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Marigold Macaron Feathersweet
Biographical information

November 23th 2012

Blood status


Also known as

Mari, Candy girl, Candy Princess, Candy Badger

Physical information



4 ft 7 in

Hair colour

Honey blond red

Eye colour

deep blue

Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Father - Basil Mint FeatherSweet Mother - Fiona Mia Moss Siblings - Older sister - Gardenia Ambrosia Feathersweet

Magical characteristics

13 Inches, apple, phoenix feather, swishy


Blue bird *unknown to her*




Feathersweet Family, Hufflepuffs, Lex and Drayan Ashworth.

OOC information
Marigold Macaron Feathersweet is a 13 year old Halfblood 2nd year student at Hogwarts. She is the youngest daughter of the current head of the Feathersweet household. The Feathersweet's are a long established magical Candy and sweets making family. Known for their amazing candies, chocolates and baked sweets.

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Her father Basil is heir to the Feathersweet Candy family. Like most of the food making clan he was a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts. Her mother, Fiona, however was a Ravenclaw a year a head of Basil.

They met one night when he was in the kitchens of the castle making some magic cream cheese mints for a friend with really bad breath, tasty sweet melt in your mouth confections that also cleaned ones teeth and breath.. She was sneaking in after some cupcakes. It took a bit but by the time She graduated the two where in love and married the year after Basil graduated.

Basil went to learn more of the business he was to take over in due time while Fiona chose to travel the world to help the family out by learning new candy types, both muggle and magical, from other parts of the world. She wrote about these travels in a set of travel books. Some time after the two had been married they had their first child. Marigolds older sister Gardenia Ambrosia Feathersweet. Naming her after Fiona's favorite flower and an American fruit treat that Fiona had learned of, or the nectar of the Greek gods. Depending on who you ask.

Marigold was born two years later. And was named for a small flower Fiona was fond of and the fancy french confection.

The family lives in a centuries old manor house on the outskirts of Keswick, England.

Early Life

Marigold arrived into the Feathersweet family on a chilly late November day shortly before the family started to gear up for the winter holidays and all the candy and treat making that involves.

Her first showing of magic happened when she was old enough to be given the sweet treat that she is named for. She was so delighted by how it tasted she not only started to float from joy but sparkles of light appeared about her twinkling.

Life at the Feathersweet manor is filled with sweet smells, lots of love and sweet treats. The family does however work to make sure none of them over eat to the point of getting sick of candy or their teeth going bad.

She and her sister enjoyed games, learning to make candy and pastries, Exploring the countryside and just generally having a grand childhood.

Among the many childhood activities the young girl enjoyed, her two most favorite, aside from learning to make candy, was playing with her Pygmy puffs and playing gobstones, a magical game much like muggle Marbles. She has a large selection of the small fluffy critters and a special set of gobstones that instead of the normal metal look, are made to look like different round hard candies.

Gardenia then went off to Hogwarts when she turned eleven, and Mari missed her dearly. Gardenia was sorted into Hufflepuff, upholding the family tradition of being a member of that house.

Acceptance at Hogwarts

But two years later was her turn and she was placed into Hufflepuff to no ones surprise. The arrival of the letter was met with much joy. It was then during holiday shopping that the family went to get Marigolds wand.

The 13 inch Apple wood wand has the core of a phoenix feather. The handle however, is carved to look like someone wrapped it with candy dots and then twisted some red licorice around it. A fact which utterly delighted her.

In the week leading up to her heading off for her first year at Hogwarts, she was told that while the castle does let students take Pygmy puffs as a pet, she had to pick JUST ONE of her many. At that time being unable to chose, she left them all behind.

And then the great day came and she boarded the train with her sister and their trunks and headed off the the castle in Scotland. The little badger a bundle of nerves at the thought of her sorting. Terrified that she'd get separated from her beloved sister.

Life at Hogwarts

Her fears where quite unfounded as she was soon also sorted into the house of Helga. She was ecstatic about this even if it was expected from someone with her last name. Off she happily went to go sit with her sister and soon to be new friends at the golden table. She soon learned that many people call her family the Candy Badgers and her and her sister became known as the Candy Princesses.

Years 1 2024 - 2025

Her first year at the castle ended up being quite a bit of a handful. First came the long gallery take over of Edna the Plant. Easy enough to avoid. But that was Soon followed by the Vampire attacks.

While she managed to stay out of the way of those, they did affect her house hard as many of the victims where from it. She chose to stay safe and out of the way in the commons or the kitchens for the most part. Even attempted to experiment with some garlic candy but, that did not turn out that well.

Winter break came and the girls went home to spend it with their family. The younger one full of stories of her first months at the Castle.

