Evander Valle Lennox
Biographical information

21 December, 2004 (Age: 19)
Bishopston, Swansea, Wales

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Also known as

• Vander
• Vandy
• Lennox
• Lenny


• Wizard
• Potions Club Member (previously)
• Hogwarts Alumni
• Slytherin Alumni

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Cisgender Male



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Family information
Family members

• Kenneth Lennox (Father)
• Marjorie Lennox (Mother)
• Mackenzie Lennox (Older Sister)
Olivia Rhegan Lennox (Cousin)
• Other unnamed relatives.

Magical characteristics

Kenneth Lennox


Cypress, 11.75 in., Dragon Heartstring, Pliant




• Hogwarts
• Slytherin House

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Played By

Wayne Rhys (declan rumsford)


"I've spent a lot of my life concerned about fitting into what was predestined for me.  Y'know my family's not even pure-blood? We lie to avoid scandal. I've wasted a lot of my time at this school too concerned of who to please that I felt like I didn't even know who I was most of the time. It's my last year now and it's the first time I'm actually even considering who I want to be as a person. Innit' that sad? My mind's split up into seven different parts and I'm just starting to pick up the pieces."

—Evander Lennox, his final year at Hogwarts.

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Evander Valle Lennox, born on the 21st of December 2005 in the town of Bishopston of Swansea, Wales, is a half-blooded wizard born to the notorious pure-blooded wizard clan of Lennox, a family originated in Scotland with its branches spread across the United Kingdom. Evander was born to Marjorie and Kenneth Lennox, a small but proud pocket of the Lennox clan, along with his older sister, Mackenzie. The Lennox's held high expectations for their children and their daughter, Mackenzie fit well into the mold of the person her parents formed for her, being sorted into Slytherin 5 years prior to Evander and excelling in all of her subjects. However, Evander struggled to fill the shadow that his sister left behind.

Upon joining his sister at Hogwarts, Evander was placed in Slytherin as well and merely floated by in his academics with the exception of Potions and Herbology, which he excelled in. He was one of the worst flyers in his first year and his lack of willingness to learn has earned him failing marks on several occasions in Astronomy and History of Magic. However, e had an exceptional skill for potioneering (along with a useful knowledge of herbs and herbology). In the beginning of his time at Hogwarts, Evander was known for dating several girls across all houses (minus Hufflepuff). Gifted with a handsome face and rugged good looks, Evander has often found himself wooing women and earning himself a short-term relationship from time to time. However, his inability to be emotionally vulnerable with people has quickly ended most of his relationships.

Evander has just come to the end of his fifth year and has taken his O.W.L.s, earning an Outstanding in Transfiguration and Potions and an Acceptable in all his other subjects, except for Herbology in which he received an Exceeds Expectations and Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic, which he both failed. He is staying home with his parents this summer and occasionally joining them when they visit Brighton Bay. He will be entering his sixth year in the Fall and will be held back a year in History of Magic to retake his O.W.L. for the subject.

Through the rest of his time at Hogwarts, Evander mostly found himself avoiding romantic interactions with the exception of an occasional girl 



Marjorie and Kenneth Lennox were the parents of Evander and Mackenzie Lennox. Kenneth worked for the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and started off in the Administrative Registration Department before working his way up to the Ministry of Magic Witch Watchers. Kenneth was a rather ruthless, cold, and stubborn pure-blooded wizard, who carried the dark and heavy history of the Lennox Clan, most of which were extremist blood-purists and dark wizards. In his time at Hogwarts, he struggled trying hard to please his family. Ultimately, he chose to not study the dark arts but instead work for the Ministry and start a family, much to the dismay of his own father. Marjorie was working in the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects when she met Kenneth. She is a half-blooded witch who found herself sorted into Slytherin and hid her blood status from her peers, ashamed of her muggle heritage. Marjorie and Kenneth began an office romance before deciding to move back to Cardiff in Wales and leave the Ministry of Magic to start an apothecary. They wrote to each other and after Kenneth's father died, he claimed the family estate and Marj moved in with him. Soon, they were married as she brought her apothecary to Bishopston, Swansea. Soon, they had their first child, Mackenzie and 9 years later, Marj had another child, Evander.

After the birth of her children, Marj became nervous of Kenneth discovering her half-blood status. Eventually, she cracked under the guilt of lying to him and revealed her blood status to him. Though angry, Kenneth made peace with her blood and decided to keep it a secret from the rest of his family and decided to pass off his wife and children as pure-blood. Their family was a pristine and proper example of what the clan of Lennox expected of a family. Internally, however, beyond the family portraits and formal exchanges with distant family members, Evander and Mackenzie were extremely unhappy children growing up. Both their parents were emotionally and mentally abusive, often leaving their children feeling unloved and unworthy. Their father was seldom home, often away on Ministry business and their mother kept a stern watch over the household while he was gone and when their father arrived home, all power returned to him. His control over the Lennox household was by far much more totalitarian that Marjorie's. Marjorie had to fill the role of a compassionate mother often when her husband was ruthless towards Evander and Mackenzie.

