Akari Afterthought
Biographical information

18, May 2014

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Hair colour

Reddish Brown

Eye colour


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Family information
Family members

Himari Afterthought (Mother, Muggle)
Isaac Afterthought (Father, Wizard)

Magical characteristics

The dark/monsters created from her imagination during panic attacks in the dark


Cypress Wood, Phoenix feather core 10 3/4 inches long, Surprisingly Swishy flexability




her friends/family, her house, and her heart

OOC information
Akari Afterthought was born on the 18th of May, 2014 and is not only Halfblooded but also half-Asian, though more closely resembling her father.  Her parents are her father, Isaac Afterthought, a wizard who once attended Hogwarts almost 20 years ago in Hufflepuff house, and works as a vet for wizard pets, and her mother, Himari Afterthought, a Muggle who moved to Brittan from Japan to study the English language and stayed once she fell in love with Isaac, she works from home in a Tech Support company.

Akari is rather shy at first, opening up more once she gets to know someone.  She reguarly can be found reading various books.  She enjoys topics involving spirituality, the undead, and other topics usually considered creepy.

When she was 5 years old, she witnessed her Grandmother's death in the hospital of old age.  Despite her parents attempts to comfort her she knew that her Grandmother was dead, and accepted such, appearing not to be upset by the death.  Due to this she is able to see Thestrals.

Upon being sorted, the sorting hat had these words to describe her (The Sorting hat lay vacantly still for a moment, pondering the students innermost inhibitions, "Right. Hmm, yes. So it seems..." he mumbled, proclaiming, "Ravenclaw!")


Akari has a fear called Nyctophobia, a extreme fear of the dark, while in the dark alone she is prone to feeling panic attacks accompanied with hallucinations of creatures that do not exist.  She has chosen to call these things she hallucinates "Nyctomeres" and draws them as an exercise to help calm herself down after she is back somewhere she feels safe.  There are a few Nyctomeres that she has imagined during panic that she has drawn.

"The Beast"

IMG 20180808 211753

Akari's sketch of "The Beast"

This Nyctomere is beastlike, when Akari hallucinates it she feels like it is stalking her, looking for an oppertune moment to attack with it's massive mouth of spiked teeth.

"The Stalker"

IMG 20180808 211758

Akari's sketch of "The Stalker"

This Nyctomere is akin to a tall human with an upsidedown face, when Akari hallucinates it she feels as though she is being followed by something that wishes to do her harm.

"The Crawler"

IMG 20180808 211822

Akari's sketch of "The Crawler"

This Nyctomere appears to be half made of metal, when Akari hallucinates it she hears sounds of metal scraping or shaking around her, she also feels like this non-existant monster seeks to stain it's blades with her blood.

It should be noted that Nyctomeres are not real creatures, instead being merely hallucinations created from Akari's imagination while she is experiencing a panic attack caused by her Nyctophobia.