•Octavia Amelia Callyn Dechants II
Biographical information

•Jan 15th 2014

Blood status




Slytherin Beater(2026-2027)

Pure-blood Supremacist


Undefeated Duelist (2026-2027)

Physical information

•Human [Magical]




•4'11" Ft

Hair colour

•Platinum Blonde

Eye colour

•Emerald Green

Skin colour

•White, pale

Family information
Family members

Consus Callyn Dechants IV - Father

Lynette Amelia Dechants - Mother

Daisy Sofia Dechants - Grandmother

Decius Alexandre Dechants - Grandfather †

Tatiana Olwyn Aelia Dechants - Sister

Aelia Cassandra Iliana Dechants - Sister

Octavia Alexia Dechants I - Aunt †

Servius Dominique Dechants - Uncle

Magical characteristics



•Elm Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core, 11½ Inches






Slytherin House

The Dechants Family

Pure-blood Supremacists

OOC information
Octavia Amelia Callyn Dechants II (b. Jan 15th, 2014) is a 2nd year Slytherin and the eldest daughter of Consus Callyn Dechants IV and Lynette Amelia Dechants of the Pure-blooded Dechants family from Oxfordshire, England. She earned notoriety in her first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a Pure-blood supremacist, Werewolf-hater and bully.


Early Childhood

Octavia was born on January 15th in 2014 to Consus and Lynette Dechants. Octavia was named after her late paternal aunt who was killed during the second wizarding war fighting for the Pure-blood cause. Octavia was followed by her two sisters, the twins Aelia and Tatiana, just over a year later and spent most of her early childhood being tossed back and forth by a constantly rotating roster of nannies. Octavia's magical status was confirmed early in her infancy when she reached out to touch the ghost of Amatia Dechants when she visited her in her crib and affirmed many times thereafter when she started having frequent bouts of involuntary magic, usually tied to her fiery temper.

Before Hogwarts

As Octavia and her sisters grew older their parents left more and more of their upbringing to the nannies as their mother Lynette re-immersed herself in the family's business affairs, having apparently grown bored with playing the stay at home mom. Without stable parental figures in her life, Octavia grew up in a cold and formal environment; She learned how to walk and talk like a child of pure-blood nobility should, she learned who to hate and how to use and manipulate those who were supposedly below her, especially the nannies themselves, but she never learned how to trust in others and the only people she ever truly loved were her younger sisters who shared in her situation and the distant parents she'd been taught to idealize. When her parents finally started taking an interest in her again when she was 9, it was to parade their 'perfect' child in front of their allies and business partners at high society dinners and get-togethers where she was better seen than heard.

1st Year at Hogwarts - 1st Semester

In September of 2026, Octavia boarded the Hogwarts express and started her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where she was sorted into Slytherin house.

Starting at Hogwarts was a big change for Octavia; The world outside of pure-blood society was strange and contradictory to everything she'd been taught growing up. Things that she would've once been praised for now got her in trouble with staff, muggle-borns and their muggle heritage were widely accepted, much to her dismay, and even taught about in the classrooms, and her last name seemed to conjure more disgust and anger than respect.

Finding herself in hostile territory, Octavia reacted by refusing to associate with anybody outside of her own house and picking out targets to harass mostly at random for her own validation's sake, quickly developing a reputation as a bully and a bigot. In spite of her bad behavior, she proved herself in the classrooms as a talented young witch with especially outstanding performances in Charms and Transfigurations.

•Octavia befriended fellow pure-bloods Marlee Moon Hart and Hayden Sorel at the start of the year. She initially only chose them for their blood-status and was something of a third wheel to the two long-time friends, though over the course of the year they all grew very close.

•Octavia joined the duelling club early on and started a winning streak that would last throughout the year.

•Octavia showed a great deal of enthusiasm for Quidditch throughout her first year, going from a fanatical supporter of the Slytherin team to eventually joining it towards the end of the year in spite of her strained relationship with the Captain, Persephone Vitrac and the keeper Abigail Bluetooth. She played her debut game against Gryffindor in the season finale where Slytherin fell just short of the house cup when Gryffindor's substitute seeker caught the snitch. Octavia also attended games when Slytherin wasn't playing and annoyed many a player and spectator alike with her heckling.

