Michel St. Jours
Biographical information

28th September 2006

Blood status

Half Blood

Marital status


  • Wizard
  • Prefect
  • Reporter
  • International Correspondent
  • Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic
Physical information





6ft 5in

Hair colour

Dark Brown

Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
  • Catherine St. Jours (nee Simpson) - Mother
  • Jean St. Jours - Father
  • Mary Simpson (nee Atlington) - Maternal Grandmother
  • Mark Simpson - Maternal Grandfather
  • Marguerite St. Jours (nee Dubos) - Paternal Grandmother
  • Pierre St. Jours - Paternal Grandfather
Magical characteristics

Himself, completely alone with a non-functioning wand.


Vine, dragon heartstring, 12.75 inches.


Pale Mare


Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic




Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

  • Hufflepuff House
  • St. Jours Family
  • Ministry of Magic
  • Hannah Fischer
  • Zimelda Zemeckis
OOC information
Played By

Markus Slingshot

Michel St. Jours (pronounced: mi-chel san joor) is a half-blood British wizard, currently employed as Junior Assistant to the Minister for Magic. He was a Hufflepuff student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, graduating in the summer of 2025 with stellar N.E.W.T.s results.

Following a summer travelling the world to learn obscure magic in some of the more obscure places in our known Wizarding World, he took employment as an International Correspondent for the Daily Prophet, before being surprisingly lifted up to a position in the British Ministry for Magic.

Throughout his years at Hogwarts, Michel became known for his magical prowess and duelling ability, being invited to become a member of a secret club of gifted and talented students in his N.E.W.T. years. Having always been fascinated with mastering all kinds of magic, he always concentrated on learning a new practical piece of magic each day, a practice which led to his prodigious skill in Transfiguration, Charms, and Duelling. Despite his magical skill practically being public knowledge, his secret ability as a Metamorphmagus was kept as a deadly secret which to this day few people are aware of - he did not want knowledge of the ability to jeopardise any future professional use of it.



Michel's mother, a muggle, is a loving mother who perhaps mollycoddled Michel a bit too much when he was younger in contrast to his father's distant upbringing of him. She works as a legal secretary for a local solicitor company office in Taunton, Somerset. Michel's father, a half-blood wizard who works as a Curse Breaker for Gringotts Bank. Throughout Michel's childhood he was quite distant, nearly constantly off working and when he did return home he and Michel did not have much of a parent-child bond. The closest Michel got to bonding with his father was a summer when his father decided to show him what his work was like which led to him learning Gobbledegook. His maternal grandparents are both Muggles currently retired and living in Somerset. His paternal grandparents both grew up in France but emigrated to English in 1970 - it is from them Michel learned to be fluent in French. 

Early Life

Michel grew up in the cosy yet quite boring village of Porlock in Somerset in the West Country of England. He had few friends in the village so became quite a mummy's boy in his early years. In fact, his first experience of magic came when his mother Catherine took him to the nearby supermarket in the nearest big town. This supermarket had a play area where Michel was left whilst Catherine would do her shopping. Sat in a toy car in the play area, he began to miss his mother profusely and as he thought about her more he suddenly realised he was not in the play area but sat in the toy car on a shelf in the aisle his mother was shopping in. To say she was shocked is an understatement.

Michel first went to muggle school at the age of 5 where he began to make some more friends, but not many. Generally the nosepicking and farting losers in the corner of the classroom with whom he was unfortunately sat with in his first class. But however much they were nose-picking and farting losers they were Michel's friends until he turned 11 and received his invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His friends believe he currently attends a posh boarding school in the middle of nowhere.

Acceptance to Hogwarts

Michel received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts in the summer of 2018 - an expected occurance. He had waited for ages and had begun to worry he wasn't going to get it despite his parents' reassurance. 


Michel has always been concentrated on the pursuit of knowledge and the practical demonstration of it. He enjoys seeking it in adventurous places - learning about new things as he wanders through the world. The reasoning behind this urge for knowledge and such is that he has a deeply innate want to be accepted. With a childhood of somewhat loneliness and a bitter bringing up in terms of his father, he is always searching for people to accept him and sometimes he can put up a protective barrier of feigned confidence for fear of being seen as inferior.

Magical Abilities and Skills


An accomplished Transfigurer, Michel is known to have honed his art so well he has been able to nonverbally utilise a number of complex Transfigurations into many a duel.


Quite adept with Charms, having succeeded in securing an Outstanding in both his O.W.L.s and N.E.W.T.s in the subject.

Defence Against the Dark Arts

A skilled duellist, Michel has been known to utilise the full breadth of his magical knowledge - from obscure jinxes to Transfigurative defences - in order to combat his opponent.


Owing to the need for swift travel between London and Paris as an International Correspondent for the Daily Prophet (and in spite of an early incident in which he had to re-attach his own little toe in a broom closet at Le Ministère des Affaires Magiques de la France) he has managed to master a good ability in long-range Apparition. However he restricts himself to a strict 400 mile limit, as he believes attempting a trip any further than the approximate distance between London and Hogwarts to not be worth the risk without further careful practice.


  • An intricate pocket watch with magical runes upon the face and five different hands - two for time, one for weather, one for a stopwatch, and one which functions as a thermometer and/or magic detector when the chain is dipped into a liquid or places upon something. Michel received this as a 17th birthday present
  • An extension charmed bag which he bought at Diagon Alley with early birthday money from his grandparents. Opens quite wide enough for entry. He openly uses it but does not mention it.
    • A bookcase of his set books throughout all his seven years at Hogwarts plus more for light reading and research.
    • A large wardrobe with all his clothes.
    • A bed.
    • A desk for working on homework, tinkering with magical paraphernalia, and maintaining his broom. Drawers in the desk are filled to the brim with various miscellaneous objects.
    • A set of shelves with more miscellaneous objects collected over the years and an entire shelf dedicated to housing his broom and his broom-care kit.
    • A stock of potions, salves, and pastes including Burn-Healing Paste, Antidotes to Common & Uncommon Poisons, Blood-Replenishing Potion, Murtlap Essence, and Essence of Dittany.
    • A small corner dedicated to working on potions where he keeps his used silver cauldron, ingredients supply, and other brewing equipment.


"Don't you think it's a bit weird how he went straight from the Daily Prophet to the Ministry of Magic? That man must know some people."

"You could call him a diplomat if that was a professional term for someone who had probably had a fling with half the French Ministry of Magic."


Michel is a trilingualist and speaks English, French, and almost fluent Gobbledegook. He has an aim to become a polyglot and has a list of languages to learn which includes but is not limited to Arabic, Latin, Spanish, Mermish, and Parseltongue (hearing only due to the impossibility of learning to speak it).

Behind The Scenes

Michel is played by Markus Slingshot (a.k.a. Jack) the co-owner of Second Life home and garden store ChiMia. He enjoys roleplaying at Mischief Managed in his downtime when he is not furiously meshing away for this deadline or the next.