Aryiana Novelli CryWolf
Aryiana Isabelle Novelli
Biographical information

November 13th 2007

Blood status

Half-Blood (Known as a pureblood to peers)

Marital status


Also known as

The Raven Quill


The Owl Post: Photographer/Writer

Quidditch: Ravenclaw Chaser

Physical information





6.0 ft

Hair colour

Tinged Dirty Blonde

Eye colour


Skin colour

Pale Porcelain

Family information
Family members
  • Daryn Novelli - Pureblood (Father)
  • Vallerie Novelli - Muggle (Mother)
  • Célia Crescentia - Pureblood (Grandmother; Werewolf)
  • François Crescentia - Pureblood (Grandfather; Werewolf))
Magical characteristics

Being alone (Pitch blackness surrouding her)


Vine Wood, Veela Hair, 10.75 Inches


Swansea Grand Theatre of Performing Arts (Summers)-Apprentice in Alchemy to Rourke


Ravenclaw Prefect


The Crescentia's,the Werewolves,& the Ashworths,

OOC information
Aryiana Isabelle Novelli was born on November 13th, 2007 in Swansea Wales. She was born a Half-Blood to Daryn Novelli (Crescentia) a Pureblood Wizard who left France and married his wife Vallerie Novelli a stage theatrical actor, who is a muggle. She grew up in Swansea her entire life moving so often it was hard to keep track of where she was going to be every two months.

(*Please Note information on this page is NOT to be used in roleplay unless shared by the character, she is very kept to herself about information so it is easy to spot the usage in roleplay)


Early Years 

When Aryiana was just the early age of 3 she would slowly start to show signs of her magical abilities. Daryn Novelli hoped she would be born without magical powers just to protect her from the family he left behind but it seemed even then he could not escape this. The day she started to play in a field while her mother was hanging laundry a swarm of butterflies found themselves surrounding Aryiana. Daryn and Vallerie tried to convince themselves this was just a scientific phenomenon but as time went on it was the small things they could see this was not the case when she would be caught with her hand in the cookie jar that was previously located on top of the fridge.

Aryiana's father had shown her how to control certain parts of herself when in public since they located themselves within the muggle community. They would find places to live that were far enough out just in case of surprises that were out of her control during her tantrums.

She was born with no siblings that she knows of making her an only child. Her mother who is a theatrical actor taught her the dramatics of putting on a good show to make a convincing lie that even she would believe. Born with no siblings to grow up with she had a lonely place in her heart to make her act out to wander away when her parents would shelter herself.

The summer of 2015 was the year she met her best friend Z at the age of only 8 years old. While visiting her grandfather on her mother's side in an old nursing home she came across a boy not much older then she was asking the older residents peculiar odd questions when she approached noticing he was asking her grandfather a question such as "What is the purpose of bubbles in a bath oh wise one". Aryiana Novelli finally made a friend that day given she had to be home schooled just in case of any mishaps. Every so often that summer she would run into him in the town and wander off to play. Fall came and she did not see him again until the next summer when she received an acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Aryiana had felt this is something she would trust her only friend with to tell him and for when she did, she found out amazing news that he was already attending that school and her best friend was a wizard as well. Her first and second years were normal clinging to the side of best friend Z but had a falling out her third year November 2021.It was never spoken or gossiped about why this happened but found herself in trouble after the falling out many times.

The Novelli's

The Novelli's consist of Daryn, Vallerie, and Aryiana only. With no history to the last name would leave a family tree only on Vallerie's side.

Lucas Brooks the father of Vallerie worked as a coal minor management in Swanesea Wales his entire life. Coal mining was a basic normal job to get into this area. His wife Scarlett Brooks was laid to rest May 15th 2007 months before Aryiana's birth. Vallerie without a mother to enjoy, as well as witness Aryiana being raised, had no idea what she was in for when down the line finding out she would soon become a witch at the school of Hogwarts.

