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In order from lowest to highest, the possible Arcane rolls and the levels they’re equivalent to are:


Roll Min Level Max Level
Beth 0 0
Gimel 0 2
Daleth 1 6
He 4 10
Waw 7 14
Zayin 11 17
Heth 14 21
Teth 19 25
Yod 22 29
Kaph 25 35
Lamed 33 42
Mem 38 50
Nun 46 59
Samekh 55 68
Ayin 64 81
Pe 77 94
Sadhe 90 98
Qoph 95 100
Resh 98 100
Shin 100 100

These levels are organised in such a way that if you’re the min level for a Roll, it will be hard for you to roll that, and if you’re the max level, it will be easy. If you’re below the min level, you will have a very hard time indeed rolling that, and if you’re above the max level, that should be par for the course.

Rolling a Taw is always a critical failure, and rolling an Aleph is always a resounding success.

A more in depth explanation

Normal Roll

Critical Failure: Taw “Good news, it should be clear skies for the rest of the week”

Partial Success: Beth to He. “It should rain this week”

Minor Success: Waw - Teth. “Maybe you should pack an umbrella after Thursday?”

Success: Yod - Nun. “I see water and clouds covering London”

Major Success: Samekh - Sadhe. “I see people with umbrellas on friday and hazy fog along with that”

Incredible Success: Qoph-Resh. “Rain on friday in London. Drizzles and fog the rest of the weekend

Complete Success: Shin. “Rain on friday from lunch to evening in London. Gloomy and wet until Tuesday

Resounding Success: Aleph - As Shin