• Corpsette

    Hi everyone!

    Why don't you edit your profiles and give us a brief summary of who you are and who you play at Mischief Managed. Your profile is on the top right of the page under a little circle (make sure you are logged in!)

    Here's how I did mine:

    Put a little quote down from one of your characters - one you're most fond of.

    Introduce yourself, if you fancy it. Tell us about who you are at Mischief Managed, what characters you play (if they aren't a secret, of course) and some other cool tidbits. Keep it short though, save your energy for your character wikias!

    Why not put a little portrait to the right of the page of your OOC Second Life self. 

    Tell us what you do OOCly at Mischief Managed, if anything at all - or just talk about anything, real…

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