Octavia Blake
Octavia Ryane Phoenix
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October 17th, 2013

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O, Tavi, Tav

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4 Foot 8 Inches

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  • Mother - Rachell Phoenix
  • Father - Jackson Phoenix
  • Siblings - Nate, Nicole, Alaric, Tony, Adilyn
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Ebony wood, Phoenix Feather core, 10.75 Inches flexibility unyeilding






Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Family, Friends, House

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octaviarblake resident


Octavia Phoenix (b. 17 October 2013) is the second oldest of the Phoenix children. She is currently a first year Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcrat and Wizardry.

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Introductory notes:

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Growing Up

Early Life:


First Show of Magic:


First Year:

Train Ride:

The first train ride of the young redheads life was rather quiet. The quiet girl spend the time in a cabin with her sister and older brother. Nate played games with the girl to keep them from getting to nervous about being sorted. Octavia wasn’t even sure she knew what house she wanted to be in, in all honesty, she wasn’t even sure if she belonged at the school. The games helped, and soon Octavia found herself on a boat, gliding across the lake and looking up at the place she would call home.


There was a moment’s silence before the tip of the Sorting Hat twitched as it came to life. Its fabrics split to reveal a mouth which opened into a long yawn before breaking out into song across the Great Hall.

“For a millennium and some, 

There are so many that have learned,

Great Hogwarts is a special home

To which we’ve all returned.”

 The Sorting Hat continued its song, its wide brim shifting as the many folds across' its fabric creased with every verse that it sung.

“For those who are now' new,

With future home as yet untold,

You must first consult with me,

Before entering the fold.”

There was a pause as the Hat shifted about on the stool, peering up to the rafters and to every corner of the hall. Satisfied, The Hat’s voice was raspy as it continued to carry its tune.

“As you all may know

Four Founders stood tall.

Each unique and distinct,

But friends above all.”

Old that the Hat may have been, having performed such a song for generations in tradition, the withered old Sorting Hat carried on confident there would be no interruptions.

“For Gryffindor was courageous,

If there was danger they’d come running,

For Slytherin was sly,

And they would use cunning.”

No signs of wavering, the old leather Hat gave a tilt of its tip and kept singing.

“For Ravenclaw was clear,

She would have the most deft,

But Hufflepuff held all most dear,

And she would take who’s left.

Reaching an end the Sorting Hat twisted itself on the stool as it sang out the last verse in a proud tone, determined to overshadow the incessant poltergeist.

“So come sit with me a moment,

As we have so many years hence,

So we all know who you may be,

Now let the sorting commence!”

Octavia Phoenix took a slow breath as she heard her name being called. Slowly she made her way to the front of the room and took a seat, the had slipping down over her eyes.

The hat thought for a moment, “You would do well in Hufflepuff, no? Well it better be SLYTHERIN!”

Octavia Phoenix jumped up from the stool and skipped over to the Slytherin table, a large grin on her face as she sat down.


Unfortunately, shortly after the start of term, Octavia’s childhood friend, Alexa turned on her. For reasons still unknown, Alexa started to bully Octavia. A frist, it was just small, simple things such as stealing Octavia’s homework but quickly turned more violent. Octavia caught Alexa stealing one of her papers, and threatened to tell Professor Mordus, overcome with anger,  Alexa pushed Octavia off the ledge in the cave between the dungeons and 6th floor. Octavia fell into the cold water below, hitting her head on the way down. Fearing she might have really harmed Octavia, Alexa ran off to to find a Professor for help. Unable to find one right away, she brought Sila, a 6th year prefect, back to Octavia in hopes that they would be able to help. They were not able to get Octavia out of the water, however, they were able to send a note to Professor DracheBlume, who them was able to get Octavia out of the water and to safety. A few days later, Octavia, her sister Nicole, and Alexa were in the common room. Alexa thought it wise to taunt the girls, push their buttons and call them out. Being so alike, Tavi and Nic both turned and punched the girl at the same time, thus breaking Alexis jaw, and their own hands. Tavi ran from the commons, only to run into Sila just outside the common room. Seeing that she was hurt, Sila took her to the hospital ward, had her hand fixed then spend time talking to the young one, trying to figure out what happened. Because of the nature of the fight, all three girls were given detention by Persephone, a 6th year Slytherin Prefect. The girls were told to write apology letters to each other. This should have been the end of the fighting, but it was just the beginning.

Shortly after the encounter in the common room, Octavia turned in some herbology homework, work that had been ruined. Professor DracheBlume asked about the homework, but at the time, Octavia wasn't sure what had happened. It was brushed off, and she was given a second chance at doing the homework.

The next day, Alexa found Octavia in the clock tower. Octavia, having promised Seph that shed not physically fight anymore, tried to walk away instead of engaging. This angered the other first year even more, causing her to tell Octavia that she should have had Sectumsempra cast on her as a baby so she would have died, and that she wished someone would cast it on her now. During the exchange, Alexa grabbed Octavia and slammed her head into one of the railings. She was knocked out, Alexa fled and a bystander ran to get help. Octavia spent the night in the Hospital Wing. When gathering her things for her, Sila found a note that had been placed in Octavia's journal. It simply said, “You will be sorry”

Will they hear you if you scream?

Will they find you in time?

Will your blood decorate the clock tower again?

Ditch me and pay the price.

Rat me out and pay with…..

See you soon, Octavia

Soon after, another note was found on the young first years bed.

Things were only escalating, and it seemed that nothing was being done to help. With the help of her sister, and an older student that was as good as her sister lured the other first year to the clock tower several days later. The trio proceeded to trick Alexa into believing that Octavia had died from the impact of her head, and that it was her turn to die. Fearing for her life, Alexa said that she never wanted to hurt Octavia, that she was scared shed lose her best friend.

After that night, Alexa avoided Octavia, she didn’t mess with her, bully her or even speak to her. That is, until she put a glitter bomb of sorts in Persephone's bed.

Baby Edna (Aka Ryane):

Glitter Bombing Professor Mordus:

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First Year:

Rumour has it that a sixth year slytherin is gunning for a first year that’s going after a plant growing little witch. Maybe it’s time a few of us get reminded of the meaning of house loyalty.

Edna has been in an extra bad mood of late. One of her vines looks cut. Who touched her?

Someone cut a piece off Edna and lived?!

Just what was that first year thinking when she grew Edna Jr? She could have killed us all!

A certain student who got caught had to be taken away kicking and screaming by a professor, literally.