Aisling Rose Opal Jones
Biographical information

April 10 2008
Galway, Ireland

Blood status

Muggle Born

Marital status

Engaged to Archibald Colquhoun

Also known as

Ais pronounced Ash


Former Head Girl

Physical information






Hair colour

Ginger Red

Eye colour

Bright green

Skin colour

Pale with freckles

Family information
Family members
  • Mother - Pearl Jones
  • Father - Lloyd Jones

Eleanor Noel Amory = Second cousin

Magical characteristics

Ginger tabby cat


Current - A Vampire/werewolf Hybrid attacking her
Formerly was - Herself, unable to create anything more then blobs and scribbles


Pear - Unicorn Tail Hair - 10 inches


Tabby Cat


Artist, Former Head Girl




Hufflepuff house
Jones Famly

OOC information
Played By


Aisling Rose Opal Jones (pronounced Ash - Ling) is an 18 year old Muggle born Witch. Her parents are both semi well known muggle artists and she takes after them in her desire and skill to create art. Upon arriving at Hogwarts with an extreme amount of excitement and wonder she was sorted into Hufflepuff, where her free spirited outlook was a perfect fit. She graduated Hogwarts June 30th 2026 and has gone on to start her adult life as a Magical Artist.

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Aisling comes from a muggle family. Her parents are both artists. Her mother, Pearl, is a beloved illustrator of children's picture books. The most famous of which is a series she works on with a friend called "Growing up in Feline Town". Her father, Lloyd, is a well renowned fantasy artist whose artwork has graced the cover of many fantasy and science fiction novels. Neither are old enough to have been alive in the 60's but they have a very hippy, bohemian, new age, free spirit outlook on life that the era was known for.

Aisling is named for both of her grandmothers, her maternal ones name was Opal and her paternal was Rose. Both passed away from cancer when she was 6, and she wears a gold rose shaped ring with opal leaves in their honor. She never knew either grandfather as both passed on of natural causes when she was a baby. Both of her parents are also single children.

While neither of her parents had sibling's her grandmother had a sister, and their daughter has a young girl, who also turned out to be magical, named Eleanor Noel Amory. She is a few years younger then Aisling. They played together some while younger and then the families stopped visiting, for reasons that Aisling never was told. But once they met up again at Hogwarts, and both in Hufflepuff house, friendship rekindled. Eleanor also has a much older sibling named Drew that is was a Matron at Hogwarts for a time, she was also a Badger while attending the school.

Early Life

2008 - 2019

Aisling lived a rather carefree life when younger. She was home-schooled and an only child. Her parents allowed her to focus her schoolwork mostly on her interests and the areas she was most adept at. This gave her a strong background of art, literature and history, a slight amount in the sciences, and it is suspected that she has a mathematical learning disability with as badly as she handles it. Her lessons where also randomly given instead of at a set time during the day. Allowing her to learn when she felt ready to work.

When not working on a random lesson, she could always be found in one of four places, the studio barn, the grounds of the farm, the forests near it, or her own room. She loves taking an easel or sketch book out and working on art in random places, having become quite adapt at art at an early age. She also delighted in nature and animals, greatly enjoying helping with the herb and flower gardens or tending to the chickens, rabbits or other farm animals.

Aisling in her room at home.

Her parents instilled in her their own new age beliefs and love for fantasy. Introducing her to some novels well above the usual age for them. She took them all to heart and loved every world they brought to her via the written word. She would often fantasize about finding that doorway to Narnia or some other magical world and going on an adventure. She reveled in this fantasy world of hers and in the family beliefs in the tarot and Celtic mythology.

The family would occasionally venture out with a home school group in order to socialize Aisling some, but her unusualness in personality and lifestyle made her a bit of a target for teasing. As a result she became shy and standoffish around new people. But once they proved they wouldn't make fun of her she opened up, her easy going personality coming out, and tried to make as many friends with all types of people as possible.

But most of her time was spent alone at home with her parents and the cat they got her for her 8th birthday, an unusually marked brown tabby Scottish fold named Rumpleteazer after her favorite character from the musical CATS. Musicals where also a love she developed on her own. Devouring every new cast album she could get her hands on.

Her budding magical talent wasn't that obvious, mostly things that could easily be taken for luck or coincidence. Unlike either parent she never lost a brush or pencil. While out sketching in nature she had an unusually easy time coaxing an animal to stay near her and pose long enough to draw it out. And sometimes, out of the corner of your eye, you could swear the figures in her paintings moved.

Due mostly to her father's work with many different writers Aisling is well versed in muggle fantasy novels. She has even met several writers when they came over to visit her father to observe the work he was doing on their books covers. The two she is most proud of having meet, even though she was only 6 for one of them, are Terry Pratchett and Peter Beagle.

Acceptance at Hogwarts

April 2019

The day in early springtime that the tall woman in odd robes arrived at the farm just after her 11th birthday was life changing for them all. Suddenly Aisling learned that she WAS a heroine in a fantasy story, a witch with magical powers. It was literally a dream come true for her. She could hardly wait the long months till September when she would board the train to Hogwarts for the first time. Her own magical adventure at last!