The werewolf troubles that started that late winter did not ever affect her personally. Though she was wary of going outside alone. She saw housemates and the others effected by the crazed dark werewolf witch Lovelace. But she also saw how the outed student werewolf Persephone acted even before it was
known what she was, and read up on others and chose to side with those that believe that werewolves are just people who need to be helped and are not beasts that need to be killed.

During the wolf invasion she wisely stayed in her commons when the explosion happened. only Venturing out at the end of it all, after Lovelace was dead, to try to help comfort people in the ward.

The school year ended with the great Hufflepuff disappointment. And while she was sad over that mess, she knew she had 6 more years to get the gold to fly in the great hall.

On the train ride home for the summer that year. Someone offered her Bertie Botts beans and the feud between her family and the Botts became known to more then a small handful. as she threw the beans across the compartment.

Summer break

Most of her summer break was spent at home working to perfect the delicate cookie she was named after.
Macarons are not an easy treat to make and she worked hard to get them down perfectly. Using muggle means as she is not old enough to use magic at home yet. But soon the kitchen counters at Feathersweet manor where covered in trays and trays of them. She loves how versatile they are and how you can make them in many flavors and with different fillings. Once she had the base method down many experiments in flavors, colors and decorations started.

Towards the end of it though she did venture out of the manor to attend the birthday party of a student from her year, Drayan Ashworth. He's one of the youngest, if not the youngest of their year. She brought with her boxes of Macarons and then taught Drayan and his brother Lex, also in their year and a few weeks older then her, to make S'mores. The Ashworth family is a very large, very well known Pureblood family that hosts galas and other events often at their estate called Shadowgrove. This was her first time going there, but would not be her last.

Years 2 2025 - 2026

September rolls around and its time to go back to Hogwarts for her Second year!


The fall of her second year is a rather calm one. Especially compared to her first year. Nothing grew too big, nothing invades and attacks the castle. Just, a calm fall. She goes to the Halloween Bash as a fairy instead of following the theme of vampires in Venice.

In late November of this year she officially became a teenager. She celebrated her 13th birthday in Hogsmeade with her family in her Aunt Taffy's apartment over Honeydukes as it fell two days before November's Hogsmeade weekend.

The School year did bring about one other change. The young badger started to look towards boys. A few catching her eyes. But not many showing interest back.

winter before break

Between the start of winter and the start of winter break was only a few short weeks. She enjoyed the fete that the Head students and prefects threw for the school and then set to getting ready for the big Formal Winter Ball.

That year she lived up to her Candy Princess nick name and went in a big blue princess dress. She loved how it swirled around her feet as she walked. It was at this dance that some things started to change in her life. As she managed to dance with not just one, but two boys! The same Ashworth brothers she spent time with at the end of summer. Lex and Drayan. It was after this night that she realized she quite smitten with both of the brothers.

winter break

The Christmas Holiday the Sisters stayed in the castle instead of going home to the manor in Keswick. This was at their parents request so they could be near their Aunt Taffy over break. Whom they said was lonely and would like to have family near. As during break the normal rules about Hogsmeade where lifted they would go over in the day time to spend time with her and help her run the shop in one of the most busy times of the year.

When not at the shop they would explore the castle in ways they could not when classes where in session. Sometimes putting on old fashioned gowns and pretending to be princesses. Many hours where also spent in the kitchens making treats for friends.

They did skip out on the Annual Christmas feast in the castle as their entire family came to Taffy's apartment for their own celebration. Many sweet foods and gifts abounded.

A few days after Christmas was the next time she would go to the Ashworth's home via the floo in her Aunt Taffy's apartment, For their annual Winter Gala. Again she chose a poofy princess style gown, and laden with gifts for both the kids and adults she arrived looking for the boys.

She found Lex first and, he was not his normal self. Shortly after the start of break it seems both he and Drayan took a very old Ageing potion in an attempt to get past age line, but fell just short of the mark. The brothers now looked as they would be at the age of 16. And where both quite a bit taller then her. They also where not sure just when the potion would wear off due to the age of it.

At first she was confused and then upset by the change as dancing with either of them would be difficult. But then Lex said there was still some potion left and offered to find it and have Drayan adjust it some so she would look their age with them. Needless to say it did not take much to convince her to try this. And so off they went to get it and have her take it. As the trace keeping her from preforming magic did not trigger at the home of a large well known pureblood family she managed to sneak in a spell to make her gown bigger, and wore one of their coats over her till the potion took effect It took only a moment for the effects to take place and she grew into her 16 year old body. And discovered that she was not going to be a tiny girl. Short yes, but on the plump sized and no longer able to see her feet easily. A few more adjustments to her clothing and Drayan then whisked her off for a dance while Lex worked to distract their mother from finding out TO soon.