It was Mackenzie, however, who followed their expectations so easily as she quickly developed survival skills living with under her parents dominion. She grew to be a very hard-working and intelligent person. In fact, due to her intelligence and open-mindedness, she was nearly sorted into Ravenclaw. It was a quick decision, however, that she be sorted into Slytherin to make her parents happy. Mackenzie felt like she was being suffocated in her home and felt more at home than ever at Hogwarts. She constantly avoided going home during break, lying and cheating her way around her parents. She was top of her class and got along with most of her peers, including those outside of Slytherin. Evander, however, never had too great of a relationship with his sister. Much of the nature of their siblingship relied on a principle of: "you scratch my back, I scratch yours but if you fall, you're not taking me down with you" and Evander easily fell. They both had a very survivalist attitude in their household. And immediately, after graduating with top marks, Mackenzie moved to London, getting employed in the Ministry, escaping her family without worrying about being disowned.

Evander grew up very lonely without many people to interact with outside of his parents. He lived in a manor very separated from the city of  Bishopston. He never learned to communicate how he was feeling and often internalized a lot of his feelings and would interact with others the way his father did. He felt strange feelings he was unaccustomed to, feelings like something was wrong with him. His parents worried greatly that they’d parented a squib as Evander had shown no impressive act of magic until the age of 10. Indeed came the day in which objects began finding themselves at his side with no context as to how they had gotten there. At the age of 11, Evander eventually received his letter to Hogwarts and to this, his parents rejoiced.

Life at Hogwarts

Year 1 

Evander first entered Hogwarts nervous and not knowing much of what to expect. Shortly after being sorted into Slytherin, he was disappointed to find that much of the convictions held by his peers were similar to those he found in his own family. Many were blood-prejudice, prestigious, and proud. Because of his last name much of these personalities flocked to Evander, finding peers whom they believed they had these convictions in common. Appearing small and vulnerable, with round, stocky glasses, Evander was a very passive and shy/nervous child, having spent his entire childhood in isolation. He trailed along after his new "friends" and submissively agreed with every negative thing they had to say about the muggle and even wizarding world. When asked for his own opinion, he didn't dare give it. He merely regurgitated the beliefs shoved down his throat by his family.

Over the course of his first year, Evander was easily influenced by his peers, he was criticized by people of other houses for participating in pranks that his friends planned and executed. He soon spent much of his time less in the library, "attempting" to study (he more so spent time in the library to avoid people) and more out on the grounds, avoiding doing homework and playing up mischief with his friends.

He ended the year with generally good marks and high marks in Transfigurations and Potions.

Year 2

Over the course of his summer, Evander's parents were surprised with Evander's change in persona. He was more talkative and outgoing. Though at home, Evander realized he was still incredibly unhappy at home. He was terrified of his father and felt as if he were hiding everything from his parents. He found himself crying in his room on multiple occasions, some that felt like he didn't understand why he was crying in the first place. Evander began growing more insecure of his appearance seeking on ways to improve it. He had changed to less stocky glasses and more thin frames. He also had urged his parents to buy him better robes, which they did.

Returning to Hogwarts for his second year, Evander found himself more and more outgoing than the previous year. He inserted himself into more social situations and found that it was much easier for him to pretend to be who everyone thought he was than to actually be himself. At this realization, he found himself in the center of drama with other students as he and his merry band of friends played up mischief in the school. Evander and his friends received his first detention this year for setting off Exploding Snap cards down the Grand Staircase, igniting a girl's hair and a first year boy's robes on fire. His parents were notified and quite to his dismay, he received a terrifying howler from his father in the Great Hall. Many people found it funny and Evander was incredibly embarrassed but more so terrified of what coming home would be like.

Evander's grades that year also plummeted due to his lack of focus on his academics. He ended the year with bad marks in Herbology, Charms, and History of Magic and acceptable marks in Astronomy and DADA. However, he received high marks in Transfigurations and Potions. He also picked up Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as electives for the upcoming year.

Year 3

Coming home, it was much worse than Evander had anticipated. He was scolded by his father whenever he was home and his mother was not much support either. He hadn't been allowed to leave the house and was only allowed out of his room to eat, use the ystafell ymolchi (bathroom), or to help his mother with concocting potions or taking care of the apothecary. It was the first summer that Mackenzie, his sister, had not been home as she had just graduated from Hogwarts and was away, living in Britain, having obtained a Ministry job straight out of school. With this considered, it was one of Evander's loneliest summers. He was incredibly depressed and contemplated suicide twice that summer before he was released off of punishment. His parents had made it clear that they did not take kindly to Evander "diminishing the family name with his behavior".

Arriving back to Hogwarts for his third year, Evander was not the same. He was still insanely depressed and terrified of disappointing his parents. At this point, he could not see a future for him. He had no idea what he wanted to be outside of a career in Transfigurations and/or Potions as it was the only subjects in which he felt accomplished at. But he knew that his parents had voiced strongly that he was to work towards being an Auror. Kenneth had dreamed of one of the Lennox children (particularly one of his) to become the Head of the Auror office one day. Evander spent a lot of time away from his friends at the beginning of his third year and eventually, he began to distance himself from much of the Slytherin friends he had made in his past two years.