•Towards the end of 2025, Octavia was caught up in a potions accident which caused all of her hair to fall out in front of the class. While her hair was quickly brought back with Manegro potion, the public humiliation and subsequent taunts about it would haunt her for the rest of the semester.

•Octavia attended Marlee Hart's birthday party on the 3rd of December where she restrained herself from causing a scene with any of her enemies also present so as to not draw attention away from her friend.

•Octavia attended the Yule Ball where she was seen sharing a dance with Jihoon Jeung that seemed to be getting down-right romantic until Jeung started asking about kissing on the first date which angered Octavia.

•Octavia rode the Hogwarts express home for Christmas at the end of the semester. She was picked up at the station by the Dechants Family's house elf, Pocket.

Winter Break

•Octavia travelled to France with her family for Christmas to spend the holiday with the French branch of the family.

•Octavia attended Le Cirque des Sorcières in Diagon Alley on the 28th. She seemed unimpressed with the festivities and looked down-right bored until she ran into Samuel Jones and started picking on him.

•Octavia travelled to Sorel Pointe on the 29th to spend New Years with the Sorels and Marlee Hart. Octavia looked horribly out of place on the farm and seemed dumbfounded by Hayden's close relationship with her father while she was there.

1st Year at Hogwarts - 2nd Semester

•Octavia returned to Hogwarts on the 2nd of January for her 2nd semester.

•Octavia had her hair accidentally set on fire by 2nd year Hufflepuff student Talula Shippe in the first potions class of the semester when the badger messed up a fire-making charm, leading to a big fight between the two and Octavia's friends dragging her kicking and screaming to the hospital wing to keep her from getting in trouble.

•Octavia was the first person Hayden Sorel told about her status as a metamorphmagus. This upset Marlee Hart who had been her friend for much longer, causing a big fight between the two. Octavia showed her manipulative side by trying to play both sides of the fight in an attempt to make the two like her better than each other, though Sorel proved to be smarter than she'd thought and saw through her plan, causing a big fight that nearly ended their friendship before Octavia finally apologized and helped the two reconcile.

•Octavia became close friends with Nicole Phoenix, another pure-blood and, unknown to the both of them, her second cousin.

•Octavia had a small argument with her housemate Abigail Bluetooth during duelling club when Octavia refused to duel Bluetooth, who was a second year at the time, which later exploded into a major rivalry when Bluetooth kept pushing the issue in the next duelling club and cast a spell at Octavia's back when she rudely turned her down again. The situation kept escalating when Octavia drew her wand to retalliate and prefect Persephone Vitrac had to step in to stop the fight. To Octavia's shock and horror, Vitrac took Bluetooth's side, prompting Octavia to hurl insults at her which infuriated the prefect who dragged her up to the 5th floor for a detention she would never forget; With Professor George Vikander's help, Octavia was made to go face to face with a captive Banshee, only seperated by an invisible magical barrier.

The experience traumatized Octavia terribly and she suffered from sleep deprivation brought on by night terrors for weeks after the incident, only starting to recover when she was able to buy sleeping droughts in Hogsmeade towards the end of the month.

•Octavia eventually sought out known Werewolf-hater Amira Zidane to get revenge against Vitrac, playing towards her prejudices and claiming that Vitrac had been trying to kill her to get the 4th year's help. Zidane eventually came back with a plan to poison the Werewolves on the night of the full moon with wolfsbane, and although Octavia grew apprehensive when she learned of the potentially deadly nature of wolfsbane poisoning, Amira convinced her to go through with it. Together, they poisoned a pack of beef jerky and slipped it into the gift basket Aiden Knight was preparing for the wolves. Things did not go according to plan however, as it was Abigail Bluetooth - whom neither Octavia nor Amira had even known was a Werewolf - who got the jerky and became violently ill when she ate it the next day. The two were never caught, but a handful of students correctly guessed that Octavia had been involved.

•Octavia's relationship with Abigail Bluetooth continued to decline over the next couple of weeks, leading to another big fight when the subject of Werewolves came up in Defence against the Dark Arts class. After one such class, Octavia revealed to Bluetooth that she knew she was a Werewolf and called her a dog, prompting Abigail to attempt to tackle Octavia, though she was stopped by her boyfriend, Nate Phoenix, who instead drew his wand and hit Octavia in the back with 3 consecutive spells, including a fur jinx, as she tried to flee.

