Properties and Aspects: A Guide to Manifesting the Six Elements is a comprehensive guide to understanding the six elements and conjuring them. Inside are basic concepts on the wheel of elements and spells that make these elements manifest within the living world. This book is rumored to be found within the Hogwarts Library.


Level 5

  • Fire-Making Charm (Incendio) Used to conjure a jet of flame, thereby setting things alight.


Level 30

  • Sand-Spraying Spell (Lutumariso) A spell that conjures a single burst of sand in a straight cone from the wand tip.


Level 11

  • Freezing Spell (Glacius) conjures a blast of freezing cold air from the end of the wand.


Level 26

  • Aguamenti (Aguamenti) Conjures a jet of water from the tip of a wand. Amount and pressure varies on the caster.


Level 15

  • Ventus Jinx (Ventus) A strong single blast of wind is shot from the end of the wand, used to push objects out of the way.


Level 20

  • Shock Spell (Velox Inpulsa) Sends a quick static charge towards the target, giving the recipient a slight jolt. It is extremely fast!
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