Evander found himself struggling with feeling like something had not been right his entire life. He had come across a Ravenclaw boy whom for some reason, he felt very drawn to. Eventually, he began a friendship with this boy, who's name he learned was Joaquin Myrtle, a fourth year at the time. Evander spent a lot of time with Joaquin and eventually realized that he was extremely attracted to the boy. Shortly after the appointment of Headmistress Hawthorne, Evander decided to stay home for the Holidays avoiding seeing his parents again (he used 'too much homework and a project needed to work on with a partner' as an excuse). During the break, Evander spent all of his time with Joaquin and one night in the library, Evander went in for a snog only to find Joaquin pulling away, giving him a shocked face. Joaquin apologized, explained 'he wasn't into guys', and left. Evander had a panic attack in the library afterwards and not knowing what to do, he went to sleep in his dorm and stayed in the common room for most of the duration of break. He and Joaquin never made contact again.

Following the attacks of the banshee and the troll, Evander grew very critical of Headmistress Hawthorne, very visibly voicing his annoyance with her performance as Headmistress. Another Slytherin girl, Harlow Wren, took to Evander, often agreeing with what he had to say. They eventually grew close and Evander and Harlow sprouted a romance. They took to a relationship but after a few months, their romance began to fall apart as Evander was still very depressed. What started out as a lovely companionship ended with Evander getting sick of her and telling her off every now and then until eventually she ended up shrieking at him in the Entrance hall, calling him 'cowardly' and 'pathetic' and criticizing his ability his kiss and be affectionate towards her. At that moment, she broke up with him in front of a crowd of students. Evander was left in another emotional turmoil and he scurried out of the hall.

During the attack from Headmistress Hightower (in her dragon animagi state), Evander was one of the students that Professors Li and Wentworth smuggled away into Diagon Alley. He did not get to fight and though part of him was glad, another part of him wish he had had the courage to stand alongside his peers to fight.

Evander finished the year with great marks in all of his subjects with high marks in Potions, Transfigurations, and Herbology.

Year 4

Evander's father had sent multiple angry letters to the Hogwarts Board of Governors and the Ministry of Magic about the danger that his son had been placed in during the attack on Hogwarts from a banshee, troll, and dragon. Evander's father was sorely disappointed when nothing could be done about the situation as it had already been done and dropped it. Evander's parents were very pleased with Evander's grades in his third year. However, much to his surprise, they kept pushing him to get high marks in all of his classes. Evander, shocked with how his father had scolded him for not receiving high marks in other classes like Defence against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures, argued back against his father saying the idea of him receiving high marks in every class was 'absurd'. This, however, was met with a clean slap across the face. Kenneth threatened to curse his son if Evander ever spoke like that to him again, instilling a deep fear of his father in Evander. Despite the abusive situation with his father, that summer was the first summer where Evander had been allowed to leave his home to go into town, which he took full advantage of to get away from his family.

Entering his fourth year at Hogwarts, Evander had returned to understand that the Triwizard Tournament would be taking place once again. Past the excitement of the entire school, Evander had reunited himself with his old friends that he had made in the beginning years of his time at Hogwarts. He grew to be friends with them once again but he kept a good distance. He had begun to make a few friends in other houses but never really stuck in one crowd. Evander had also reached a point in his age where he was quite visibly a teenager. He had grown over his third year and especially over the summer prior to his fourth year. He was now taller, more fit, and had ditched his glasses completely, which happened to be a great thing for his romantic life. He seemed to grow completely out of his nervous persona. He was much more sly and cool, more confident and outgoing. He also had developed a knack for teasing and manipulating others. When the Yule Ball appeared around the corner, Evander had taken up a contest with his pal, Vik, on who could successfully ask more girls to the Yule Ball. Evander had won the contest, earning himself 3 dates (he had asked 5), while Vik had only earned himself 1 (he had asked 4). Evander canceled on two of his three dates the two nights before the dance. The girls were incredibly angry and upon the night of the dance, Evander's date (along with the other two girls) found out that he had asked all three of them around the same time and was angry and how disrespectful he had been. She refused to go with him (after slapping him across the face) and found herself another date while Evander ended up going alone. Though at the dance, he began dancing with another Hufflepuff girl and ended up snogging her for the rest of the night.

Though behind the scenes, Evander had still been going through a depression that he kept well bottled up. He didn't let many people in and in private, he spent a lot of time brooding and feeling worthless. He put up a good act as the Evander everyone thought they knew. He spent most of his nights brooding in the Astronomy Tower.

Evander ended the year with average marks in all of his subjects, except Potions and Transfigurations, which he received his natural high marks in, and Charms, which he had received his worst marks yet. Fortunately they were still passing marks.

Year 5

The freedom Evander had received the previous summer was not waiting for him when he returned home for the summer after his fourth year. Seeing as his grades had gone back down, Evander's parents were highly disappointed in him and he was locked in his room once again, only to be let out on occasion. That summer, Mackenzie had quickly been promoted into the Auror office and was now serving as an Auror. Evander began to resent his sister as, following his recent failures in his grades, his parents were constantly shaming him in comparison to his sister's success. He was constantly being greeted every morning with a 'why can't you be like your older sister' attitude from his parents.