The next week, Professor Vikander started a group project and seeking to annoy Bluetooth and Phoenix, Octavia joined their group. They were ordered to learn a secret about each other and agreed to take turns telling one, though after Abigail and Nate revealed their secrets, Octavia went for the cheap option and revealed that she had relatives in Azkaban, something so personal it had been printed in several newspapers. The three of them then started exchanging insults and taunts until Vikander suddenly cast a silencing charm on Octavia to stop them. As he was wrapping up the class, Vikander asked the class if any of them wanted to share what they'd learned and Abigail happily spilled her 'secret'. Although the reveal was barely news, the violation of trust combined with the assault the week before angered Octavia and she volunteered an answer of her own, writing down "BLUETOOTH IS A WEREWOLF" on a piece of parchment and holding it up for the whole classroom to see, making the girl's secret public knowledge.

•Octavia was present for the dragon-attack during the end of year feast where she retreated into the caves under the castle with Nicole Phoenix and Hayden Sorel. Once the beast had been subdued, she briefly participated in the efforts to rescue students who had been buried in the rubble before the order to evacuate the castle was given. When ordered to evacuate, she rushed down to the dungeons to save her cat, Mr. Wilsby, before joining the others and passing through the floo network to take shelter in the ministry of magic. She did not witness Headmaster Fox's death, but learned of it later on.

Octavia returned to Hogwarts to attend Fox's wake after the danger had passed, apparently touched by his sacrifice even though she had never been supportive of him in the past.

•Octavia took the Hogwarts express back to London the next day and was received by her parents who admonished her for returning to the compromised castle rather than staying with relatives in the ministry.

Summer Break

•Octavia and her family traveled to Russia for the first month of the summer break and returned on the 26th of July.

•Octavia and her family attended the 2026 Quidditch World Cup finals, supporting England as they won a hard fought victory against Ireland when Jackie Morgan caught the snitch to end the game while the two teams were neck and neck at 100-100 to become World Champions. Octavia was particularly loud and fervent in her support.

•Octavia approached Jackie Morgan to get an autograph for herself and Marlee Moon Hart after the game, getting the star seeker's signature on her scarf and a model golden snitch. Morgan further surprised Octavia by revealing that she'd heard her passionate cheering from the first class stands and gifted the 12 year old the game winning snitch, a prize Octavia was extremely happy to receive and became highly protective of.

•Octavia befriended 7th year Ravenclaw student Bonnie Nishi over the summer, marking the first time she'd gotten on with somebody outside of her house.

2nd Year 1st Semester

•In September of 2026, Octavia returned to Hogwarts for the start of her 2nd year.

•Octavia's second year got off to a dangerous start when she got in serious trouble when Abigail Bluetooth reported her to the Headmistress for a violation of the newly instated Werewolf Registration Act of 2026. The violation nearly got Octavia kicked out of the school and forced her to keep her head low for most of the semester to avoid expulsion.

•During this time Octavia focused heavily on her studies, particularly those of Charms and Transfigurations which she found she had a natural gift for as she started learning third year level spells while the rest of her grade were still trudging through the early pages of their second year books.

•Octavia also met and made friends with one of her distant cousins from her mother's family during this time, the first year Ravenclaw who didn't want to be a Ravenclaw, Rubicon Mordushku.

•Octavia's friendship with Bonnie Nishi ended abrubtly when Nishi gave her alone detention during a lesson when her and Talula Shippe were trading insults, something Octavia took quite hard. As a result, Octavia developed a special distrust for Ravenclaws.

•Octavia was at the Halloween Bash where she danced with Rubicon and nearly got into a fight with Abigail Bluetooth, the fight only being avoided because Rubicon managed to calm Octavia down and usher her away.

•As a younger student, Octavia did very little during the Magical Organ incident of the fall of 2026, but she was deeply concerned for and doted over her friend Nicole Phoenix when she had her voice temporarily stolen by the Organ. She was also present for the Organ's final defeat and escaped from the clocktower mostly unharmed.

•Octavia showed up to the Yule Ball but seemed to be in a foul mood and didn't stay long.

•Octavia was not one of the students who stayed behind in the castle for Winter Break.

Winter Break

•Octavia spent the holidays with her family in the family's ancestral home Château de Dechants in France.

