Locking Charm




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Seals doors and windows



The Locking Spell (Colloportus) is a charm that is used to lock or seal doors and cannot be opened by conventional means. The counter charm to the Locking spell is Alohomora.

Casting and Effects

When cast, the locking charm will close an open door or window and lock it. It does not require the door or window to be shut in order for it to lock as the spell will force it shut. The spell cannot be unlocked via normal methods, such as a key. However, the unlocking charm can be used and is an effective counter charm to this spell.

The Incantation for the Locking Spell is Colloportus.

Variations of use

  • Locks unlocked doors
  • Locks unlocked windows


Colloportus is composed of the prefix "collo—" deriving from Latin colligo meaning to bind together or possibly Greek κολλάω, κολλώ (collo) which means "to glue, stick" and Latin portus meaning door.

OOC Dice Information

The Locking Charm requires a player to be level 1 or higher in order for it to cast successfully. Role players are of course more than welcome to attempt to cast this spell if they are below the required level. In some cases -usually in the event of a resounding success (critical)- the attempt may roll success despite being below its required level.

Use in Role Play

This spell is used to lock doors and windows. If this spell is cast upon a door or window, regular entrance is not permitted. A role player would have to cast the unlocking charm to unlock it or via some other magical means including magical objects. It is recommended that role players -should they choose to lock a door- save their role play of doing so in the event that it is asked for.


  • Success

MM - HUD v2.2.16: MM Character attempted to cast Locking Charm and succeeded!

MM Character held their wand outward and gave it a quick movement as they spoke, "Colloportus!" The open door slammed itself shut and the lock clicked tight!

  • Fail

MM - HUD v2.2.16: MM Character attempted to cast Unlocking Charm and failed.

MM Character flicked their wand outward to lock the door, confidently saying, "Colloportus!" The door sat still, remaining open... "Ugh do I have to do everything?" MM Groaned and walked over to close the door by hand.