Evander returned to Hogwarts that Fall and he remained fairly off the radar until after Winter Break. There had been Hag Spottings across Hogsmeade and near the grounds and much of the talk had been of the Hag. Evander rolled his eyes to all of this. Because he had never seen the Hag, he didn't believe that she actually existed. Hogwarts students loved to talk and exaggerate and by his fifth year, he was quite bored with it all. He had decided to stay at Hogwarts during winter break (again blaming it on 'excessive amounts of homework') and during break met Cassandra Middles. He was instantly attracted to her and found himself drawn to her. Though they were mainly very friendly when encountering each other, Evander always felt a connection with her but found himself blocked when realizing that she was Muggle-born. Caring much about what others think of him, Evander never pursued Cassie throughout the year and merely maintained a friendship with her. During the break, he met the new Potions Mistress, Zimelda Zemeckis, and had heard word that she was starting a new Potions Club. Evander took the initiative to introduce himself to Zemeckis and attempted entrance into the club. To his pleasure, he was granted a spot in the Club.

Around New Year's Eve, Cassie and Cybil invited Evander to Finn and C.J.'s party. Evander joined a group of students (including Cassie, Cybil, and his friend Vik), using Floo Powder to the house. It was there that Evander first met the beautifully enticing Sumi Park, a sixth year Slytherin student. Evander attempted to woo the girl and initiated conversation with her, though after taking a Dizziness Draught, he grew very dizzy and ran off to the bathroom, only to fall asleep in the tub. The next morning, Evander joined the rest of the students on the train ride to Hogwarts. Unable to find his friends, he ended up in a train cart with Sumi Park, Nami Kim, and Chester Blood. Finding himself incredibly drawn to both Chester and Sumi, he found himself chasing in two different directions that made him feel very confused.

Much of the rest of the term was spent chasing after Cassie, who he felt saw him mostly as a friend, and Sumi, who he felt didn't see him at all. Towards the end of the first month of the term, he ran into Chester again. They developed a strange friendship that seemed to be mostly based on mutual attraction. Chester was one of the few people who Evander was actually afraid of. He had never met someone at the school who actually made him feel as uncomfortable, submissive, and insecure as Chester. Though Evander was bigger than Chester, he constantly felt like something was wrong with him around him. And after spending time with him, he felt as if he was going through withdrawal and spent a lot of time alone feeling miserable.

Eventually, the Valentine's Day Dance rolled around and Evander manipulated Sumi into going with him (he had to convince her why it would benefit her). He bought himself a new suit and had pulled his hair back into a ponytail for the dance. He waited outside of the dance and all of a sudden, he was pulled aside by Chester, who began to flirt with Evander. Evander, confused, didn't understand and was further pulled away from the dance to a secluded location. Evander and Chester then began snogging and for once, it was something Evander understood about their relationship. Evander felt very angry at Chester afterwards, suddenly blaming him for all these feelings that bubbled up inside of him and furiously shoved Chester away, only to run elsewhere. After a while, Evander found himself back with Chester, snogging once more.

After the Valentine's Day Dance, Evander dropped off the map for a while, confused about himself and the feelings that he was holding for Chester and what it meant for him. Chester had pretended nothing had happened and merely smirked every time around Evander. Sumi was very annoyed at being stood up by Evander and Nami, being her best friend, was ready to curse Evander into a wall. Unsure of what else to do, Evander isolated himself and focused on his studies. Months later, he emerged from his hiatus, having come to terms with his bisexuality. However, he had never made the decision to tell others and even today, keeps things quiet for himself, attempting to keep off the radar. He spent most of his time catching up in all of his classes.

Evander took his O.W.L.s at the end of the year. Below are his grades:

  • Charms: A
  • Transfigurations: O
  • Herbology: E
  • DADA: A
  • Potions: O
  • CoMC: D
  • Astronomy: A
  • Divination: A
  • HoM: P

He is being held behind a year in History of Magic to retake his O.W.L.

Year 6

After an eventful and emotional year, returning home was a big transition for Evander. After being held behind one year in History of Magic and failing Care of Magical Creatures, he was hit by his father as punishment on his first day back. That night in his room, he had a nervous breakdown and fell apart crying. That night, he felt like he had to change. After calming himself down, he spent a good hour or two reminding himself of who he was and reminding himself that he had only two more years until he was free and that there was a life for him outside this. Worrying he would do something drastic, he felt like he needed to change something about himself and Evander shaved off all his hair and shaved slits into his eyebrows. The new look gave something of a new confidence to Evander and he moved on with a new attitude.

Though furious at Evander shaving his head without 'permission', his parents mostly ignored the new look. Marjorie had decided to visit Brighton Bay every week to sell potions and since Evander was grounded again for the summer, he was forced to visit every week with her and help her run errands in the town.

Personality & Appearance


Evander has a tall and slim frame. He has strong arms and thighs and a fairly pale complexion. His eyes are a piercing, pale grey. The pupils of his eyes stand out so much that they on occasion resemble those of a snake. Evander is 5'10" and weighs 158 lb. He has faint traces of freckles across the bridge of his nose and on the upper part of his cheeks. He has dark, heavy eyebrows and jet black hair.

