Casey Champion
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1 May 2013

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Half Blood

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Chillista Champion (mother)

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Abandonment/Losing People he cares about


Black Walnut, Unicorn Tail Hair, 11.25 Inches




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casiharley Resident

Casey Champion (b. 1 May 2013) is a half-blood wizard. He is an only child who lives with his mother, Chillista Champion in Brighton, England. His father is considered killed in action by Gringotts Wizard Bank after going missing during a mission gone awry. Casey is a third year Ravenclaw wizard at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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Growing Up

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Casey and his mum
Photo Credit: Talula Shippe

Casey was born in London to loving half-blood wizarding family. His mother, Chillista Champion (nee Walker) was a Magizoologist as well as a talented dancer. She met her first husband, Nicholas Champion, at school when Nicholas (Slytherin alumni) was in 6th year and Chillista (Gryffindor alumni) in 4th year, respectively. They got married shortly after Chillista graduated.

Nicholas pursued a career as a Curse Breaker after his schooling and proved to be quite adept at it, rising through the ranks to earn himself his own team as well as the freedom to choose his own expeditions, when the bank didn't want him for something specific.

Chillista excelled in Herbology and Magical Creatures while at school and went on to pursue her career in Magizoology, however, when Casey was born, she decided to leave it to raise her son.

Casey's early life was a relatively happy one. His family were dedicated and loving and, even though Nicholas spent large segments of time away on expeditions, would always rush home to spend time doing what he had been heard describing as his real career ambition: being with his family. He was also extremely passionate about Quidditch, having played Chaser for Slytherin during his school years. When Casey was two years old, Nicholas bought him his first broom, a Bluebottle Junior Edition. Casey has partial but strong memories of running about as a toddler, broom between his legs, while his dad would throw balled up socks for him to try and catch. This memory followed Casey into his school years, and he remains passionate about all things Quidditch.

As Casey approached four years old, things seemed to get busier for Nicholas in his career and had to sacrifice more time with his family. However, correspondence with his family was kept regular by owl, with Chillista sending pictures to Nicholas frequently so that he wouldn't miss too much of Casey's life.

Father's Disappearance

In March of the year that Casey turned four, correspondence between Nicholas and Chillista suddenly became a one way affair. Chillista would go on to write several letters, each with tones of growing concern, but would receive no response from her husband. She kept the information from Casey in the hopes that Nicholas was just in a place where he couldn't write temporarily and would suddenly pop up again. But the weeks turned into a month and it began to become harder for Chillista to ignore the nagging feeling that something was horribly wrong.

Chillista started making enquiries, first with Gringotts, then with the Ministry of Magic, each one seeming to lead to more questions than answers. Nobody seemed to be able to provide any information on the whereabouts of Nicholas Champion and Chillista grew increasingly frustrated with half answers or standard issue replies. The months went by frustratingly without any new information that would explain Nicholas's mysterious disappearance. By September of that year, six months after correspondence from Nicholas suddenly ceased, Chillista received an owl from Gringotts notifying her that during Nicholas's last mission, a cave collapsed and the entire team they sent went missing. They informed her that, regrettably they were not in a position to conduct any further searches, without stipulating any reasons, and that for all intents and purposes, Nicholas Walker was to be presumed "killed in action". They left lip-service platitudes, along with a decent compensation package for the loss which Nicholas had earned over his time working there, which Chillista put away for Casey's schooling needs.

After the mourning period was over, Chillista decided to move herself and Casey to Brighton as she had always preferred the weather and the ocean there and staying in London was filled with too many memories.

When Casey turned six, Chillista sat him down to gently explain the circumstances of his missing father. Casey, who had been told up until that point that his dad was just on a particularly long expedition and would return eventually, took this information very hard and seemed to withdraw into himself.

Despite the tragedy that befell the Champions, Chillista continued to raise her son with the same love and affection she always had. She started to work as a herbology specialist and opened her own small, but successful practice in Brighton Bay, which keeps the bills paid. As a hobby, she also runs a small muggle dance class studio on the weekend. Because of that, Casey has never really wanted for anything, not counting his dad's return. His family wasn't rich, but they weren't really poor either.