Her parents where wary at first, thinking an artist or writer friend was playing an elaborate, and slightly cruel, joke on them. But after more explanation and some show of magic, they accepted it as real. And became quite pleased and proud with their new little witch. She wasn't the only one excited to learn that magic was real. It was a mind blowing revelation for the entire quirky family.

Summer 2019

Those months between April and September gave her and her family plenty of time to get used to the idea of magic being REAL and not just in books and legends. As well as prepare the young girl for her new life. They traveled all the way to London to go to Diagon Alley to get some of the supplies she needed, the best they could afford. Along with her supplies they also purchased books on the history of the magical world, creatures they may encounter, and Hogwarts itself, so that she wouldn't stand out too much by not knowing anything about this new way of life. That first foray into the wizarding world sated her yearning to start her magical adventure for a bit. It also filled her with wonder and amazement at the sights she saw.

When she stepped in Ollivander's store on that trip to select her wand you would have thought she was

Wand Selection at Olivander's. This wasn't the one.

King Arthur receiving Excalibur from the Lady in the Lake with as solemn as she went in. A ten inch pear wand with a Unicorn tail hair core chose her to become its owner. Upon hearing that it had a UNICORN hair in it, her solemnity was broken by a squeal of girlish excitement. Unicorns! Then she took a good look at the wand and noticed that it not only had opals on it, but was vaguely shaped like a paintbrush. It was clearly the perfect wand for her. (( Learn more about her wand at this Owl Post Link here ))

Her uniform robes are all hand made, her parents making quick sketches of what was needed and turned to a seamstress friend to make them hers very own special robes, but still staying in the dress code. They told them it was for a cosplay and no other questions were asked. The rest of the uniform clothing was however bought off the rack.

When they saw that she could take a pet with them she begged for permission, and received it, to take her beloved Rumpleteazer with her to Hogwarts. To mark the occasion they bought a beaded collar that looks like pearls for the cat, to mimic the pearls its namesake wears.

Life at Hogwarts

September 2019

School supplies, art supplies and clothing packed into trunks, Rumple in a new wicker basket, and dressed to the nines in her new robes and clothing, The family traveled once again to London to find Platform 9 3/4th to await the Hogwarts Express. Tears were shed and hugs given as the two muggles watched their only daughter board the train to go off on her magical adventure.

Years 1 2019 - 2020

Aisling stepped off the first years boat and walked into Hogwarts with one hand clutching Rumples basket tightly the other wrapped around a sketch book. She tried to keep her excitement and nervousness down to not be TOO obvious as a muggle born. But once she stepped into the Great Hall that all just left. She squealed and bounced around on her toes as she looked about at the wonders of magic she was now a part of. She knew what to expect in regards to the Sorting hat, due to reading about it, and had figured she'd either get Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, so was quite pleased to get into the House of Badgers.

After that, things got a bit rocky, between being new to magic AND being new to a scheduled school day, she was often late for class. Excuses ranged from, just losing track of time, getting distracted by something magical, or just the normal getting lost in the castle. She does love all the different teachers and classrooms, but there is just so many things to experience.

Upon seeing and meeting all the magical talking paintings in the castle she became enamored with this ability, eager to learn how to do it. And her new life goal now is to become a famed magical painter and one day paint the official portrait of a Hogwarts Headmaster/mistress. She's been known to sit for hours and talk to the paintings, not about the subject, but how their artist painted them.

Her exuberance for the magical world, often referring to it as her "magical adventure", and her constant need to "ART" became a point of contention with some students. Some started to ignore her but others targeted her for bullying, verbally teasing her and at times stealing her sketch pad. A small group of Slytherins in particular took a strong dislike to her. As a result she became slightly shy and a bit of a loner, only opening up to those who, like on homeschool group trips, proved they wouldn't tease her.

She did manage to make two very close friends. The first, Marzia, or Marzi as she likes to call her, a fellow 1st year, only a Ravenclaw instead of a Hufflepuff. They met on the train and even rode in the same boat to the castle. The two have become over the years nearly inseparable, with Marzia even living on the Jones farm over the summers now. The second, a fellow Hufflepuff named Morgan, also a 1st year. Who over time became like a brother to her.
Snapshot 016

Marzia and Aisling

She did her best to help out in the unusual trials of the year. It was more than a bit overwhelming at times though. She nearly fainted when she saw Headmistress Hawthorne turn into a Dragon. For starters dragons are real, and terrifying, and secondly dragons are real! But she held on and did what she could to aid the ‘Down With Hawthorne Army’. Her mindset of "I'm on a magical adventure" helped her out a lot in this, as it became a BIG adventure to her.

She ended her first year quite pleased with herself and her new life. And eager to see what the next year held.

Years 2 2020 - 2021

Her second year at Hogwarts got off to a great start. She was more confident in her skills, knew the castle and how the classes worked, and had even made friends! In fact, she gained a close friend, a fellow Hufflepuff two years older than her .Atara Ruben found her crying in the Long Gallery early in October that year. Aisling had just had the sketch she was working on was destroyed by some older students. Atara tracked them down, got in a fight with them over it and the two girls have been close friends since.

