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• Magnolia Taffy Feathersweet
Biographical information

• March 20 1997
• Age 28

Blood status

• Halfblood

Marital status

• Single

Also known as

• The Candy Lady
• Taffy


•Owner of Honeydukes

Physical information





• 5' 5"

Hair colour

• Dark Red

Eye colour

• Blue

Skin colour

• Alabaster

Family information
Family members

• Mother - Amaryllis
• Father - Alder
• Older brother - Basil
• Younger sister - Camellia
• Niece - Gardenia Ambrosia
• Niece - Marigold Macaron

Magical characteristics

• Walnut
• Unicorn Tail Hair
• 12 inch


• Humming Bird


• Candy maker
• Owner of Honeydukes


• Hufflepuff


• Feathersweet family
• Hogwarts
• Hufflepuff

Magnolia Taffy Feathersweet is a half blood witch from Keswick, England. She comes from a long line of magical Candy makers. She currently lives in Hogsmede village and owns Honeydukes Candy store.

Family Background

Magnolia, or Taffy to most people,  is the daughter of Magical candy makers that have been making candy as far back as anyone in the family can remember. At some point long past as well, a grandparents married a muggle taking them out of the pureblood family list, even though its been all magical since then. The Middle child of three, Magnolia was a tiny hyper child. Even when not hopped up on sugar she was constantly zipping about doing things. Her mother Amaryllis believes this may be why she ended up so short. All her energy was spent playing, getting in trouble, and helping with the candy making that it got spent before it could make her grow taller.

Family naming Tradition

The Feathersweet's have two traditions with their names. The first name will be a plant of some sort, and the middle name will be a candy or pastry. This tradition has gone back to the very first Feathersweet to start making candy. Many Feathersweets have even taken to finding spouses with a plant first name to keep the theme going.


Her first showing of magic came at the age of 6. Her uncle was working on some candy and she was watching him on a stool and kicking her feet back and forth watching him. He told her not to touch the hot confectionery as he waved his wand over it, making it twist and roll about into various shapes. But she wanted some NOW. A deep breath is let out and the air became cold enough to harden the candy right then. messing up the batch that was being made but letting her eat some!


When time came to go to Hogwarts it was to no ones surprise the hyper child was sorted into Hufflepuff, a house known for students that are good with food charms. She spent her time in the school learning all she could as she planned to join the family business after getting out. She knew she had to do her best at Charms, transfiguration and potions as those where important to candy making! She managed to graduate with top marks in everything needed and went right into her apprenticeship with her family. Being taught all their secrets and tricks to make mouth watering candy.

Current life

After her training was done. She traveled about a little to learn what the world was like outside of her home town. When she learned that the candy store in Hogsmeade was in need of a new owner, she borrowed the money from her family to buy it and now happily runs it. She loves it when the students come to visit her to buy her sweet treats.


Rumors are sourced from The Owl Post Rumour has it articles and are free to use in Roleplay.


All Feathersweets have a secret candy sense and know everyone’s favourite without being told.

Could the sweets loving DADA teachers sweet tooth be extending to a maker of sweet treats? Reports are in of Him and the owner of Honeydukes looking cozy in Three brooms.

Behind the scenes

Magnolia is an Rp character of furry/fantasy blogger Softpaw Sommer Blog link. She found the sim on a Muggle Monday to take a tribute photo for Alan Rickman. After also exploring it for a blog post she fell in love with the build and decided to join the rp. She also plays Aisling Rose Opal Jones, Arianna von DracheBlume and Marigold Macaron Feathersweet. As well as a member of the Sim ooc staff as a Head ALO