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Arbor Cordelia Dohatrana
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15 May, 2014

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Human (witch)





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Eye colour

Deep blue

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Family members

Eugene de Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants (mother), Giuseppe Dohatrana (father), Vasilios Dohatrana (brother), Melisandre de Búrca Bellegrade-Chants (aunt), Frances de Búrca (first cousin), Consus Dechants (first cousin once removed), Octavia Dechants (second cousin), Aelia Dechants (second cousin), Tatiana Dechants (second cousin)

Magical characteristics

The demolition of Kylemore Abbey


11.5 inches, applewood, phoenix feather core, somewhat flexible


Augurey (undiscovered)






Ravenclaw House, Connemara, Kylemore Abbey, De Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants family, Dohatrana family, Dechants family, Pureblood nobility, Pureblood supremacists (tenuous)

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Arbor Cordelia Dohatrana is a pureblood witch currently going into her third year at Hogwarts. In her first year, she was sorted into Ravenclaw and is known to her fellow students as a popular girl who is dedicated to the preservation and enrichment of Hogwarts and its traditions.

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Family History

Giuseppe Dohatrana came from a very old and noble Italian pureblood family, the House of Dohatrana. They had traditionally been based in Sicily and were considered part of the wizarding mafia. They were ardent pureblood supremacists and hated everything to do with Muggles. Despite being an old and powerful family, by those point the Dohatrana's were very poor; when Giuseppe's father died, he left his children with more-or-less nothing but debts. Giuseppe married into a wealthy Anglo-French pureblood family, the De Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants'.

The De Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants were originally a Teutonic-Slovakian line, but had long since assimilated into Anglo-French culture. They were and remain a prominent and powerful wizarding family in the UK. Unknown to most people is the fact that they were once landlords in Ireland. They didn't want most of their pureblood friends to know they were renting land out to Muggles; they were, for the most part, absentee landlords until the purchase of Kylemore Abbey (then Kylemore Castle) in the mid-nineteenth century. At that point, they married into the Irish pureblood De Búrca line; previously they had just been the De Bellegrade-Chants'. They lived there until 1920, when political tension was exploding in Ireland, at which point they sold the place to the Benedictine nuns.

At some point in the twentieth century, Olivier de Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants married Macrinia Dechants, Octavia Dechants' grand-aunt. The two lines had been interwoven for centuries, as shown by the 'Chants' in De Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants. Now, they were reunited once more.

However, the results of this union, Eugene and Melisandre de Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants, turned out to be disappointments. Eugene was a noncomformist and a progressive from an early age; it was a shock to everyone when she married a respectable pureblood who wasn't a blood-traitor. Unfortunately, said respectable pureblood didn't know how much of a noncomformist Eugene was until they were married. Melisandre, who everyone expected to be more in line with her family's values, was the one who went off and married a Muggle Irishman, Cathal Burke. De Búrca is the Irish version of Burke, but the Burkes (or De Búrca's) that the De Bellegrade-Chants' merged with were a pureblood family, unlike Cathal Burke's. The entire family began to look less respectable because of that in the eyes of their fellow purebloods; however, Giuseppe Dohatrana did his best to improve their reputation in those circles.


Early Life

Arbor Cordelia Dohatrana was born on the fifteenth of May, 2014, in her familial manor-house in Gloucestershire. At the time of her birth, her brother, Vasilios Dohatrana, was twelve and was already attending Hogwarts. As such, Arbor didn't see him much during her early childhood. She saw him even less when he started to work at the Ministry; the brilliant Vasilios rose quickly, and as-of-now he is working in a high position for the Italian Ministry of Magic. Arbor adored him and idolised him, but always felt she was living in his shadow: She only started showing magic at six, when she caused her slice of birthday cake to explode when her best friend attempted to steal it from her. Vasilios started showing magic as a baby, as her father, who obviously preferred Vasilios, frequently reminded her. This didn't do much to improve her self esteem, and was one of the factors that shaped Arbor into the person she is today.

As they grew up, Arbor and Vasilios proved quite useful in Giuseppe's campaign to restore the family's reputation. Vasilios, a budding politician, had the remarkable ability of being a progressive in the morning, a moderate at lunch and a fist-thumping, werewolf-bashing Muggle-hater by evening-time. Arbor was not quite as malleable as him, but, nevertheless, she might seem more inclined to this-or-that particular position depending on whose company she was in. She is a moderate at heart, but someone who prefers tradition to change, old to new--someone who values family above anything else.

Eugene was obsessed with Muggle showbiz. Giuseppe wouldn't let her taint Vasilios by dragging him into that world, but gave in when it came to Arbor. Arbor was in modeling shoots as a child; her mother even dragged her across the Atlantic to participate in child beauty pageants. These were especially formative experiences for her. Always being prim, proper and poised; always smiling and happy--in her mind, Arbor was always on that pageant stage. The camera was always rolling; she always had to perform.

As she grew older, Arbor grew obsessed with three things: Arbor had three great obsessions: Vasilios, Kylemore Abbey and the rest of Connemara, and the family's supposed royal heritage. Blood, land, status. The Dohatrana's still had a 'small' (by their standards) country-house in Connemara, the region where Kylemore Abbey is located. However, Arbor longed for her family to own the place once more, as she felt they rightfully should--she loved Kylemore Abbey and Connemara with a fierce passion and jealousy: she wanted them restored to her family. However, she was also very empathetic to the native inhabitants of the region and their culture and language. This led her to almost give Coinín, the house elf, clothes.