Sadly her cat Rumpleteazer and Atara's rat F.X.C do no not get along nearly as well as the girls do. Rumple wants to make friends and the rat will have none of that.

The Triwizard Tournament held that year at Hogwarts was extremely exciting for her. She had not realized that there where other schools of magic and meeting the foreign students was a thrill. And while she was loyal to her school during them, she supported the other two schools students as she made friends with them. It did disappoint her when Hogwarts lost though.

When the magic nulling frogs swamped the grounds, she did her best to help find a way to fix it. But was not among those that managed it. Thankfully being a Muggleborn she coped a bit better with the loss of magic near the frogs than others. But even so, she was pleased when they got taken care of.

At the end of the year, she returned home, full of stories of what happened and ready to go back again for her third year.

Years 3 2021 - 2022

Just before she headed out to Hogwarts for her third year, Aisling's parents presented her with a surprise they had been working on for the past year and a half. A special one of a kind hand painted Tarot deck,
Wizard draw

Drawing in the long Gallery

Painted by themselves and a few other artists they knew. They had read that she'd start divination that year and wanted her to have something extra personal for it. It took them that long to create due to the number of cards and making sure the artwork had the correct symbolism for each one.

The events of the year with the Hag and the Dark wizard only affected her slightly, she somehow managed to stay on the outskirts of that bit of adventure. Concentrating instead, on making friends, and of course her artwork. This was also the year she first started to pay attention to boys, as she is now a teenager, but sadly, none wanted to pay attention back.

Year 4 2022 - 2023

Her Fourth year started out and progressed mostly calmly. Nothing exciting happening. She watched with joy as Atara found a boyfriend, in the form of a Ravenclaw named Mani, who was the son of the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher. She herself crushed on a younger Huffle named Teddie, until she learned he was gay and then that stopped. And later on she utterly stopped being friends with him, as in a fit of bizarrely placed anger, he tried to set Atara on fire in front of her.

And then the Hearty Party happened and Dorchester arrived. She wasn't keen on the changes but thought at first they wouldn't be that bad. Then life at the castle just got more and more oppressive. Strange magical happenings she could handle with hardly a dent in her cheery outlook. Adults playing politics and using students as pawns? That brought her down.

Snapshot 002 (9)

Aisling and Archie

She tries to keep her head down, but does help out however best she can to make things less oppressive for everyone. Such as goofing off with her Marzia. Or just by being her cheerful sunny self.

In those last four months with Dorchester, she stepped out of her comfort zone and broke many of the false Headmistresses rules. Such as joining with the Thornberry group that aided in creating good meals for the students.

She also made two good friends among the Slytherin, Festus and Archie. Archie has since become her boyfriend. The two contrast each other greatly, pretty much night and day, but yet they manage to near perfectly complement each other.

During the Battle for the Castle, when the inferi attacked, she gathered up a group of scared younger students from all the houses and led them into the kitchens for protection and distraction. Delving into her massive trunk of art supplies, she used it to occupy them while others fought off the living dead.


The summer between her 4th and 5th years was spent a bit differently. As Archie joined Marzia in staying with the family over the summer. The two have become closer due to that, and her family adores him. Though she was more than a little nervous about meeting his family at some point.

She was also selected as Hufflepuff Prefect, alongside Archie getting chosen as one of the Slytherin ones.

Year 5 2023 - 2024


Her first year as a prefect started off a bit chaotically. The Sorting hat Ceremony was chaotic and noisy. But Did earn the house several great new Hufflepuffs. She settled into the job of being a prefect with them far easier than with other houses. Several of the older Slytherin house members didn't take well to having a Hufflepuff tell them to behave. But things soon calmed and she settled into classwork, prefect work and dating life well.


She went to her first school dance with a date in the autumn. The Halloween Bash with Archie, They dressed as Amalthea and Prince Lir from one of her favorite books, the Last Unicorn.


Winter had her stressed a bit. As she was going to meet Archie's Parents for the first time over winter break. The plan had been for her to spend the break with him at his family's home. Talks with several friends helped calm her down a bit. Though on the long train ride to his hometown she got nervous again.

Her and Archie once again went to the school dance together, This time the Winter Ball. And to her great surprise she received one of the annual awards handed out. The Auror Award, for Best Prefect.

As said Christmas Break was spent with Archie and his family and it went, ever so much smoother than she had expected it to. His parents liked her and she learned a lot about Victorian style cooking as the house they live in has no electricity.

Upon return to the castle after break things settled back into routine. The young couple did attend the thankfully uninterrupted Hearty Party together. They also both joined the Owl Post student newspaper.


Spring of her 5th year was a blissfully calm one over all. But one important thing did happen to her that, well she did herself. And that is she completed her training to be an Animagus. After months of research and work with the mandrake and potion,and help from a few teachers she at last achieved her
Snapshot 014 (2)

Aisling's cat form, AKA Freckles.

goal and her inner animal form was shown to be, the most ginger tabby house cat you ever saw, with freckles. She made sure her HOH knew and was helped to register properly. Then once everything was proper and she felt good enough at it, she first showed Archie, then Marzia then Morgan. They all took it well and now Marzia likes to tease her about it. Including getting her a pastel pink cat tree for her 16th birthday, Which Rumpleteazer uses more than Aisling does.

