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Alistair Colquhoun
Biographical information

9th November 1972

Blood status

Pure Blood

Marital status


Physical information






Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour

Rough white

Family information
Family members

• Fiona (née Greer) Colquhoun (wife)
• Siobhan Colquhoun (daughter)
Archibald Colquhoun (son)
Aisling Rose Opal Jones (daughter-in-law)

Magical characteristics

Roaring green explosion


Cedar, Pheonix Feather, 12 1/4 in.




• Member of the Wizengamot (2025 - present)
• Experimental Potioneer (formerly)


Slytherin (alumnus)


• The British Ministry of Magic
• Wizengamot

"Distinguished potions expert and legal adviser receives Wizengamot seat in new list of appointments"
— Daily Prophet, April 2025.

Alistair Colquhoun is a pure-blood Scottish Wizard who currently serves as a Magistrate and thereby chief legal adviser to the Wizengamot. He is well-known as a distinguished experimental potioneer and formerly served as a Chief Potions Adviser through the Wizengamot Administration Services. He is known for his ferociously adversarial debating manner in the Wizengamot and his support for its reform.


Early life

Alistair was born to a reasonably prominent magical family, with a pure blood line going back at least four generations. He was raised in their eccentric yet rather decrepit townhouse in the New Town district of Edinburgh. Coming from such a background, Alistair was well-aware of the magical world and found little surprise in it. His first real showing of magic occurred when he sent a pile of bricks flying towards a potential intruder to the noticeable property, requiring the intervention of the Ministry to remove and obliviate the miscreants. From then on, the young Alistair devoted enormous time to his studies, seeing little of the world around him despite being raised in the middle of a city.

Like his entire family, he was enrolled in Slytherin House upon entry in Hogwarts and quickly showed the high level of ambition and intellect required of the members of this house. In his sixth years of studies, he began to court Fiona Greer, a beautiful and intelligent muggle-born Ravenclaw who was born into an ambitious family of solicitors and engineers from Inverness. The differences in their backgrounds and blood-status caused family tensions when the couple first came together. Despite the inevitable conflict their match caused, they were drawn to each other by their intelligence, determination, and ambition, and married without taking any interest in their families' opinions.

Potions career

After graduating, he found work with the controversial, eccentric potioneer Adalbert K. Crackenthorpe. Although he did not totally approve of his methods, Alistair learned an enormous amount from the ostracized genius and later began to experiment with potion making on his own accord. He was driven not just by self-interest but by a desire to outrank many of his ambitious former classmates who had also taken to potions. After one particularly challenging experiment, Alistair was caught in a ferocious accident which always caused him to loose his left-eye. The clever young man developed a unique eyeglass to support his vision but was henceforth scarred for life by the magical potency of the potion which had caused the damage. After the birth of their first child, Alistair and Fiona had less time to spent on their careers and withdrew to a country house in Perthshire to raise their family. Six years later, Fiona gave birth to their second child, Archie. By his 9th birthday, Archie's parents marriage was slowly breaking down. His older sister, Siobhan, moved to Canada with her partner after graduating from Hogwarts. In order to sort out their personal issues, Alistair and Fiona decided to send their son out of the way. Archie was enrolled at Gordounstoun private boarding school. Although he liked it better than his time at Fettes, he felt some anger towards his parents for their decision.

The early 2020s were a lonely time for Alistair as he contemplated his marriage and his future career. Alistair withdrew to London, leaving the country house to his wife and children. It was during this time that he began to serve as a special advisor to the Wizengamot on issues surrounding the use of potions in criminal cases. One speciality of his was investigation of the use of the wolfsbane potion in werewolf attack incidents. Born in an old-fashioned family, Alistair regrettably approached this matter with considerable bias against werewolves until his experience led to to reconsider the terrible burden and undue discrimination they face. He is now vocally opposed to discrimination against those afflicted with this terrible condition.

Alistair and Fiona were brought together once again by the announcement of their daughters engagement, and the permanent relationship of their son with his partner Aisling Jones, leading to their rekindling their relationship. With his family life restored and a new professional life in the Ministry on the horizon, Alistair regained stature and confidence in the wizarding community.


In March 2025, he was offered a seat on the Wizengamot. He has become well known for his adversarial and articulate debating manner as well as his support for the reform of the institution.

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