Coinín's ancestor came with Kylemore Castle, which was previously owned by another wizarding family (not in reality, but I'm fictionalising a lot of its history to make it work). They left the elf behind and ordered it to serve the new owners of the house--a 'gift', apparently. What Julian de Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants, who bought the house, didn't know was that this elf, and through a curiosity of elfish magic all its descendants too, was a monolingual Irish speaker. Julian had some Irish already; he felt sorry for the elf and kept it on, despite this apparent fault. Julian's descendants all had some Irish to understand their respective house-elves; by hook and by crook, none of them were given clothes--until, out of pity, Arbor offered the old, bitter Coinín a hat.

This upset Coinín greatly. Her father was furious, her mother delighted--but Arbor regretted this more than anything she had ever done in her life.

Since she was a very small child, Vasilios told her stories about their supposed royal heritage. Now, of course the Dohatrana's had no actual connections to royalty, but Arbor was quietly obsessed with the idea that they were and Vasilios took sadistic pleasure out of tricking her. He told her they were descended from the Sicilian royal family on one side and from German-Slovakian wizarding-princes on the other; Arbor lapped this all up, and it's part of the reason why she feels she is born to lead, even if she was not quite in her beloved brother's league--it's why she's able to walk around Hogwarts with all the prim and proper self-assurance that she has. She would never say it out loud; that would be uncouth--but of course she was a leader: she was sure it was her destiny.

Time at Hogwarts

Arbor has generally had a good time at Hogwarts so far. She completed her first year with good grades in all subjects, and is very popular. Her two best friends are Rochelle and Indira.

First Year at Hogwarts

This was when Arbor first met her future besties, Rochelle and Indira. She worked hard and got good grades--she's clever and logical, but not the brightest student in the year. However, she is extremely charming and naturally magnetic and became very popular.

Second Year at Hogwarts

Arbor's popularity grew and she became still more involved in school life, joining various clubs and committees. Here was a queen bee in the making. She invited Rochelle and Indira to come to Argentina with her during the Christmas holidays.



If a Muggleborn wixen were to meet her, the first thing they would notice is how much she resembled a Disney princess in looks and demeanour. Everything about her, from her immaculate curls to her high, slightly annoying voice, would fit right in with the likes of Rapunzel and Cinderella. Arbor is poised, charming, popular and extremely hard-working. She is good-natured, wanting the best for all her classmates, but inherently feels she is meant to be a leader. Sometimes she can be unintentionally vain or selfish, but she doesn't mean to be and feels guilty afterwards. She is very dignified and the definition of 'prim and proper'. In terms of politics, she is not a pureblood-supremacist, but she would be sympathetic to the viewpoint; anything too extreme is off-putting to her, however. She has a great deal of respect for Hogwarts, her teachers and all adults; she is dedicated to preserving the great institutions that had been passed down to her generation. Arbor is very logical and she also loves participating in clubs and school activities.

Physical Appearance

Arbor is quite a beautiful girl with big blue eyes, porcelain skin, naturally red lips and long, silky white-blonde curls. She is around average height for her age, although slightly petite.


  • Her wand: 11.5 inches, applewood, phoenix tail-feather core, somewhat flexible.
  • Her magic mirror: a wizarding trinket she got while she was on holiday, behaves like the Evil Queen's mirror in the Muggle fairytale of Snow White. Nevertheless, Arbor loves it.
  • Her tiara: something Vasilios gave her, claiming it dated back to the days of their supposedly royal Slovakian ancestors. She keeps it with her always.
  • Her stole: Arbor loves vintage Muggle fashions, so she instinctively gravitated towards her magnificent snow-white stole. She likes to wrap it around her shoulders, particularly in winter-time.



Vasilios Dohatrana

As already mentioned, Arbor totally idolises her brother, despite the fact that he has been known to manipulate her. In her view, Vasilios is one of the great young wizards of his time, and she could never hope to match up with him--but she must try her best.

Eugene de Búrca de Bellegrade-Chants

Arbor has a tense relationship with her mother. She believes in showing respect to her elders, particularly her parents, but she disagrees with Eugene on a lot of issues. Also, she secretly resents Eugene for certain childhood experiences like the beauty pageants--however, this is hidden very deep down in her subconscious.

Giuseppe Dohatrana

Arbor looks up to her father almost as much as she looks up to Vasilios and is desperate for his attention, knowing how much he prefers Vasilios.

Octavia Dechants

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Aelia and Tatiana Dechants

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Friends & Acquaintances

Rochelle de Mambard

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Indira Chaudhuri

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Enemies, Rivals, Otherwise Awkward Relationships



Witch Weekly

-- And my last whisper is again about the Ministers’ visit! Sounds like some of them wished to pay respects at Godrics and ended up staying for dinner at the Thirsty Dragon. What an honour for such a small pub! That in itself would have been whisper worthy but this one felt a need to mention a child named Arbor Dohatrana, suggesting she might be a spy for her brother in the Italian ministry. Mm... something to look into there.

Well, something was going on in that pub in Godric's, that's for sure. Foreign Ministers all hanging around--and who was in the midst of it all but Arbor Dohatrana, darling sister of Vasilios Dohatrana, a heavyweight at the Italian ministry. Spying? Looks like!'

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