She keeps this ability a secret only letting those she trusts most and feels closest to know about it.

At her Head of House's request, Aisling participated in the Interhouse dueling contest that spring. She does not like dueling or consider herself good at it, but they needed a few more Huffles so she did so. And somehow made it all the way to the Semi Finals, much to her surprise. She also ended up IN the spring school play, though she had just signed on to paint sets. But several last minute drop outs in the cast called for more background people so she was pulled on stage. This resulted in her finding out acting is, not an art she enjoys and she bolted off the stage soon after.

That spring also brought along the dreaded 5th year O.W.L.S. Aisling did pretty well in most of them Receiving high marks in several courses. And she had a good giggle at the Transfiguration practical exam which had them working with cats. And for the Ancient Studies Advancement obstacle course, she chose, instead of keeping it a secret from the Professor, to utilize her ability to shift to cat to make it through the cavern.

All in all her 5th year of school was a grand and glorious year. The first time in her schooling that no huge event had overwhelmed the school. She was grateful for that.


For the first time in her life summer was not spent at the farm. Instead, she went with Archie and spent it at his parents estates. Which his parents even had retrofitted with electricity for the summer. And his father helped her get a much better grasp on potions then in the past. They spent the two months off picnicking, hiking, boating and he taught her more about gourmet cooking.

The Couple also went to the Edinburgh Arts Festival. Which she had never been too and she thoroughly enjoyed it. And thanks to the Floo Network the house was connected to, they were able to visit friends still. Including a trip back to Hogsmeade to visit Le Cirque des Sorcieres, a french wizarding circus that had come to town. Which she found quite fascinating. Aisling also went to go watch Saffron Foxclaw and George Macauley get married. Archie was unable to join her for family reasons.

Near the end of summer Her family visited the country manor. And both families went to have a grand few days before school together in London. Both in the muggle and magical areas of the city. And then back onto the train the two got to start their 6th year.

Year 6 2024 - 2025


Her 6th year started off to a super smooth start. The sorting ceremony went off well with no fights or major ruckus happening. Hufflepuff got
the highest number of new students, which made her beam with pride. The new lot of "Baby Badgers" are eager and adorable and she's become a defacto den mother to them all. Her and Morgan, along with two new prefects, Sila and Michel have their hands full though as some of them are, quite boisterous and a bit of trouble makers. But despite a few bumps things are going mostly smooth. September flew by all too soon and she was settling into things, with only a grumpy bit due to the fact that there was STILL no art teacher to help her learn how to get into the Magical art world around.

Some things that happened in the Autumn other then the events below, one of which was of course, the annual Halloween Bash. Which her and Archie went to. Archie chose the costumes this year and they went as Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler. The bash was an island of mindless fun in the terror that the two where dealing with in the month of October. They danced part of the night away and spent the rest on a pleasant walk about the castle Enjoying not having to think about other things for a change.

She was also invited to become part of a group being specially tutored in areas of their strengths and interests by the Deputy Headmistress, Aoife O’Keeffe. Between O’Keeffe's help with books on magical art and how to make the paints needed to make them, and Archie's promises to help her learn more about the magical art world, she started to feel a bit less stressed over that big unknown. Muggle Art world she had down pat with how it worked, magical, not so much.

The Vampire Attacks

And then...October happened. In the first week of the month, a Banshee attacked the Castle calling out warnings of doom and death to come and utterly destroying the grand hall. Ais had been in the commons when it happened and pulled all the badgers in the kitchens or still in the dorms for an impromptu session of storytelling to keep their minds off of the sounds above. When word got back to them that in the course of the events their Head of House, Danica Prialux, who Aisling had JUST interviewed for the Owl Post a week ago, was plucked into the air and dropped from such a height that she was out cold, she was devastated. But she rallied and did her best to keep those of her in the house in line despite a lack of a head of house. Not the first time she's had to do that. She later learned that Archie did the same in his commons in the dungeons.

A few days after that, while her and Archie where in the library studying, there was a loud boom from the area of the courtyard outside the grand hall. They felt it safer to stay put so they missed it when a massive hole opened up and Acromantula swarmed out, snatching students and teachers. This also means they missed the entire battle against the spiders in the caverns in the hole that opened.

The next event to happen that month however, they were not as lucky as before to not be around the main action. And it all happened without warning either, on, of all days Friday the 13th. The two had been leaning on the viaduct wall watching the giant squid in the lake splash about and talking about Autumn picnics and other sweet things to do in the future. Just as they had turned to head back in. It..attacked. Whatever it was, went right for her, pouncing on the ginger and taking her down hard. Savagely slashing and biting at her arms and neck. It drank her blood, and caused even more to spill about the stonework. She tried to shift forms but it was too sudden and too painful for her to manage it.