The Novelli name is something Daryn Crescentia made up when he made his way from France to Wales to cover up his history. Leaving behind a life and a name he would not want to pass down in the wizarding world he would make his way into the muggle world to be something he was not giving up all magic. The difficulties started when his daughter was born when he was such an early age of only 20 he would keep from her his past.

The Crescentia's

Francois and Celia Crescentia, a strong pureblood line are the current heads of the family in their pack. Born into a life that isn't truly understood the Crescentia's was a name that would be on the tips of purebloods tongues or even those in the Ministry or Magizoologist job genre. Rumors always sparked speculation if the entire family was indeed made up of werewolves that date back generations.

(Knowledge of the name Crescentia can be only used ICLY if you are apart of a ministry family or Magizooligist family if it was talked about at home, or a pureblood only of rumors of the family name not confirmation of truth.)

The truth about the Crescentia's, is that for years they were guided to make every new generation after turning 18 and graduating to keep this so-called "family tradition". To keep a pureblood family bloodline strong as well as sought out that it's a strong werewolf family that did not see lycanthropy as a virus but as a gift to be cherished. Every full moon the younger family members (The Family Five) would have the ability to watch the change and bond with the next generation surrounding them in the family but from a very far safe distance to understand this gift.

If you reject this tradition you are cast from the family and not recognized anymore as one of them any longer.

The Family Five

The Family Five is made up of 5 pureblood families of werewolves and soon prospering future generation of werewolves. Each family has a leader that directs and orders the younger generations of that branch of the Family Five. They are in fact family by blood throughout the years making their ties down the line marrying to their cousins to make sure the bond stays strong enough.

It is not entirely known to the younger generations the purpose of this but to take what is as it is. The leaders of each of the families are the only ones who know the true purpose and pass this information down when a ceremony of becoming happens in the family when new leaders are to step up and be initiated as the next generations future pride.

Being in the Family of Five does not mean you are automatically a werewolf for if you are under 18, you are just the human form of the future but you know the secrets they hold each full moon and soon one day become one.

Only rumors surround myth of The Family Five as they were once under the control of Fenrir Greyback but nothing was ever proven to be true and only the leaders would know this but never say a word to anyone but the other soon leaders. Most of the upcoming generations do not have the knowledge of such things since it is unheard of to speak about this to anyone outside of the family of the traditions.

(The Family Five is currently made up of three names of the five. Crescentia, Nyte, Lunette. Although the Nyte family have blood related ties to Vitric family. The Vitric is not one of the five and their own family history.)

Personality and Traits

With the time of development, Aryiana found herself finding new horizons about herself after finally meeting the Crescentia part of her family. An advocate of the Owl Post, (newspaper ran by Hogwarts School witchcraft and wizardry) she found a home within the paper that started to as well change her attitude. Covering top stories as well as infamous for her anonymous pen name to keep her identity to write gossip known as The Raven Quill. Within time her grandmother Celia Crescentia would change her outlook on many things for cover up where she has to proceed with a new personality. With her guard down at times there may be moments she will catch her being her old self again without having to be held to any high standards.

Aryiana started to take on more responsibility and proceeded to leave such shenanigans behind.

Magical Abilities and Skills

  • A love for Alchemy
  • Has a strong connection to the earth and the magic beneath the surface.

(Her first sign of magic)

  • Writing
  • Lieing/Acting/dancing/singing
  • Broom Flying/Quidditch Chaser
  • Fabricating stories greatly
  • Baking
  • Manipulation
  • Herbology
  • affinity for musical instruments


Life at Hogwarts

First Year

Aryiana's first year at Hogwarts was nothing but the ordinary over excited to be around people that were just like her. She would cling to the side of her best friend Z confused at how everything worked in the wizarding world as the pureblood would help her in the best ways he could. Her studies going fairly along nicely she would exit her first year with memories to go home with and tell her parents all about it counting down the days to her second year.