First Sign of Magic

About a month after Casey's 9th birthday, while having a pretend wand duel with his mom (with wooden spoons and gibberish), Casey got a bit overexcited and a couch in the living room began to levitate. Chillista knew immediately what was happening and, while bursting with pride and excitement, she stopped the game in order to respect the Statute of Secrecy, telling Casey that he would have his chance to learn real magic soon. Casey protested a little, but aquiesced to his mother's guidance and turned to other amusements to keep himself occupied.

Some attribute the "late blooming" in his showing of magic abilities to the trauma of losing his father.

About Casey

Physical Description

Casey has auburn (not red) hair, an inherited trait from his mother, and light blue eyes framed by the strong, rather serious looking eyebrows inherited from his father. He has a lightly freckled complexion. His extended family often call him skinny, but his mom generally attributes it to him being a growing lad.

He's pretty conventional when it comes to fashion, generally found wearing the proper uniform for the occasion (albeit with his shirt untucked a lot of the time). Casually, he can normally be found to be wearing jeans and some assortment of either a sweater or hoodie and a T-shirt.

When Casey is reading, writing or attending classes, he can be seen wearing a set of red framed glasses.


Apart from the odd mischievous hi-jinks from time to time, Casey is, at the time of this writing at least, a quiet, good natured kid who has a deep passion for learning.

Due to Casey having spent a lot of his childhood without his father, he lacks confidence and often second guesses himself. Naturally, this leads to him seeking someone to look up to and will generally gravitate to anyone who has a more assertive personality. However his naivety prevents him from being able to discern what some might consider good role models versus bad.

He often worries whether he was placed in the correct house, feeling that sometimes he isn't clever or witty enough to keep up with his peers. He can often be seen getting frustrated when he doesn't know the answer to a question or can't perform a spell as well as he believes he should.

Casey is a kind hearted and sensitive person who values friendship highly and will go out of his way to help or support a friend in need.

At Hogwarts

First Year (2024-2025)

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Second Year (2025-2026)

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Third Year (2026-2027)

The joy of the summer holidays was dampened a bit by Casey getting grounded by his mom for only obtaining an E on his Potions exam the previous year. The punishment seemed severe to both him and his friends who had been visiting his hometown of Brighton more often that summer. Frustrated and bored, Casey filled the time with potions books, resolved to never let this happen again.

After the stressful end to the last school year, the beginning of Casey's third year back at school seemed to, by contrast, begin with a lot more positivity. He was thrilled to see his friends and was itching to play quidditch again. At the first house meeting of the year, Casey was announced as the Ravenclaw quidditch team captain, which took him somewhat by surprise given the lacklustre performance of the team in the previous year. However, he quickly gained focus and a resolve to do better this year and went into on a research binge of several quidditch books and biographies. He was often spotted scribbling notes and strange diagrams in his notebooks during classes and lunch breaks, quick to cover up his work when approached by students from other houses.

Casey began to experience some growing pains of his own, discovering that his feelings for Talula were more than just friendly and, reasoned that she must be developing the same feelings in return. Whether Casey was seeing intent where it wasn't present is unclear, but Talula and Casey had grown very close over the years and were extremely comfortable with each other, raising rumours in the school that they were, perhaps, already an item. In a bold move, Casey planned a somewhat elaborate scavenger hunt for Talula, using memories he cherished about their relationship to date, as clues to each step in the hunt. At the end, Casey would ask her if she would accompany him to the Yule Ball as a date, rather than just friends to which Talula accepted. The Yule Ball began a little strained between the two but
eased up later when Talula and Casey had an open talk about the state of things. He revealed his feelings for Talula but she said that she didn't know how she felt and that she wasn't sure she was ready to date anyone. This led to the start of a spiral of self doubt in Casey that would persist for a while to come. He had been so certain of his logic and reasoning on this matter of the heart that he had put all of his hopes in things going in completely the opposite direction. Nevertheless, Casey kept his decorum and accepted Talula's decision, resolving to give her time to figure out her feelings, maintaining a hope that when she did, the answer would be obviously in Casey's favour. He made a promise to her that he would remain her friend, no matter what and fashioned a small necklace for her expressing the sentiment which he gave to her when the Christmas holidays began. Closer to February, in a further upset, Talula later revealed out of the blue that she had asked Bobby Billings to the Hearty Party citing that she just wanted to do something nice for the boy. It was later revealed to Casey that she had started dating Bobby. This created a big rift between Talula and Casey and Casey began to withdraw into himself. The pair remain friends although it appears to be a careworn relationship at best for the moment.