Archie did his best to get it off of her, in the attack the creature had knocked his wand out of his hand so he first tossed his heavy satchel at it then grabbed his wand and cast a smoke screen to try to confuse it. It leapt off her and went to him knocking his head into the stone and slashing at him. Then the ancient studies professor Addison Blackwell appeared out of nowhere and bull rushed the creature knocking it back. In the confusion that ensued it escaped, But its damage was done. Aisling lay bleeding out on the stone. Morgan and two others, Karam of Gryffindor and Bryn of Ravenclaw where there almost as fast as Blackwell and the three of them got the couple to the Ward. Morgan taking Aisling and the others dealing with a delirious and in shock Archie.

Ais's much needed break down after the attack.

After a weekend spent in the Hospital ward, where they both received the best magical care and are now fine, physically at least. They got released. In the end the creature that attacked them got 6 students in all. And three of them were Hufflepuffs. It was a bad weekend to be a badger . Aisling managed to hold it together for the entire time in the ward and even some after. But on the Tuesday after the attack, when her and Archie where at last alone together again. She had a breakdown, just letting all the tears and fears out she had held back. And one big thing happened. She had been putting off saying I love you to Archie for the longest time. After almost dying, she could not hold that back anymore. And in his most Archieness of ways he said "well of course I love you as well, I thought that would be obvious by now.

The creature that attacked them all though, stayed uncaught for almost a month. This made her more than a little unnerved. Other Hufflepuffs got attacked after her. But, it turned out that it was nothing against Huffles. Just an insane vampire bent on vengeance. The school brought in three members of The Vampire Society of Great Britain to help capture him. But they took a while to do so, which made her hide down in her commons a lot, when not with Archie. Her fellow Hufflepuff and friend Sila did a lot of investigating of what was going on and kept her up to date. When Miles, for that is the name of the vampire that nearly killed her, was killed by one of the Society in Mid November, she at last felt able to fully relax and safe once more.

Winter, before break

Things calmed down a lot after the death of Miles. Allowing her to focus on something else.
That being the upcoming Winter Ball. And she wanted to wear something different then her usual this time round. Something to stun Archie a bit. To help her find THE perfect gown she owled Saffron Foxclaw who came out bringing with her one of the British wizarding worlds best gown makers! Saffron, Perse and Marzia all came out to give opinions and a gown was chosen! She felt stunning in it.

The night of the ball arrived and Archie, was not quite as visibly overcome by the gown as she hoped, But, it's also Archie so she knew inwardly it got to him. Plus he whispered to her later how lovely she looked. She once again received The Auror Award, for best Prefect, which again surprised her. As she had expected it to go to Sila this year.

And then around the middle of the ball, the most disastrous thing that could happen to someone who agonized over what to wear happened. Someone else showed up in her gown. And this was a big name someone, Former Headmistress and now Minister of Magic Hannah Fischer! Archie and her made a discreet exit at that point and spent the remainder of the night in the Music room. Dancing and chatting and even managed to get the house elves to bring them some treats from the ball.

Just Before the ball, Aisling was given a small kitten not old enough to be away from her mother. Bryn had found the waif in the snow near the gates to Hogsmeade. With no sign of a mother he brought the tiny calico to the Badger. She named her Etcetera after another character in the musical Cats and had to raise her up complete with bottle feeding it goats milk. Her older cat took the kitten under paw and looks to be training her up in the ways of being a witch's cat.

Winter break


The Farm at Christmas

Christmas Break that year was spent at her parents and she loved sharing with Archie all her family traditions and showing him how amazing the farm is decorated for the holidays. Her parents went all out and even erected an archway of lights over the path to the house. Lots of food was cooked between Archie and her mother. She gave him a steam powered Train set and he gave her an opal brooch and a book on all the magical paintings in the Long gallery.

Winter, After break

The couple returned to Hogwarts as usual in early January. Upon their arrival they learned that a creature had attacked a child on the night of the first full moon of the month. But as everyone assumed it was a one time thing, nothing more was thought on it. The month progressed smoothly, a bit dull but after the past autumn the dullness was welcomed. The circus returned at the end of the month and they all enjoyed visiting it again to see the new shows and rides it had brought with it this time round.

The Night of the Blue Wolf Moon

Things would change soon though. Shortly before the second full moon of January, Persephone asked her, Marzia and some others to sneak out into the forest with her. There was to be an eclipse, and they wanted to watch it in the snow covered forest. There was also that Persephone, who is cursed with Lycanthropy and on wolfsbane potion, wanted to be able to be around friends for once in her wolfish state, Instead of being alone in the room where the student werewolves go on the nights of a full moon when their curse turns them into a wolf.

The adventure sounded quite fun to her, and she knew that her ability to shift forms would come in handy as she could go between human and feline form to help communicate with wolf Perse. They made their plans, set up a cheerful camp with a fire, food and comfy blankets to stay warm in. The moon was just starting to rise up when, it happened.

A woman appeared from the woods, dressed in a tattered dirty robe, looking rather in need of a bath. Exactly what she said are fuzzy to Aisling now, she just remembers her talking about how different Persephone looks now. Then she turned and tried to cast Crucio on Aisling, but Marzia yanked her away in time for the spell to miss its target. Then just as the full moon rose into the sky, both the woman and Persephone changed into a wolf. And the woman leapt to attack Aisling and Marzia.