Second Year

Aryiana entered her second year full of hopes until the old pre-used items she had started to become an issue with a few of the students to make her a target of laughter. She had wished she was born into a family that was pureblood and she wouldn't have to face the difficulties posed for what she was. She would silence herself at the beginning of the year speaking to no one of her bloodline where it just started to go unknown and not spoke about. It was not until near the end of the year when she started to receive weird letters that would end in "CF" finding later on it was her father's side of the family that she discovered was indeed a pureblood side he kept from her. As a secret, she would write to them back and forth without her father's knowledge.

Third Year

Aryiana beginning her third year continuing her letters and stayed on a low-key note within Hogwarts, it was not until December that a student named Cassie Middles was starting to recruit for the school newspaper was her new beginning and a new start. Over winter break the pureblood family she never knew wanted to meet her, they flew her out where she learned about the Crescentia's and was offered a deal she told only one single soul about her dilemma when she returned to school finding a friend in another lost soul. With the offer of take on the family tradition and they will help her cover up and pretend she is a pureblood since the family is only made up of pureblood werewolves excluding her father. Aryiana finds this as her redemption to have something she wanted and unknowingly they get the daughter of the family member that was cast out in a vindictive way.

Summer of 2022

It would be the summer where she would get to witness her first family full moon. She travels between France and Brighton Bay by floo powder telling her parents back in the muggle world that she received a job at Brighton Bay why she was away and had not go home. The summer was filled with many mishaps already from showing a side of her that scared even her onto a fellow student by kissing them. Her summer could not have been anymore jammed packed with articles from the activities that surrounded Brighton Bay. During the summer she slowly rekindled her friendship with her long-time childhood best friend Z where she was glad in the end as well as making new friends. With her new found attitude being a 'pureblood' faking it, she seemed to have severed a few friendships as well that maybe could be amended in the future. Her focus will always be what more can she write for the Owl Post and her family.

During the rising of a Blue Moon July 2022, Aryiana was where she was always supposed to be with her family during the full moons. This being the second moon in a month it started to frustrate her baby cousin Grahm where he ran out to his parents to be with them. In an attempt to stop him, and save him since her family chooses not to use wolfsbane, she got in the way as Grahm's own mother went to attack him and bit Aryiana instead. The bite stretches across her right-hand side of her stomach going into her back as well. She just barely made it back to the house where her other cousins came out to help and seal the wound.

Fourth Year

A struggle to begin being the first family member under the age of 18 and not graduated from school yet to go through lycanthropy throughout the rest of her schooling. Aryiana found herself in a difficult position her first two days back cornered in the school during her change. She managed to make it out without being fully seen to the forbidden forest but a warning from anonymous was published in the Owl Post over the matter. It was her first turning that made it most difficult to go through without her family.

Talk throughout the school started when another werewolf came out publicly with information being so vague of a 4th year Ravenclaw has set Aryiana on edge even though she knows who the other werewolf is as they had told her. In response, she did not give her secret back. Less attention as possible she figured to stay away from the other werewolf as much as possible. She made one attempt to get information from the person to better her knowledge but had failed.

Aryiana is now determined to find a way through Alchemy in a search to put her werewolf side dormant during school so she can find safety until she graduates. She has found it hard enough with such werewolf hunt going on throughout the school and hearing backlash due to the other known werewolf.

Aryiana had received a black parchment and gold lettering letter one day telling her that she was chosen. Accepting this letter was the beginning of her mistakes of the year. Thinking that this was some sort of special reward turned into joining some of the darker minds of Hogwarts and no way out unless it was 6 feet below. Being given information on to make certain attacks against her own house she complied attacking two students, Cybil and Emily. Lyra, a fellow werewolf being a causality in the painting dropping on Cybil. Emily being poisoned during a Hogsmaede trip. With much regret, the girl had to go along with it and have to decide that she could not have eyes on her and agreed to be a victim of attacks as well. Logical thinking she agreed with one of the fellow members and awaited the moment they would attack her. Becoming just one of the (Fake) numbers on the attack list, she looks at the numbers over and over realizing she was behind 3 of the actual 4.

