Curses and Counter Curses
Publication information

Vindictus Viridian


Sometime before 1703


Dark Spells and Counter Spells


Flourish and Blotts


The Curses and Counter Curses is a tome written by Vindictus Viridian. Within contains several dark spells such as, curses, hexes, and even jinxes. It also contains spells and concepts on how to counter them. it is for sale at Flourish and Blotts, Diagon Alley.

Level 3

  • Full Body-Bind Curse (Petrificus totalus) The victim's arms and legs snap together, paralysing them.

Level 4

  • Leg-locker Curse (Locomotor Mortis) Locks the legs together, preventing the victim from moving the legs.

Level 8

  • Tongue-Tying Curse (Mimble-Wimble) Binds the targets tongue to keep them from talking about a certain subject.

Level 13

  • Hair-Loss Curse (Calvorio) A spell that is cast on a victim to make him or her bald.

Level 14

  • Cornflake Curse (Lanula Tunica) Causes skin to look like it's coated in cornflakes.

Level 17

  • Pimple Jinx (Furnunculus) Causes the target to become covered in painful boils

Level 19

  • Stickfast Hex (Colloshoo) This spell is used to glue one's shoes to the ground.

Level 22

  • Jelly-Legs Jinx (Locomotor Wibbly) Renders its victim's legs temporarily useless, leaving them to wobble around helplessly.

Level 24

  • Tickling Hex (Titillando) Hand-shaped ribbons of light that wrapped around the target and tickles them.
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