Ever since October Aisling had worked to train herself to be able to change forms under stress and this was the first test of that. As the woman/wolf clawed at Marzia, Aisling shifted forms quickly to leap at the wolves face and eyes intent on clawing the wolf's muzzle up. From behind Persephone wolf leapt on the woman wolf. The feline backed off from attacking the woman knowing her friend would be the better one to defend Marzia. Though she still stayed in her feline form for safety as werewolves would not attack an animagus in animal form. She crouched near Marzia's feet as her best friend lay bleeding in the snow, still a hissing, spitting ball of feline fury.

The group was found then, by searchers from the castle. Lead by a fox animagus, and headed by the Deputy Headmistress, they arrived just in time to save Marzia's Life. O'keeffe drove off the woman/wolf with a few flicks of a fire rope that unfurled from her wand, and was aided by a few attacks from the fox. The searchers where mostly staff, but a few students where also among them. Including an extremely distraught Archie, who was half panicked in worry for his girlfriend. Aisling, still not shifting out of cat form with so many around that did not know her secret, and the extremely wounded Marzia where taken to the Hospital ward. Ais was unharmed but refused to leave Marzia's side, as Marzia never left hers in October. Archie ended up in the bed next to Marzia as his stress had caused him to become sick. Persephone was spent to spend the rest of the night in the School's gamekeeper hut with Professors Dracheblume and Eastwood.

Late Winter

Life moved on after that night. Though all of them forever changed. Marzia had lost an eye in the attack, and as werewolf scratches can not be made to vanish, neither the eye or the claw marks on her where able to be healed, she is covered in silver tinted scars. The night also formed a bond between the girls at it. And odd sort of sisterhood where they look out for and defend each other when needed.

And thanks to Amira Zidane it became needed. The 3rd year Slytherin is vocally anti werewolf, Believing that they all need to be killed. Even then ones like Perse who are on Wolfsbane and have never and will never bite anyone. Aisling and the girl clashed many a time over this. A war of posters started about the hall as well. Most pro werewolf but some also anti. Aisling firmly believes that these where put up by Amira and burned as many as she could manage to.

Late winter also brought about the Hearty Party. This time held in a tent in the transfiguration courtyard. It was the first time that Marzia went out much in public since the attack. Aisling and her attended it with their boyfriends, of course. Which also meant that Aisling with with it with many of her best friends as Marzia had started dating Morgan before break. At some point in the night a prankster set off a spell that created a mist that caused those caught in it to float. The two couples had been standing on the edge of the fog so were not affected. Even so, Archie took this time to lead Aisling off.

What she didn't know was that he had taken the time to prepare and set up a valentines picnic for them down the hill. With a grand bonfire to keep them warm. It was during this picnic that Aisling asked Archie if he would be willing to become an Animagus as well. For a number of reasons. He agreed and they soon set to work getting the items he needed to do so.

Along with the sweet of the Hearty Party came some sour. Several students, Including Fellow Hufflepuff Thomasin Sexton Where attacked on random nights. The same werewolf that attacked her and her friends went after people in her human form. Thomasin would not have survived her attack if she had not been found by Professor Dracheblume. Students started getting worried and scared, warned not to go out alone. Always in pairs or groups! Lovelace even attempted to get into the castle several times.


Due to the attacks on students and in Hogsmeade, in early March, a former professor was called back who now works for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Former magical creatures Lucifer Gillespie and The husband to one of Aisling's favorite former teachers, Liliana. Even under the circumstances she was delighted to see him. She had hoped to get a chance to talk to Lilanna but that was not to be.

The air about the school continued to be tense, thanks more to the anti werewolf propaganda more than the attacks. More and more posters where set out, but thankfully more on the pro then anti side. Aisling did her best to be there for Persephone, especially after Amira outed her as a werewolf.

Towards the end of April, Archie managed to complete the process to become an Animagus.
Thanks to her guidance, and his own desire to not have to repeat the month with the leaf in his mouth, it took him only one try to get it correctly. She and Professor DracheBlume where on hand for when he took his potion. After all the random speculation of what he might turn into, his animal form ended up being feline like hers, that of a Scottish Wild Cat. She was thrilled with that and they spent many hours with her teaching him how to get about the castle as a feline. As well as kitty snuggles. Kitty snuggles are great.

This brief bit of happiness was not to last much longer. A couple of students where seen being led off by Lovelace into the forest. An attempt to find them led to a disastrous meeting with the Centaurs and the students barred from the grounds near the forest. The missing students did eventually return but with no memory of what happened.

At one point while in the clock tower courtyard she witnessed a hurt unicorn on the grounds. She watched from afar as a group of Professors healed it and sent it on its way. It broke her heart that the Were-witch in the woods was so far gone as to attack a unicorn.

Then in late May the Hufflepuff Head of House vanished, and it was soon discovered that a small handful of other students where missing as well. The castle was put on full lock down as adults did their best to search for them.

In that same week, there was a Defense Aainst the Dark Arts class where they where to face a Boggart. Ais went in confidante that she knew what hers was, and got a terrifying surprise in the form of a new boggart. The Creature took the form of a vampire werewolf cross and she was so unable to handle this she fainted.

Wolf siege on the castle.

