Argument Jinx




Hand Movement

A small cross movement, ended with a sharp flick aimed at the target.




Causes inanimate objects that have mouths to argue. Ineffective to living creatures.

The Argument Jinx (Argumentum) is a jinx that causes the target to argue with anyone near it. It is ineffective to living creatures.

Casting and Effects

When cast, the Argument Jinx causes the affected object to argue. The target must have a mouth of a sort in order for the jinx to work properly, otherwise objects tend to mumble. This spell only has a short time that it's effects lasts, roughly up to 10 hours, upon which, as the spell wears off, the arguing slows to a low and and drawn out monotone drawl.

The incantation for the Argument Jinx is Argumentum.

Variations of use

  • Can be used on statues, posters, drawings, or anything that has a mouth that could speak. If successful, the jinx will cause the target to argue relentlessly.
  • If cast upon a living creature, such as a Human, it will simply cause a slight tingling feeling on the lips.


In Latin, Argumentum means, "To argue" or "argument".

OOC Dice Information

The Argument Jinx requires a player to be level 33 or higher and a dice roll of 11 or higher in order to be considered a successful cast.