She ended up staying the rest of the break at Shadowgrove, with her parents permission, who, did not know what had happened to her. She found the time there quite pleasant, and the company more so, if not just a bit confusing as with the 16 year old body came changes in how she felt around the boys. New years was spent there and then the day before school was to start up she flooed back to her Aunt Taffy's apartment and she returned to the castle.

Winter After break

The first couple of weeks back where, challenging, as all three of them had to deal with the comments about their looks. Most just wanted to know what happened and how long it would last. Though one older Slytherin whom she had never seen before didn't believe her age and, thankfully the boys came to her rescue and took care of the issue.

The only other issue to come up before the potion wore off would have happened with our with out it. The boy's older sister, Verity, got a bit over protective and threatened her some if she hurt them. She kept that a secret from the boys and her sister for several weeks. None where happy when they found out
and Lex got quite angry with his sister for it. Which unknown to either of them she saw. Several days later some things started to be worked out. Maris still slightly scared of Verity but not quite terrified like she was.

Happier things came about after they all returned to looking their correct ages. The boys used the Owl Posts annual Valentines Rose grams to ask her to the Hearty Party in February. Which she accepted. She spent days with her sister going through catalogs to find just the right dress for it. In the end choosing a layered gown in teal, Which was starting to become her favorite color and had an animated plus bird following her about carrying the sash. The all arrived later in the night, letting it get less crowded. And had an enjoyable time together.


Childhood Home; Feathersweet Manor

Physical Appearance


Marigold is currently of an average height for a 13 year old girl and a little on the plump size. She has long honey blond hair that she wears up a lo, usually in some for of pigtails or braid. Her skin is on the paler side but not extremely pale, more a cream color. She has large deep blue eyes.

She very rarely is seen in pants, preferring dresses and skirts. Though she does at times wear them. But next to never is seen in Jeans. One might call her a girly tomboy, as she loves to look pretty but then rather forgets to act like a lady in her dresses.

Between a combination of just working with chocolate and candy a lot in the kitchens, and a chocolate scented shampoo, the scent of chocolate and candy is nearly always about her.


Skills and Abilities


Unknown as of yet

Hobbies and Interests






Recipe book



Gardenia Feathersweet

Aleksei Ashworth Lex

Drayan Ashworth

Charlotte "Charlie" Merle


Oliver Starstorm


Musibella Amai Ramotswe

Joyce Felts-O'Rourke


Magnolia Taffy Feathersweet AKA Aunt Taffy. Mari adores her aunt to bits and pieces. Having her nearby in Hogsmeade is convenient. Even if she can only see her once a month on Hogsmeade weekend visits. The two are very close and Mari enjoys helping her run the store if its needed on those very busy weekends when the school all wants candy for the upcoming months. Taffy also sends her fresh what ever treats are needed.


Rumors are sourced from The Owl Post Rumour has it articles and are free to use in Roleplay.

2025 - 2026

That little Candy Hufflepuff danced with TWO Ashworths.

Rumour has it the Feathersweet sisters were seen prancing about the halls dressed as princesses. Advantages to having a whole castle to yourself, I guess…

The littlest Feathersweet sister must have gotten into the same stuff the younger Ashworths did. She’s not so little right now! WOW

There was a lot of blushing going on in the last Owl Post meeting.

Rumour has it that the sole female Ashworth tried to get the younger Candy badger off alone. When She refused to go alone a lion prefect and another Ashworth went with them both.  

Rumour has it the too tall Trio are back to looking like their real ages at last.

A previously aged pair of second years are back to normal size and unfortunately back to their expected level of maturity. One set off a dung bomb in class and the other lied to cover for him!

All Feathersweets have a secret candy sense and know everyone’s favourite without being told.

Rumour has it the Spectacled Ashworth is exploring ways to enhance his height to improve his chances of winning the candy princess’ heart.

Rumour has it that the Stinksap bandit attacked his prefect sister in the great hall Tuesday night. Something about she made threats to the younger Candy Badger.


Marigold's creator subconsciously made her resemble her second favorite female singer, Dolly Parton. This is most noticeable when she is older. It was noticed a while later, but even in the face its there.

For the record her favorite female singer is Julie Andrews.

Behind the scenes

Marigold is an alt of furry/fantasy blogger Softpaw Sommer Blog link. She found the sim on a Muggle Monday to take a tribute photo for Alan Rickman. After also exploring it for a blog post she fell in love with the build and decided to join the rp. She also plays Aisling Rose Opal Jones, Magnolia Taffy Feathersweet and Arianna von DracheBlume. As well as a member of the Sim ooc staff as a Head ALO