The very next day after the Boggart class, was a day no one in the castle will soon forget. Towards the end of Sunday dinner, the unmistakable clatter of hooves was heard approaching the castle. She stayed behind in the Great hall as she was trying to get Morgan to calm down after a fit of anger he had, but Soon learned what was going on. Persephone had snuck out to try to find Lovelace and exchange herself for the missing students. That meeting did not go well and ended with Lovelace slicing her leg off. Thankfully the centaurs found her and brought her back to the castle.

While Everyone was distracted with that, Lovelace, and the missing students transformed into Wolves, attacked the castle. Humans transformed into animals with a spell, unlike Animagi, have no memory of being human, they are that animal through and through. And on top of that Lovelace, Or Greenteeth as she preferred now, was controlling them via magic to attack everyone in the castle. Students and staff had to fight off the attacking wolves, having no idea that these creatures were their friends.

At one point in a hallway while trying to get some first years to hide in a bathroom, A wolf with grey eyes lunged at her. She shifted to feline then, in front of many others, and attacked the wolf, mauling its face. The wolf managed to toss her off into a wall But she had done more damage to it then it to her. It only took her a bit to come out of her stun from hitting the wall and she was up and off trying to protect more students in the Grand staircase.

It was in the staircase that it was learned that these wolves where their friends. Older students and staff members, one by one, changed the wolves back into humans while a confrontation was happening at
Snapshot 020 (2e)
the very top of the stairs between The Heads of the school and Greenteeth. Fox and O’Keeffe tried to reason with the mad woman but to no avail. Instead, she attempted to cast an Unforgivable curse at the Deputy Headmistress. To protect her Fox cast a simple flippendo spell on the werewitch. Over a railing she went, and despite an attempt to save her, she went plummeting to her doom.

Stunned for a moment at what she had just seen, a woman's death. She quickly got back to focus and set to helping the hurt students into the very busy and crowded Hospital ward. It was there she discovered that the wolf that had attacked her and whom she mauled badly, had been her own Head of house. The cat scratches on the woman's face where unmistakable. This knowledge affected her deeply and it took till she was able to speak to Prialux for her to recover from it.

Late Spring

After that day, the castle was noticeably both calmer and more tense at the same time. Calm, as there was no more worry of an attack. Tense, as both the students turned into wolves and those that attacked them where understandably upset. This soon ebbed away for the most part, and the only known hold out to still be anti werewolf, was Amira. Even the few that followed her before the attack turned their backs to her. As they had all learned that by treating someone like a monster, you turn them into one. Even if they had not been before. That is what happened with Lovelace. If her friends and family had not outcast her, none of the attacks would have happened.

Aisling did her best to help Persephone adjust to having one leg. She even painted several of the false legs that were made for her in a variety of patterns and colors. She was not alone in helping her friend out as many others did as well.

Exam time soon hit, almost forgotten about in the chaos of the year. She did her best and managed to pull several O's and A's and only a few E's. And thankfully nothing lower than that. The free week after
exams was spent packing, with friends, and hanging out with Archie. She was happy, as for the first time since their win in her second year, Hufflepuff was not dead last in the house cup running. They were in Second place behind Ravenclaw, who was in the lead by over 700. She also learned that she had been selected for a Yearbook Superlative, most Exemplary Hufflepuff. 2024 - 2025 Hogwarts yearbook.

Then during feast Headmaster fox awarded more points. Something that has not been done in a while. And Hufflepuff got the most out of all the houses. Over 700! But, they were still not in the lead, missed it by two points. To Aisling, this seemed like a cruel slap in the face. It wasn't the loss that upset her, it was this last bit of points adding. She'd have preferred them to not get any extra points at all then to lose by just two points. This event was a dreadful cap on her worst year at the school ever.

She didn't eat anything and went up stairs to stay the rest of the day, not in a mood to socialize, even at the lovely Swedish Midsummer celebration that Lia Swahn had prepared for everyone. The next morning her and Archie had a long talk, watching the water and then boarded the train to leave Hogwarts for the end of their sixth year.


The arival
Summer stated with them arriving at Archie's Families Edinburgh town house. They used it as a place to stay when not on travels about Europe and as a place for the cats to live over the summer. They had to clean up and repair the home quite a bit as its not really been lived in for decades. It did not take them all that long to do so as Aisling was old enough to use magic out of Hogwarts with Archie joining her in that at the start of August.

Most of the summer was spent with the two of them, every so often joined by friends, touring Europe looking for information on the magical art world and fine eateries. Their first stop was Paris for a week or so. Archie spoiled her with the first class hotel suit, and Five star restaurants he would take her too. She loved the culture and the food and the couple discovered several magical art galleries. She also managed to drag him off for one day to Paris Disneyland. It's not sure if he enjoyed it on his own or just enjoyed watching her enthusiasm about being there.

After returning back from Paris they spent a few days back at the townhouse, and in that time held a tea party in the empty upper room of the building. After that it was off to Italy till Archie's early August Birthday. First stop was Tropea, Italy, for a few days where they enjoyed the beaches, culture and food, and then Venice for a two day stop over on the way home. Aisling especially loved the romanticism of the channels. Upon returning the two went to the circus in Hogsmeade when it returned to celebrate Archie's 17th birthday.

