Gubraithian Fire

Lasair Shiorruidh



Hand Movement

Slow and steady tapping motion in rhythm with the incantation. Cannot be cast nonverbally




Enchants a flame to burn forever.



Gubraithian Fire (Lasair Shiorruidh) or sometimes referred to as "Everlasting Fire." Is an enchantment that can be cast upon fire to make it burn everlasting and will not die. It is extremely difficult to perform leaving very few wizards who are capable.

Casting and Effects

A charm cast upon fire to make it burn forever. The fire will not burn out nor die even if water is poured upon it.

Variations of use

  • It is generally used upon a fire to make it burn indefinitely. Some examples may be upon candles, or even branches, which is a highly regarded artefact, the "Branch of Everlasting Fire."

OOC Information

This spell is used purely on a fire that was produced by other means. It does not make fire itself, but rather enchants the fire to burn forever. For example, a Rper would need to cast a fire-making spell before hand to conjure the flame (or perhaps generate fire in another way) then cast Gubraithian Fire upon it. It only works on fire and cannot be used on any other element.

Due to it's extremely high level (Level 99) and advanced state, it is expected that a wizard of the considerable skill and level needed cast, would not foolishly use it.