During a mishap of attempting to manipulate a spell, instead of turning it into an easy knowledge spell, she wiped her memories. It wasn't until the full moon of November 2022 that the turning would be the final key in helping her bring the majority of her memories back due to the mindset change it would trigger. The memories came back of everything she ever did wrong as she lost all her years when she was at Hogwarts left her in a daze of trying to understand right from wrong and how to cover up the rest.

To much of her delight when she found out Professor Green, the potions professor who administers her wolfsbane each month became her head of house made her feel at ease until she did an interview for the Owl Post finding out that Green's plans is to send the attackers straight to Azkaban. Her plan is to stay low and run excessive amounts of cover up plans with T.B.H.S.

Aryiana later on ended up having a fall out with Rita Grey and Helena Artlet. She tried to help save one of Helena's many of what Aryiana calls, "boy toys" from doom and instead it backlashed in her face and turned into an all out war of her against the others of T.B.H.S.

In the process of her anger issues and lashing out and protecting her friends, she did indeed get suspended for flipendo-ing Professor Owlsey just short of tossing him into the Black Lake for tossing one of her mates wand into it. The suspension was lifted early so she could play in the quidditch game, Which they won all the way through taking home the quidditch cup that year.

Aryiana decieded she would start to attempt to change her ways for the following year and use her new found status being a Prefect in her house as a second chance.

Fifth Year

After spending her summer with her boyfriends family, the Ashworths, she received good news that she would become prefect the following year. It was to her surprise after flipendoing a professor and being suspended for it she would even achieve such a status.

Accepting the new position she had to her dismay alot of disapproval from part of her house and Owsley. She would aim to prove them wrong and stay out of trouble. The first half of Aryiana's fifth year was quite quiet. She worked at proving herself to even her Head of House Green, who later on had a psychotic break in Aryiana's mind when her Husband Owsley, whom she secretly married over the summer left the school.

Aryiana the previous year had a major break up with Sylvan Finley(Vitric), this ate her alive so much that it made her go out on a limb and accept Tragen Ashworths offer for them to date. She was able to wrap herself in this so much, she was never able to find peace in what happened. In Sylvains attempt to befriend and look for guidance in Aryiana for something, she saw this as maybe an attempt that he wanted to fix things and wanted more. She went with it and tried but was rejected once more even after Sylvain was being ignored by his fiance Lukka Rookswood. She tried to sympathize and continued to be rejected to a point of where she could no longer deal with the heartbreak and no closure. She had made many passes at him that he, even if he showed signs that he wanted her as well in mixed signals, remained loyal to Lukka. Aryiana went to the Charms professor as this was probably the most skilled person she could think of was Owsley himself. Owsley proceeded to reject the girl and enjoy her misery of the vendetta from casting against him the year prior. She was found teary eyed and pathetic in the grand staircase by a care of magic creatures professor. He sympathized for the girl and told her he would help her. He would help her in obliviating and change her memories that had her first love Sylvain Finley out of them. The Obliviate was a success but with some aftermath. Due to the nature of the obliviate and the replacement of most but not all memories, she found a disgust for certain types of people and would get defensive blacking out as if she suffered from PTSD. She grew a dislike for Ignatious Ashworth whom she found qualities in she proceeded to like and made her like him and seem appealing. He reminded her of Sylvain. Minus the red hair. She had a thing for cocky guys who played her at her own game of sarcasm and knew what they wanted and went for it. It was respectable to her. With the obliviate changed all of this, she grew to understand Tragen was her first and only love in her life and felt even closer to him than before.

