what she asked, then none of this would be ever happening. Hogwarts would have not lost its light if it hadn't been for you, and always thinking you can save everything because you CAN'T. It is done. He has gone and you really are dumb if you think because he came to you that I'm going to care. It's over and he will return stronger. All you ever do is fight and every time you do,you make it worse for yourself. You're just an adiot as I am for believing in false hope. - To Essa when they were speaking about Ironhand. 

Why should I tell anyone anything? You won't listen. All you ever do is make a bigger mess of things, and what he did just proved it. -' 'Rita to other students during the battle No. Love is weak, and why I keep alone here. Love is pathetic, worthless...not what I want. - Rita to the Dark Wizard. 

Quotes on Rita

That would be an excellent question for your defense against the dark arts professor, Miss Grey. I care for the creatures. I also care for the animals that the house elves use for supper. I don't slaughter either of them. If you so much as try to practice on any of my creatures the inhumane things that roil and boil in that mind of yours, I will personally see you escorted off the premises and banned from the castle. I do not care that you seem to get away with chaos and havoc. One creature, and you are finished. Do I make myself clear?' - 'Professor Daisy to Rita after she asked about execution  You just love to push people's limits, and see what happens don't you! - Travis Martin to Rita when she attempted to attack a centaur

Perhaps you'll do good in the are...perfect for Government work. - W. D'Marra to Rita the night they came for the dragon eggs

I'm really sorry that someone has put all of those silly ideas in your head and I really hope that one day you can be friends with me. You seem like an interesting person. A fellow snake to Rita

Stop acting like a spoiled twerp, and grow up. Get some sense in your thick sull and stop bullying people because you feel inferior and threatened. Ya call yourself a snake but you're acting like a mere slug. Ridley Castalia to Rita in the Great Hall

You are the one that sounds ridiculous. Oh and any spills on the stairs, even if you're nowhere around? Good job, they are now going to be automatically your fault. Thank you for that. - Cassandra Middles to Rita in the Great Hall 

Do you think it impossible for someone to get to you, Rita? You walk the corridors of this castle with a chip on your shoulder and an arrogance you have not earned. - Zakai to Rita when defending another student 

Child, all I see from you is fear and isolation. Have you considered that you are sabotaging your own ability to achieve what you are capable of? You seem to be too much in your own way to allow it. If you continue on this path, Miss Grey, you will find you are always left feeling...inferior. Wouldn't it be nice to feel confident and secure in yourself for a change? - Professor Cygnus during Divinations

You don't even believe in what you're saying. Look at you, you know it full well. Somewhere inside of you, you're afraid to show anyone the truth - so you hide behind this wall you've built up. Anger and resentment. You don't /want/ to be hated, but you don't know how to live any other way. Change is frightening, I know. Sila to Rita in the Great Hall. 

Even dark witches...the power ones, don't waist the opportunity to develop their skills. If I fail to prevent you from walking that road, least I should get you to become more personally involved with your that you might present a suitable challenge for me, when I track you down to capture. - Professor Atrix Havens to Rita

You're no better than the common much found in Knockturn Alley, disrespectful and a waste of spare. Headmistress Fischer to Rita. 

You are not a monster, you are just a brat who thinks she can get away with anything she wants, and the truth are quite pathetic at doing so...whatever insecurities you have within the confines of your rotten soul are what make you act this way...I find it quite sad. - Professor Grimsbane to Rita in the coutyard outside the Great Hall

You have no respect for authority, you're a conniving little snake who needs to know how to be a decent person. Professor Kolerinv Revnikas to Rita during Art Club


Behind the scenes

  • 'Rita Grey' is a character portrayed by Wiloaa Resident in the virtual world Second Life® @ Mischief Managed, a devotional sim created by Anya Ohmai and voluntarily maintained by various creative Administrators and players. You can find out more information here:
  • Believe it or not, the idea for the name Rita, never came from Rita Skeeter.