From Year 1-3, Evander has had fairly short, neat hair. Starting around Year 4, he began to grow out his hair. By Year 5, his hair had reached down mid-neck. The second half of the year, he kept his hair up in a ponytail. Around the beginning of the summer, he shaved all of his hair off and is now sporting a buzz cut and shaved slits in his eyebrows.

Evander is often found wearing black or dark colors. He has been known on occasion to stray and wear a colorful green or red sweater, but usually he is found in black or grey. He usually dresses very posh-like and has a very distinguished, rich sense of style. He has been known to sport fur stoles, suits, turtleneck sweaters, dress pants, khakis, etc.


Evander's personality usually depends on his environment. He's a very adaptable young man. Usually at Hogwarts, around his peers, he is calm, collected, sly, and savvy. He puts on a cool exterior, particularly working alongside the way he dresses. He is charismatic and a good conversationalist. Though, he comes off a bit proud on occasion as he can be seen here and there spewing insults at those who insult him in the slightest. He also can be a bit manipulative and shady as he enjoys messing with certain people to humor himself. But underneath that, he mostly means it in plain fun. He's a romantic and aggressive person, often going after someone he wants if there's not many obstacles in his way. He likes to pretend that he is a 'player' and a 'ladies man' but he gets very emotionally attached very quickly and is generally very scared of liking someone too much as it tends to ruin him sometimes as it did with Chester. He is generally very two-faced as he hates most of his friends, though not too many people know that as he doesn't open himself up to many people. Deep down, he believes that blood-prejudice is wrong and he believes a person should be judged on their character and willingness to help others as opposed to their skin, blood purity, sexual orientation, or gender. Despite this, he is incredibly terrified of being honest with another person and wouldn't dare tell any of his family or most of his friends about his bisexuality. Though, he has shared his true beliefs on blood purity with a few people. Evander is fairly depressed, struggling with his fear of his father's abuse and disappointing his parents and the consequences that follow. He constantly feels trapped and anxious though over the years, he has learned to keep his emotions and anxiety under wraps and often goes up to Astronomy Tower when nobody is there to have alone time with himself.

Behavior and Mannerisms

Evander is bilingual and speaks both English and Welsh fluently. He has a slight Southern Welsh accent but he's spent a lot of time trying to cover it up and on occasion, he slips and you can hear him replace you with "ye", your with "yer", etc. Evander also has a habit of visibly rolling his eyes. Sassy boy, Evander.

Magical Abilities and Skills


Because he grew up helping his mother in the family apothecary, Evander has had an exceptional skill for potion making and a useful knowledge of herbs. Earning remarkably high marks in the subject every year he's been in school to date, Evander was considered a “young Potions prodigy” by his Potions professor.

Defence Against the Dark Arts

Evander has never really been talented at Defence Against the Dark Arts. He has received merely passing grades in the subject and has failed facing a number of creatures including boggarts and hinkypunks. Evander has never learned the Patronus spell, nor has he attempted to.


Evander, since his first acts of magic, has seemed to have a natural-born talent for transfiguration. Though he has not been known for his prowess with magic, Evander’s redeeming skills can be witnessed in Potions or Transfiguration. Earning high marks in the two subjects, Evander was considered a “Transfigurations genius highly worthy of a spot in Transfiguration Today” by his Transfigurations professor.

History of Magic

One of Evander's least favorite subjects has always been History of Magic. Having trouble with focusing in the class, Evander finds Digby's teaching to be incredibly bland and doesn't have much liking for the professor.


Due to his knowledge in Potions, Evander has a useful knowledge of herbs and plants that gets him far in Herbology but only far enough. He often has trouble tending to the plants and has a habit of letting them die.


One of Evander's weakest subjects must be Charms. He has a knack for ruining the incantation with his enunciation and wrist movement. His lack of dueling and charm-casting skill has earned him a spot amongst the worst in his year.


Quite the most laughable subject for Evander, he has been able to float by in the subject by bluffing his way through his predictions and readings in the class and pretending that he is really trying to do well in the class. He's really not.


Evander cannot tell the difference between a planet, a star, or a black hole. Yet somehow, he's able to float by.


Evander is quite notably one of the worst flyers in his year. His first year, he was taken to the Hospital Wing after crashing into a wall 35 feet above ground and falling off his broom.

Care of Magical Creatures

Evander usually learns better through hands-on experience but it doesn't exactly help him when he doesn't listen to instructions and jumps into taking care of the creatures and ends up almost getting his hand bitten off. Not skilled.



Cypress wood, 11.75 inches, Dragon Heartstring core, Pliant flexibility. Received in Diagon Alley at age 11. It is possible that many of Evander's mishaps with spellcasting has been due to the temperament of his wand core.

"Cypress wands are associated with nobility. The great medieval wandmaker, Geraint Ollivander, wrote that he was always honoured to match a cypress wand, for he knew he was meeting a witch or wizard who would die a heroic death. Fortunately, in these less blood-thirsty times, the possessors of cypress wands are rarely called upon to lay down their lives, though doubtless many of them would do so if required. Wands of cypress find their soul mates among the brave, the bold and the self-sacrificing: those who are unafraid to confront the shadows in their own and others’ natures."