Sylvain went missing leaving school and leaving her a note, although she didn't really care, her memories were horrid of him as he was now just a guy she befriended who tried for more and it was not what she wanted. She had to give a detention to his fiance Lukka Rookswood, this was not so much an issue for her, but she did remember all the times Lukka would come out of the woodwork to kiss any guy she had interest in her entire Hogwarts life when she became interested in guys. She had a longing distaste for Lukka. He had asked her about allegations of her coming onto his fiance Sylvain and she denied them all explaining what she thought of was the truth. It did not go well for Lukka as he left the detention in tears believing that his fiance cheated, or at least tried and was rejected by Aryiana and left school because of it. She offered to show her memories of what happened as proof, but with her knowledge, she does not remember she was obliviated. If Lukka accepted to see her memories this would have revealed they were tampered with showing the truth that Sylvain was indeed loyal to Lukka and Aryiana was the flaw. Lukka rejected the offer and ended up leaving the school dropping out to her knowledge as she never seen her fellow Ravenclaw again.

Winterbreak she stayed at the Ashworths home. They had their Winter Gala like normal with an unexpected guest by the name of Persephone Hyland who later was adopted by the Vitric family to become related to Sylvain. Aryiana's past with Persephone started to become a rocky one. She tried to like the girl as she started to date Ignatious, but as the time went on the girl got the position of the Owl Post Aryiana for two years worked at to get and this girl comes in and it was handed to her. She found out the girl was just like her in other ways, and the girl was able to get a hold of half of her article she wrote for Horoscopes. Which she proceeded to let go end of her fifth year and to take on a new article column to separate herself from sharing less with Persephone. One thing she hated she had to share with this girl was the Ashworths. This started to become a feud as time went on especially when the girl tried to break up Tragen and Aryiana going against Aryiana attempting to play both sides. Rita's and Ary's. Nearing the end of the break, Persephone showed her face at the Ashworths and it did not go well. Aryiana told the girl exactly what was on her mind in front of Ignatious. Ignatious and Aryiana had a verbal altercation over this. He revealed to her that night she was the one he actually wanted and she rejected to deny this. Tragen later then found out about what she did and put in motion the fact that Aryiana's grandmother did not give the two her blessing for them to be together as this broke tradition in the Crescentia family. Two months away from their one month anniversary, Tragen broke up with Aryiana. She was not able to handle this and never came to terms with it so she submerged herself into her studies. She brought her grades up just in time for O.W.L's. Which she passed all and going into NEWT level for all in her 6th year. She was able to finally declare her career as well outside of family responsibility, outside of Ashworth appearances. She was going to become an Alchemist. Her new Head of House Eidolon ended up writing a letter to Fox and with much approval, she became the Alchemy professor Rourke's Apprentice. She was on her way to becoming an Alchemist.

The summer she was able to travel and start writing her Alchemy book she in hopes to get published and become learning material for students one day. She did not meet her goal to have it done by end of summer, but her hopes are still there. She attended the Annual Ashworth Gala in hopes to reconcile as she had not spoken to the Ashworths in over half a year since the breakup. Her Grandmother, even though she does not approve of the two to be together, she still made sure Aryiana attended in the family's name to make an appearance at such pureblood festivities. Aryiana did this on her own terms and wore a long white gown with a hat that had a minor veil on it. She wanted to see if she could subliminally give off the interpretation of a wedding gown of what Tragens future could have looked like. This was an attempt to get him back in her life. Too much of her failure they did not, but they did speak. He asked if he could owl her and she accepted. She as well accepted an invitation from their mother for tea before school started. The tea tie did not go as planned as this was the first day of the wolfbane she would take. She ended up accusing their mother of adultry where as her husband is not Ignatious and Tragens real father, and continued to push her buttons in such a manner even when she denied the allegation twice. She admitted her love for her son whom does not want Aryiana anymore in a pathetic manner, and ended up passing out on the Ashworth floor losing her empty vile of Wolfsbane potion falling out of her pocket on their floor when Mary Ashworth proceeded to help and pick the girl up to stay in their home just for the night.

