Pepper-Up Potion
Potion information

Relieves and/or cures cold symptoms

Side effects

Causes steam to come out of the drinker's ears for a few hours


Orangish liquid in colour

Difficulty level

Beginner to Moderate

Known ingredients
  • 1 Bicorn Horn
  • 1 Mandrake Root
  • 3 Sprigs of English Thyme
  • Salamander Blood
  • 4 Fire Seeds

Glover Hipworth

Pepper-Up Potion is a potion that cures the common cold. When drank, it has a side-effect that causes steam to come out of the drinker's ears for several hours.

If the potion is made successfully, the liquid will be orange in colour.


  • Two pinches of crushed Bicorn Horn
  • Mandrake Root
  • Three Sprigs of English Thyme
  • Five drops of Salamander Blood
  • Four Fire Seeds

Brewing Instructions

Part 1

  1. Add 1 piece Bicorn Horn to the mortar
  2. Crush into a very fine powder using the pestle
  3. Add 2 pinches of the crushed Bicorn Horn to your cauldron
  4. Add the Mandrake Root to your cauldron
  5. Heat on medium for 10 seconds
  6. Leave to brew and return in 30 minutes

Part 2

  1. Add 3 sprigs of English Thyme to your cauldron
  2. Stir 4 times, clockwise
  3. Add 5 drops of Salamander Blood to your cauldron
  4. Stir 2 times, anti-clockwise
  5. Add 4 Fire Seeds to your cauldron
  6. Let set for 1 Minute


Fire Seeds must be added slowly one at a time and at three second intervals to avoid overheating. In the event that a brew is overheated, it will scorch the brew and render it null, giving off a dark red vapour.

Known Uses

OOC Information

This potion requires a Potions Skill Level of 11 and further requires a dice roll of 7 or higher in order to be considered a successful brew. If your Potions Skill is not 11, then it is considered a failed attempt.

There is NOTHING in this potion that will cause it to explode, create a toxic fume, or create a foul order, or any other dangers that are NOT listed on this page.