—Pottermore on Cypress Wood

"As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner. The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental."

—Pottermore on Dragon Heartstring core

Chest of Belongings

Located next to Evander's bed in the Slytherin Boy's Dormitory.


Includes uniform and robes as well as casual wear, much of which is black, grey, or dark neutral colors. Found in Chest of Belongings.

Upton Zero's Shirt

Following a conversation with Rita, Evander stuck up for Cassie alongside Upton Zero by stating that there's nothing wrong with muggle-borns or muggles by that matter. After the confrontation, Upton stated he had an extra 'muggle-looking' shirt if Evander wanted it. After class a few days later, Zero brought a yellow tropical hawaiian shirt with him to give to Evander. Evander wears it on occasion.

Jacket bought by Chester Blood

On a date, Evander and Chester went shopping. Chester bought Evander a jacket and gave it to him as a gift, believing that it would look great on him. Evander wears it on occasion, simply because it is an 'effective' jacket. He actually hates the jacket and tries not to be seen wearing it often.

Potion Collection

Evander constantly is making Potions for practice so he has a smaller chest in his Chest of Belongings where he keeps existing potions and empty flasks and vials.


Evander keeps all the letters he receives from his sister in one pile and all the letters from his parents in another pile. He burns his parents letters after reading them every other week.


Joaquin Myrtle (NPC)

A Ravenclaw boy one year ahead of Evander. Evander first met him his third year at Hogwarts in the Winter. Their friendship was short-lived but honest. Evander didn't have many people he was close to but he seemed to connect very quickly and easily to Joaquin. Evander's schoolboy crush ruined the friendship when Evander tried to snog Joaquin in the library during Winter break. Joaquin became uncomfortable explained that he was heterosexual and left Evander feeling very embarrassed. Though they have spotted each other in the hallway on occasion, they've never spoken to each other since the situation.

NPC Slytherin Friends

Evander has a group of close Slytherin male friends who he rarely hangs out with now. They were inseparable their first two years until Evander dropped off the map with them their third year. They all come from rather prestigious wizarding families and hold blood-prejudice convictions, following after the opinions of their families. Evander has had to conform to their opinions in order to fit in. He does not have much liking for them anymore though he hangs out with them on occasion because they're familiar to him.

Harlow Wren (NPC)

A Slytherin girl a year ahead of Evander. Evander met her when he was voicing his annoyance and disgust with Headmistress Hawthorne's performance as Headmistress of the school one morning at breakfast in the Great Hall. Sitting across from him, she agreed with a lot of what he had to say and they spent time together in the Great Hall then on. They began to like each other and went on Hogsmeade dates together before eventually Evander kissed her and they agreed to go steady. After a few months, however, their relationship died down and Evander became very distant from her, feeling like he was trapped in her presence. She attempted to get affectionate actions from him—a kiss, a hug, holding hands, anything—but he wouldn't budge. Eventually he began brushing her off and getting annoyed with her, which angered her to the point where she shrieked at him in the Entrance Hall about being unable to fulfill and perform his role as her boyfriend because he was 'cowardly' and 'pathetic' and 'too much of a pansy to make a move'. She broke up with him right there in front of a whole crowd of students. Evander was incredibly embarrassed and never forgave her for the situation, even though she had tried to apologize to him and fix their relationship at least twice.

Sumi Park

A Slytherin girl one year ahead of Evander. Evander met her at C.J. and Finn's New Years party. He was incredibly attracted to her and initiated conversation before making a bit of a fool of himself in front of her. The next morning, they took the Hogwarts Express together with Nami Kim and Chester Blood. Evander felt very drawn to her and wished to pursue a relationship with her but didn't really know how to flirt with her as she brushed off every flirt. He saw her in a very vulnerable moment when Nami had lied to her about something personal and he was surprised to see her with her guard down. He eventually asked her to the Valentine's Day dance and manipulated her into saying 'yes'. He was extremely excited but just right before the dance, Chester pulled him aside to snog him and Evander missed the dance and stood up Sumi. Sumi and him have a sour relationship now and Evander wishes to apologize to Sumi but he's found himself to proud to do so in a public setting.

Nami Kim

Sumi Park's best friend. She is in Slytherin and a year ahead of him. Evander doesn't really like her all that much as she's quite standoffish to him and hard to approach. He first met her on the Hogwarts Express back to Hogwarts after Winter Break during his fifth year. After standing up Sumi, Nami confronted Evander very straight-forwardly in a group conversation about standing up Sumi and now, she is currently out for his blood. Evander knows better than to mess with Nami but he still highly underestimates her and likes to mess with her. Fun times at Hogwarts.

Helena Arlet

Evander and Helena have known each other for long (as they are in the same house and year) but they don't know each other very well. Evander knows that Helena has done some dark things here and there, or at least he suspects as much. Despite this, Evander has taken a liking to messing with Arlet by teasing her with nicknames like 'Haglena' and 'Lena' and 'Harlet'. Helena despises Evander and occasionally their relationship has been known to get very hostile. Evander once almost casted a hex at her before it backfired.