Sixth Year

Scars, Marks, and everything Dark

  • Werewolf Bite scar on the right hand side of her stomach side.
  • A specially shaped scar located in a non-revealed spot on her body marking her a member of T.B.H.S
  • Human scratch marks healed over on her wrists that freshen each month as the nervousness of the full moon draws near, refuses Dittany to keep the reminder of needing control.


  • Her Blue Quill(TRQ)
  • Mustache glasses(TRQ)
  • Alchemy books galore
  • Her families Crescentia Ring
  • Cat Sybil (Sent home now due to cat having issues with her dog smell)
  • Cat Catastrophe
  • Owl Nilla
  • A locket one of her cousins gave to her during the summer

Relations, Friends, and Loyalties.

Upton Zero - She met him when she was 8 years old before she received an acceptance letter not knowing he himself was a wizard that attended Hogwarts. She was glad to of known him when she first got to Hogwarts for she had been raised in the muggle world so the experience was unsettling. In her 3rd year they had a falling out of friendship when she crossed a few lines on her birthday.Throughout the year he tried to fix the situation but she would resist due to the awkward feelings. As the year ended she did a bit of growing up and understanding where their friendship is starting to find sturdy ground once again slowly.

Helena Arlet - Aryiana has a few ties linking herself to Helena, what was once feared to even approach in the hallways had become easier. Her association started when Aryiana snuck into a Slytherin duel club meet posing as a Slytherin. Helena promised to keep the secret after noticing who she was and in the end, Aryiana was caught but a deal was a deal where Aryiana owed her a favor. Few weeks after she was cornered in the bathroom to be asked the favor to take down Mulloy. This favor has been a futile situation for her given her history with Mulloy and confusion. Aryiana had a falling out with Helena by crossing her and being attacked by her that now she does not remain one of Helena's minions, but now an enemy.

Cassandra Middles - Her association with Cassie had been mostly through The Owl Post is how it started. Cassie would keep Aryiana's secret while Ary would provide juicy stories for the paper. She became a puppy dog following Cassie for a short while until situations started to arise and some of her loyalties had to go towards Helena Arlet.

J.O Mitchell - She watches her back when it comes to 'Mitchell'. A 5th year Gryffindor (Whom now has graduated) came to her defense to spread a little laughter in Aryiana's 3rd year when Mitchell had revealed publicly in the Great Hall her situation with Laren Mulloy embarrassing her to frustration. The 5th year casted a laughing spell upon the fellow 6th year Gryffindor Mitchell. Aryiana walked out untouched but she knew word would get back to his group of friends that call themselves "The Draconian Brotherhood" of the attack marking her back as a walking target.

Khay Bennet- (Graduated)One of the stars of her first proclaimed published story. The story was so huge it had a follow up as well as the castle talking for days upon days. Although Khay took the news article very well while his co-star did not.

Lilybeth Bennet- (Graduated) A Gryffindor prefect and the Bennet sister, Aryiana feared her not long after the attack towards Mitchell. Aryiana remembered the relations she saw one day between the two and figured she would not like the situation. For a few weeks she was on edge and still feels weary in her presence.

Laren Mulloy-(Graduated) The other co-star to Aryiana's first article, she had made a mess when she mixed up Khay and Laren one day bringing up the article where she found herself in an intimidating situation being held after Potions class with him to give answers. He has the knowledge she is The Raven Quill at this point keeping her secret as far as she knows. He made her a deal that she did not complete to forget the situation ever happened. Come time of the winter ball Aryiana enjoyed the show of Yule ball king and queen pins being handed out by the head girl Mimi. She didn't realize how far her article really got. Aryiana's friend Liz that she went to the Ball with the thought that it would have been a good idea to follow after the scene that was displayed between Bennet and Mulloy out to the courtyard. Aryiana was oblivious to the situation stuffing her face with sweets. Outside took place a very argumentative scene where Mulloy spotted Aryiana on his exit out pinning the situation that it is all her fault. Aryiana's alter ego of The Raven Quill started to reveal itself from the surface and responded in a cocky manner. What was once an argument turned into shock as he kissed Aryiana. She had another run in with him day before returning to school from winter break. where the Bennet sister, Lilybeth pulled her over out of curiosity. Yet another argument started and in the process where Mulloy grabbed and kissed Aryiana again leaving her confused this time, she chased after to get answers but she would receive none as she expected. She has had minor run-ins with him since including the day she spotted a shiny new prefect badge on him or overheard he had done the same thing to Helena Arlet as he did to Aryiana.