Not long after the trauma of the Hearty Party, Casey was reading a book on Curse Breaking when he was approached by 5th year Slytherin, Elizabeth Neville. She seemed to take an interest in him and what he was reading. A discussion insued on what Casey was reading and that he was reading it because he wanted to find out more about his missing father. Lizzie offered to assist him in his quest, having lost her own mother when she was born. Vulnerable to the girl's veela wiles, Casey grew infatuated with the older year and developed something of a crush on the girl who, from his perspective, is a sweet, kind and caring person who just wants to help her fellow Hogwartsians in need. Their friendship began to develop and after some time, Lizzie announced that she had found some information about Casey's father, suggesting that the reason for his father's disappearance was that he was perhaps a dark lord operating secretly behind the scenes. This disturbed Casey deeply and began to consume all his attention over the next few weeks. He stopped reading old yearbooks in search of information about his father's time at Hogwarts and began to pick books on the darker sides of magic, at least what he was able to get his hands on in the general section of the library. After expressing his concerns to Talula, who tried to provide an alternative point of view, Casey asked if she would be willing to do a runic or tarot reading in order to divine any further information on his father. Talula agreed and her, Casey and Aloy went to an old hangout spot to do the reading. The results were less than positive, leaving Casey with a constant anxiousness which ebbs and flows through the days, reflected in the boy's mood. He appeared to stop caring about himself and allowed his hair to grow, often covering his face.

Favorite/Gifted Subjects

While Casey still has a lot to learn, he seems to be showing an adequate proficiency in Potions, albeit not without the odd melted cauldron or foul odor.

He is fascinated with Astronomy and can often be found reading books on the subject.

He also loves Charms and Transfiguration, although any objective observer of him during these classes might say he clearly needs more practice in these areas.

By his third year, he began to develop a strong interest in Defense against the Dark Arts, a subject which quickly becomes his most adept.



WIllow, Dragon Heartstring, 7.25inches

Vintage Pocket Watch

A family heirloom left to Casey by his father and was given to him by his mother when he received his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Apart from being an attractive timepiece, it is enchanted to warn Casey - via a loud, shrill voice - when he's about to be late for a class or other engagement.

Colour shifting trinket

On the chain of his pocket watch can be found a small trinket in the shape of what at first glance appears to be a teardrop. It seems to be charmed to change colours from time to time. Casey can rarely be spotted inspecting it pensively before putting it away again. His demeanor tends to change occasionally after looking at it, shifting from chipper, to quiet and melancholy.

Red Spectacles

Being somewhat of a bookworm, Casey became far-sighted and wears a pair of red spectacles to assist with reading. Upon learning how to cast the colour changing spell in first year, Casey experimented with changing the colour from time to time, but his closest friend, Talula told him she preferred red, so he's kept it that way ever since.

Wizard Snap Card Collection

Casey is somewhat proud of the wide assortment of cards he has managed to collect over the few years he'd been collecting them. He keeps them nearby in case of a timely trade or if he feels bold enough to bet one or two in a game of exploding snap.

Assortment of various sweets

Chocolate Frogs, Chocolate Wands, Every Flavour Beans, etc. Pretty standard fair for a young witch or wizard and Casey is no different.

A couple of books

It is a strange thing to find Casey without some sort of book on his person, disappearing into the pages during times of idleness or if he's waiting for a class.




Enemies, Rivals, and Otherwise Awkward Relationships


Casey loves Quidditch and decided to try out in his first year to join the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team. Much to his surprise, he was recruited into the team as Chaser and can often be seen practicing his tactics and special maneuvers on the Quidditch pitch.

Proving to be a knowledgeable and capable leader, even for such a young age, he was given the interim team captaincy half way through his second year, and achieved full captaincy status in his third.

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