Upton Zero

Their first interaction was Evander helping to block Nami when she casted a spell on Upton to turn his head into a pumpkin. However, though the two aren't very close, Evander has huge respect for Upton and wishes that he were closer friends with the boy, thinking rather highly of him. Perhaps because Upton has helped Evander in dire situations (When Evander casted a hex at Arlet and it backfired and knocked him out, Zero helped to wake him back up). Though, Evander has always been slightly jealous of how close Zero is with Cassie. Upton gave Evander an extra one of his shirts so their relationship status is currently: Ugly Shirt Bros.

Cassandra Middles

Writer for the Owl Post and a Gryffindor Girl who is a year ahead of Evander. They first met at dinner during the winter of his fifth year. Evander was instantly attracted and drawn to her. They have always naturally had a borderline flirty relationship but have always, at the core, remained friends. Because she was with C.J. and is so close to Briony and Zero, Evander has felt as if it was difficult to approach her sometimes as if she were very protected. Cassandra is one of the few girls that Evander felt very protective of and has had strong feelings for.

Cybil Deverill

Evander has never been close with Cybil but he has great respect for her and has found himself very unusually attracted to her on occasion, probably due to her being red-headed or her being a veela (though he blames it on her veela-ness). He has usually known Cybil as Cassie's friend but in times during his fifth year when he has felt upset or down, Cybil has been there to offer a smile and ask how he was.

Chester Blood

A freckly red-headed mischievous, handsome and manipulative boy whom Evander fell hard for very quickly his fifth year. Chester is a year ahead of Evander in Slytherin (as everyone seems to be) and has a strange 'frenemy'-like friendship with Sumi and Nami. Evander has no idea why he was drawn so quickly to Chester, other than he was very attracted to the boy. He believes that Chester put off an exposition like he was interested in Evander as well, that led him on so much. Eventually, Chester pulled Evander away from the dance, causing Evander to miss the dance and stand up Sumi. Evander, mesmerized, spent the entire night snogging Chester. Afterwards, he was forced to confront his sexuality and his romantic feelings towards Chester. He highly resented Chester for this and felt confused. Most of the turmoil was not so much Chester's fault but more so Evander's frustration and confusion that screwed him over. Chester seemed, however, to be taking much pleasure in Evander's frustrations and mental confusion, only driving Evander to resent him even more. Evander spends much of his time avoiding him.

Mark Firley

A Slytherin boy who Evander often forgets is in his own house because he comes off as a Gryffindor to him. Towards the end of his fifth year, Evander found himself needing an escape out of his troubles and found refuge in manipulating others. Meeting Mark, he found the boy amusing and flirted with him to mess with him, only to draw confusion out of the boy. Eventually, the two became familiar with each other but not necessarily friendly. On occasion, the frustrations of their relationship felt hostile. In the Great Hall one day, Mark had been experimenting with potions and had been affected by one potion that made him much more romantic and emotional. Sitting next to Evander, he became very affectionate with Evander. Evander, understanding that he was under the influence of a potion, found the whole thing amusing and flirted with Mark, ending their conversation with a kiss. He left Mark feeling very worthless. Since then, Evander has went over the experience over and over in his head, feeling entirely guilty, calling upon the memory of how he felt after Chester had used him. The following summer, Evander ran into Mark in Brighton Bay and felt very uncomfortable and distant.

Rita Grey

A young Slytherin girl who despises Evander. Spending a conversation with Cassie and Evander, she found out Cassie was muggle-born and Rita's blood-purity convictions came out. She criticized Cassie's blood status and refused to be her friend which Evander, feeling protective of Cassie usually, didn't take kindly to. Though Evander usually hides his true feelings, his feelings came out in this interaction and he defended Cassie (though she was fine handling the situation herself) alongside Upton Zero, who had arrived on the scene. Since the encounter, Rita has despised Evander, probably thinking him a blood traitor.

Lukka Rookswood

Lukka and Evander have had a complicated relationship. Evander has hated being attracted to Lukka but he's always been hiding his severe attraction to the veela male, partly to hide his sexuality but also to prevent himself from giving Lukka the pleasure. Because of this, he has quite visibly been uncomfortable and irritable around Lukka. Eventually, Evander took to making fun of Lukka. One day, Evander caught Lukka in a bad moment and argued with him a bit which ended with Evander being, much to his surprise, punched in the jaw and knocked on his feet by Lukka, who stormed out afterwards. Their relationship has been a bit sour since.

Lillibeth Bennet

A Gryffindor girl in the same year as Evander. They've known each other since their first year. In their first year, Evander and Lil were good friends until he spent a lot of time with his Slytherin pals. Lil and Evander are much like distant cousins. Their friendship on the exterior is very 'frenemy'-based. They thoroughly enjoy teasing and being rude to each other and often are found in contest with each other or annoyed with each other but underneath it all, they want the best for each other, though they do spend long periods of time away from each other and aren't always that close. Lil doesn't like Evander's friends and thinks they're very toxic for him and knows that underneath it all Evander is a good kid. Evander likes Lil a lot but doesn't really know exactly how to deal with his more sentimental feelings so he covers it all up with teasing her.