Bryce Barrington- A Prefect Ravenclaw boy that had Aryiana's heart for oment. The night they met they had a true connection. Before becoming prefect they would sneak out to the ancient runes classroom for small picnics or even dancing just to be alone in each others company. The late nights after hours did not stop when he became prefect but his duties of patrol took his time from Aryiana where they ended on best of terms and still friends.

Nyle Arens - She had first contact briefly on an outer bridge of the castle where a few of them were gathered after the first of the years Slytherin Vs Gryiffindor quidditch game. He had made a bet with the Gryffindor quidditch captain and came to collect his bet tying a slytherin tie around her neck to wear about the castle. In that moment she had respect for him that he was someone to follow through. She would mumble under her breath she would be a slytherin lackey any day to be protected by a student of authority and would do anything. Arens had caught this comment, and she had gotten a bit of grief of those who did hear her say that for a little while. She had done a bit of photography for Arens on his Owl post articles as well as approached him as 'The Raven Quill' in incognito over the graffiti in the girl's 1st-floor corridor bathroom for an article for the Owl Post. She served detention with him over the incident where she snuck into the Slytherin Duel club. Soon after she got her wish to become a Slytherin lackey/minion to Arens' ex-girlfriend Helena. Aryiana has since now lost sight of said Helena and mooned over Nyle from afar till he left during his 7th year from Hogwarts.

Rita Grey- Aryiana had a run in with the infamous Rita Grey, the talk of the castle of the student who started causing trouble around every corner with anyone. When Aryiana went to defend a few of the students she was threatening, she attempted to cast a hair a spell to make Rita bald and Rita seemed to dodge the spell. She challenged Rita to a Wizard duel to end the madness of threatening other students and wrote letters to get permission from the Head of houses and Headmistress. Her letters went unnoticed only by the Ravenclaw head of house and headmistress but had permission from Rita's Head of House. To Aryiana's astonishment, it may seem he encouraged for Rita to be taught a lesson since he did see the capabilities of Aryiana from her sneaking and dueling at the Slytherin Duel club. Since the summer of 2022 the two had shared a brief kiss only out of spite at Brighton Bay. The two now have teamed up with other members of T.B.H.S and have been working side by side since. Falling out happened in their 4th year and what was friendship became enemies.

Tragen Ashworth- Aryiana's boyfriend since March 28th, 2023. In an embarressing act to ask her out in muggle studies class during a presentation, Tragen wore a swimsuit shoving the spotlight all on her where she had no other choice to say Yes just to get him off the stage. She does not regret saying yes to this day one bit as it turned out to be the best thing to help level her. She fell in love with Tragen and had her heart broken, they broke up January of 2024 due to complications of family.

Ignatious Ashworth- Ignatious started out as this irritating guy who would flirt with anything that moved. In his attempt to talk and hang out with Aryiana more, she found herself liking him but in his acts to talk to her, the true meaning behind his wanting to talk to her was indeed just for his brother who had taken a liking to her. She struggled, and still struggles with unresolved feelings for Ignatious but carries on. Aryiana's 5th year obliviation sorted out her feelings for Ignatious and turned it to disgust. She remembers liking him before Tragen, but cannot remember why or what she ever saw in him.

(Unfinished Section)