2nd Year 2nd Semester

•Octavia's second semester started off more promisingly than the first. With her offenses at the start of the year more or less forgotten, Octavia was able to fall back to her old ways.

•Octavia joined Bonnie Nishi's newly started duelling club in spite of her distaste for the Head Girl for the love of the sport. She continued her by now quite long undefeated streak in spite of being made to face 3rd years in some of her bouts and held the top spot in the club's leaderboards for a time.

•The peace did not last, however. Octavia was eventually contacted by Verity Ashworth, an older Hufflepuff girl whom Octavia had never had much of a relationship with. After a secret meeting, Verity managed to convince Octavia to go with her and a group of other students into the Forbidden Forest where they met a man whom revealed himself to be the supposedly dead fugitive Agron Mordushku. Eternally loyal to family and recognizing him as the Patriarch of her mother's family, Octavia was extatic to find him alive and soon began to refer to him as 'Uncle Agron'.

•The meeting would soon have grave consequences for Octavia and everybody else involved. A member of the group turned on the rest, giving their names up to the Headmistress. All members were called in to one-on-one meetings with the Headmistress herself or the DH and while most of the others gave up whatever information they had freely, Octavia stayed fiercely loyal to her Uncle Agron and had to have her memories extracted with magic and got a two week long suspension for her trouble.

•The time away took its toll on Octavia as she spent all the time she wasn't being lectured by her father about how foolish she had been wondering who had betrayed them.

•The hunt for the traitor began for Octavia as soon as she returned, and the more names she crossed off her list the more convinced she got that it had been her best friend, Nicole Phoenix, who had betrayed them all because of how poorly she reacted to Agron and her close relationship with Professor Vikander.

•Thinking she had been betrayed by the one person she trusted most in the castle dealt a major blow to Octavia's psyche and she slowly began to lose her grip on reality. She began to lose sleep and spent most of her time obsessing over it. She was finally pushed over the edge when Ministry Aurors attacked Agron's lair in the forest and apparently killed him. For two weeks, she stopped showering and taking care of herself, hardly ate and never slept for more than a few minutes at a time.

•Even during this vulnerable time she still continued to participate in duelling club, desperate to regain the top spot she'd lost during her suspension. The first week she won her duel and nearly attacked her petrified opponent after the fight was already over, the next an utterly exhausted Octavia's streak finally came to a humiliating end when she was hit by a Full-body bind Charm on the very first spellcast of the duel by a first year Hufflepuff girl called Everlina Kindred.

•Naturally, concern over Octavia's erratic behavior began to rise. If these troubled times did one positive thing for Octavia, it was saving her relationship with her Quidditch Captain, Persephone Vitrac, whom she finally got a heartfelt apology from for the events of last year. Others tried to reach out to her too, but most were firmly rejected.

•Unable to bring herself to attack Nicole Phoenix without knowing for certain that she was the traitor, Octavia began to take her anger and frustration out on poor Everlina Kindred, whom she tried to attack in the halls once unsuccessfully and later faced again and defeated in brutal fashion by hitting her with Everte Statum three times in a row, leaving her to flee the room in tears - the victory didn't last long, however, as the decision was overturned and Octavia was disqualified shortly after Everlina had left the room.

•After many a talking to and a number of sleeping draughts, Octavia finally managed to regain some measure of sanity.

•Backed up by Rubicon Mordushku, Octavia finally gathered up the courage to confront Nicole Phoenix about the forest. After a tense exchange of words, Nicole finally managed to convince Octavia that she had not been the one to betray her, likely because a big part of her had never wanted to believe it. The realization that she had frozen her friend out the way she had and run around the school like a lunatic for weeks plotting all kinds of terrible vengeance against her was so shocking to the already worked up girl that she fainted and had to go to the hospital wing after falling and landing hard on her head. In the hospital wing her and Nicole finally reconciled their friendship. Soon after, Octavia started returning to normal.

•Octavia and the rest of the Slytherin team won the Quidditch House Cup on the 6th of June 2027.

•In a final bid to win back some of her duelling club glory, Octavia participated in the Midsummer Tourney in June 2027 as the only participant to wear a cape for her entrance. Octavia's hopes were quickly dashed, however, when she was put against Bonnie Nishi - a girl five years ahead of her - in her very first duel. Octavia did better than one would've expected her to do, but predictably lost and was out of the tourney. This finally turned Octavia's dislike for Bonnie into hatred, as she was convinced the girl had matched herself up against her on purpose after promising fair matchmaking.

