Rescendio Vitae

Rescendio Vitae (re-SEN-de-OH-vee-TYE)



Hand Movement

Upward arm movement, locking squarely on target.




Slowly drains the life source of its target over a prolonged period of time, transferring it to the original caster, bringing about lassitude, madness and eventual death in the victim.

"This curse should be unforgivable, but due to various debates amongst practitioners and wand wielders, has yet to place among such lowly ranks."

- Beroldus Wimark

The Vitality Thief, also known as Rescendio Vitae (Rescendio Vitae) is a dark curse that, when hit, absorbs the life source from its victim over a prolonged period of time, and transfers it into the original caster. 

When done successfully, the caster experiences glowing radiance and strength, and the victim the opposite; weakness, withered appearance and an eventual fall into madness or even death.

Casting and Effects

Mainly used in duels, and like most curses, it can be enacted with wand movement and accompanying incantation, as well as wandless. However, being beyond the realms of usual studies at Hogwarts, and considered as dark magic, not many witches and wizards are capable of mastering it without the proper training. 

Theology and Classification 


As the curse has negative and highly dangerous effects, it is classed as a curse. 


Theologians have considered this curse as part of the Necromantic family of spells. Since it is capable of interfering with, and rebalancing the scales between life and death, it would make sense.


It is thought that no cure exists. There is a potion that exists, however, capable of counteracting the effects of the curse. This potion, like the curse itself, is speculated to be highly dark brewing, involving a certain level of arcane magic. Perhaps due to the ingredients involved, only the original caster may brew this potion. The only known Potioneer with the ingredients and recipe is Zimelda Zemeckis, it is known as Dimidium Vitalis.



Witches Zimelda Zemeckis and Hannah Fischer are bound to one another for life, as a result of two events: Zemeckis striking Fischer with the Vitality Thief, and an Unbreakable Vow she made a year later to ensure the survival of Fischer, thereby forging an agreement where she would, till it were no longer possible, brew the antidote to the curse.

OOC Dice Information

This is an adult level spell that requires RPD (Roleplay Department) approval. Any role-players wishing to use this curse in their backstories, or upcoming plots, should contact the RPD.

Behind The Scenes

  • The curse was coined first by marina.tiepolo, a player and Administrator of Mischief Managed in Second Life. 
  • Rescendio can be taken from the word rescind, which is to pull back or detract from something.
  • Vitae can be taken from Vitalis, the latin word for Life.
  • The combination of both latin words creates a vague meaning for the incantation, 'To detract life' or, 'To pull their life'.