Vikto-Arturo Morezzi (aka. Vik)

A Slytherin boy in the same year as Evander. He is a member of the main group of Slytherin boys that Evander has been friends with in the beginning of his years at Hogwarts. Evander has found himself closest with Vik, though he's never nearly gotten close enough to tell him his secrets. Evander and Vik have been very competitive in their friendship and during their fourth year, they had a contest in which they tried finding who could get the most dates to the Yule Ball. Evander won.

Zimelda Zemeckis

Evander took a strange liking to Zemeckis, the Potions Mistress at Hogwarts during his fifth year, as she reminded him of an aunt who treated him like a favorite at family holidays. He often tried to act extremely impressive around her and was always on his best behavior around him, eventually asking to join her Potions Club which she willingly accepted him into. When the explosive shouting match between her and Professor Romanov called an extensive crowd into the Clock Tower Courtyard, much of the school population turned on her discovering that she was sacking Romanov, including Cassie who shared a special relationship with the professor. However, Evander felt very torn. His loyalty blinded him to Zimelda's flaws and he remained in her favor, often getting aggravated when she was the topic of conversation. It wasn't until Zemeckis attempted murder on the Headmistress and fled that he realized he was wrong.

Olivia Rhegan Lennox

Evander's cousin at Hogwarts. She is younger than Evander and also in Slytherin. They have a rocky relationship. Growing up together, they were inseparable and Olivia was often his only friend that he spent time with. But following a competitive spirit, they ended up getting into a fight over something fairly pathetic and small, which carried into their older age. Since arriving to Hogwarts, they have mostly avoided each other and occasionally talk, though very annoyedly with each other, obviously still bitter.

Mackenzie Lennox (NPC)

Evander's older sister with a difference between them of 5 years. They've never been very close and both Mackenzie and Evander have both regretted this. Growing up under their abusive parents has been rough on both of them and they felt very shattered and distant from each other from everything. Their attitude in the Lennox household was very survivalist and straightforward. They only helped each other if it benefited themselves. Though after leaving the Lennox household and moving to Britain after graduation, Mackenzie worried on occasion for her younger brother and has taken to writing a letter to him every couple months to ensure that he's okay and if he needs any help with anything, all of which Evander has responded with a curt and thankful refusal of her help, insisting that he is fine. Though Evander has occasionally resented his sister for her success (as it is rubbed in his face plenty by his parents), he generally has plenty of respect for his sister. At the end of the day, however, they are very distant.

Marjorie Lennox (NPC)

Evander's mother. A thin, meek woman with little excitement or happiness about her. She is often very bitter with a temper of a veela if angered. She ruled the Lennox household when her husband is away on Ministry business. When in control of the household, her children were both very afraid of her and her scoldings. However, when Kenneth absorbed control back from her on arrival back home, Marjorie became very quiet, submissive and took to the expectations of her duty as his wife and mother to his children. Evander has usually preferred his mother's parenting as she had her gentle moments alongside her aggressive moments, while his father was all anger, rage, and abuse. However, he usually views his parents as a unit and is often resentful towards his mother for complying with his father.

Kenneth Lennox (NPC)

Evander's father. A thin, tall mustached man in all black robes. His hair is shoulder length and neat and well-kempt. He is judgmental, prestigious, and looks down on bad grooming, dark magic, and muggles/blood impurity. He expects the best out of his children with no exceptions and is extremely hard on them. Evander spent much of his young life resenting his father. Only until his first years at Hogwarts did he actually feel severe fear of his father. His father became verbally abusive towards Evander and on occasion, was known to slap or hit him as punishment for his grades or arguing against his parents. Kenneth has earned himself a spot amongst Evander's worst fears.

Gossip & Rumors

((The following information may be used as IC information for your character to go off of when talking about or interacting with Evander.))

Around school, you might've heard:

  • "Evander? He's alive?"
  • "Look at Lennox, developing a sense of style when nobody was looking. Hmph."
  • "Ever notice how he suddenly stopped hanging out with Sumi and Chester? That was unexpected."
  • "Third year, his lass broke up with him in front of the Great Hall. Practically the whole school saw. Wonder if he ever recovered."
  • "Evander Lennox is SO... beautiful. An arse, yes. But you can't lie. He's beautiful."
  • "Oh, please, Vandy's all bark and no bite."
  • "I wonder if he's going after that Cassie? I can constantly see him and her exchanging odd glances."
  • "Is Evander fancying Zero? They're matching shirts now."
  • "I hear Vandy's gettin' bored with the ladies so he's picking up the lads. My pal told me he saw 'em snoggin' on sum' ginger boy."

Behind the Scenes

  • 'Evander V. Lennox' is a character portrayed by Declan Rumsford in the virtual world Second Life® @ Mischief Managed, a devotional sim created by Anya Ohmai and voluntarily maintained by various creative Administrators and players. You can find out more information here:
  • Evander was created in the winter of the 2020-2021 (2014-2015) school year by his roleplayer and began being played in his fifth year.
  • The name 'Evander' is a Latin form of Greek, meaning "good man". His surname, 'Lennox' is an aristocratic and powerful Scottish surname, which gives obvious insight to the origins of the Lennox family.
  • Evander is 1/2 Scottish, 3/5 German, 2/5 Native-American.