•Octavia attended the Midsummer Ball after the tourney and received an award for best in year for duelling club from Nishi, but feelings of anything Nishi gave her being tainted after what happened in the tourney kept her from being too happy about it.


Nicole Phoenix

Octavia and Nicole's friendship has been one with plenty of bumps and odd turns, but in spite of their wildly different personalities and conflicting beliefs they always somehow find their way back to each other. It is perhaps for this reason Octavia has named Nicole her best friend.

Nicole also happens to be her first cousin once removed.

Aloy Osiris

As a friend of all of her old enemies, a half-breed and one who is not the least bit afraid to let people know what she thinks of them, Aloy and Octavia's relationship was rigged to be antagonistic to start. The two of them are rarely able to stay in the same room for long without getting in a fight.

Amira Zidane

Octavia's relationship with Amira is an oddly ceremonious and formal thing. Although they comitted a hate-crime against the Werewolves of the school together in their first year, they still somehow haven't reached first name basis.

Persephone Vitrac

Although their relationship started out on a terrible note, Octavia slowly came to respect Persephone during their time playing Quidditch together. They finally made peace with one another towards the end of Persephone's last year and left on good terms.

Abigail Bluetooth

Once bitter enemies, the fire gradually went out of Octavia and Abigail's rivalry during the later part of Octavia's 2nd year and they officially made peace with one another after they won the Quidditch House Cup together.

Oliver Starstorm

Being deaf, muggleborn and far too sweet for his own good made Oliver an easy target for Octavia's bullying. Octavia enjoys messing with the Hufflepuff boy whenever possible and takes special pleasure in abusing him while he's wearing his highly sensitive hearing aids, having even made his ears bleed on one occasion.

Aelia & Tatiana Dechants

Although they don't always get along, Octavia loves both of her little sisters dearly and is fiercely protective of both of them.

Consus Dechants

Octavia holds her father in reverence above any other person alive. She follows his every word with the utmost obedience and fully expects everybody else to do the same. She is terrified of embarassing or otherwise shaming him.

Talula Shippe

Octavia has hated Talula Shippe ever since an incident in her first year where the Hufflepuff part-Veela accidentally set her hair on fire with the Incendio Charm and refused to apologize afterwards. Since then, their rivalry has only gotten worse and Octavia spends an unhealthy amount of time thinking of ways to be a nuisance to Shippe.

Bonnie Nishi

Bonnie Nishi was the sun Octavia flew too close to and got burnt. Although they started off on friendly terms, Nishi began using her powers as Head Girl and a Club leader to cut Octavia's legs out from underneath her time and time again during her second year. Whether it was deserved or not is certainly up for debate, but Octavia felt badly betrayed and bullied by somebody she'd considered a friend and came to hate her for it, refusing to even speak to Bonnie on the day she left Hogwarts for good.

Essa Nazari

Although not quite her least favorite person in the castle, Octavia certainly considers Essa to be the most annoying thanks to her tendency to try to push her buttons for kicks and insist on talking to her in spite of being Ravenclaw and Muggleborn.

Professor G. Vikander

Octavia has been conditioned to hate George Vikander from a very young age as the Professor killed her aunt during The Battle of Hogwarts in 1997. The Professor has also managed to pick on her, whether it be targeted or simply because he picks on everyone, enough for her to believe every evil thing she's ever been told about the man.

Marlee Moon Hart

Marlee was Octavia's first friend at Hogwarts and easily one of her closest. Marlee brings out Octavia's more playful and childish side while Octavia brings out Marlee's mean side which has resulted in a number of cruel and childish pranks pulled on other students, particularly those from Hufflepuff whom they share a common distaste for.

Hayden Sorel

Hayden was Octavia's second friend at Hogwarts and probably her most unlikely. Octavia initially only tolerated Hayden's presence because of her friendship with Marlee Hart but over time she came to appreciate the redhead's loyalty and protectiveness of her friends. In spite of being almost polar opposites, Hayden and Octavia have formed a surprisingly close friendship and Hayden is one of the only people at Hogwarts who seems to be able to put a damper on Octavia's antagonistic behavior.

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