Head students

After another bit of time spent in the townhouse, the two then went camping, At Archie's suggestion, which surprised her a bit. But she had been thinking about Muggle camping, not Wizard camping, which is vastly different with their tents that are basically portable homes. While they were camping their annual Hogwarts letters arrived. Rather large heavy ones this time. As they had been chosen to be Head girl and Head boy for their last year at Hogwarts and the letters contained their badges.

The two returned back to the townhouse to not only plan how they will help lead the students, but also host a street party to celebrate the end of summer before returning to the school. Also, while in Diagon shopping for their school things , they chose to pick out an Owl together, A small Saw Whet whose has since been named Mr. Ernest Bumble.

Year 7 2025 - 2026

Her cumulative year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!



The fall started off easily enough. Her and Archie's ideas for the prefects went over well and the sorting ceremony was very smooth and easy. She was still more than a little sad to see the blue and not the gold banners in the great hall to show who won the house cup last year.

As everyone settled in, things went smoother than it has in a while. No attacks, no danger. Though with the lack of that came a different problem. As without a larger worry over their head, more student on student issues cropped up. Especially among the first years. Some of which where not settling into life in the magical school all that well at all. As the art room is a place where Ais can find a calm place the two spent many hours i there talking over issues with the students and how to tackle them.

October came and with it the excitement of their last Halloween bash as students.
Some of the talks in the art room covered ideas of what to wear. And then it was announced that the bash would be more of a ball and have a very particular theme. One that did not set well with either of them at all. The theme being, A Venetian vampire ball. After the attacks last year they felt it in bad taste. They briefly thought about not going. But in the end they chose to not miss out on their last bash and went anyway. This time choosing to dress as their respective house founders. Archie even wore a false beard. Which Aisling did not like on him at all. Thankfully he agreed with her that it did not suit him at all and it was quickly removed after the dance was over.

They had a nearly perfectly grand time at the ball. But one small thing spoiled it, one of the vampires from the Society was, oddly in attendance. Which upset Aisling understandably. They stayed as long as she could manage and then left to go on a long walk and find someplace to talk when she could no longer manage it.

The rest of the autumn went calmly and smoothly. And at one point Aisling, with Archie at her side. Ventured onto the Viaduct for the first time since her attack the year before. He knew exactly what she needed to get past this mental block of hers and made it the most common place event with no stress to her and lots of warm encouragement.

Winter, before break

With winter and the holidays approaching, the Head Couple, got the idea to have the prefects host a holiday Fete for the rest of the students. As a way to show that the prefects are there for more than just keeping everyone in line. They timed it to be the same day as the Annual Christmas tree lighting and set it up in the Long gallery. It was a huge success even if it wore them out getting it organized.


Photo taken by Marzia editing by Mathilda

It was shortly after the fete that Aisling learned that former Professor Blackwell had taken a handmade and illustrated copy of the Tales of Beadle the bard that Aisling had given her in thanks for saving her life. And arranged to have it published as is. All of artwork for the stories and even the way she hand bound it intact. Blackwell also set her up a Gringotts account for the funds she earned from book sales. Which did quite well during the holiday season. To say she was amazed and speechless was an understatement. She was published and had her own money now! And Archie could not be more proud of her.

After that it was some time to relax in the easy classes many professors give before the holidays and plan what to wear to their very last Winter Ball. She was not stressed this year at all, and chose a Green gown with a red highlight. And thankfully no one else showed up wearing it. This time Archie wore a full tuxedo instead of a formal kilt.

As usual the annual awards went out. And she was not surprised at all to see Sila take the Award for Best Prefect this year, she voted for them herself. What DID surprise her though, was her and Archie receiving the Grand Sorcerer and Sorceress awards. Basically the highest of all of them. If Hogwarts where an American school it would be almost equal to homecoming or Prom King and Queen. After the awards where given they danced some then left to take a walk in the snowy moonlight about the castle.

Winter break

For Break they decided that, for their last chance, they'd stay behind and see how the castle was for Christmas. They quite enjoyed the nearly empty castle and the calmness off it. The Annual feast with the professors went over well and they also found time for a personal Christmas celebration.

They also managed to slip away and for the first time, join the Castle wolves, most of them, for the full moon. Perse and Marzia at last seeing Archie's Wild Cat form. But break was over all too soon and classes started back up.

Winter, After break

Classes started up again as the break ended. Like with before break, it was, with just student issues happening. The biggest of which was one of the first year Slytherin girls who had been having issues

earlier, somehow managed to grow herself a second Edna in the dungeons. It burst out and destroyed the Slytherin commons and much of the dungeons. The issue was quickly dealt with though and soon everything was repaired.

Of course in the winter also comes the Hearty Party. To be their last ever dance at Hogwarts. This year it was back in the Great Hall which was done up in a splendidly romantic Grecian garden. The two danced for a while then chose to retire for a walk about again, as had become their tradition on dance nights. This led to them missing a bit of pranking by Jeeves the poltergeist.

The remainder of winter with off without much of anything happening of note.


Spring arrived in all its floral glory, and all its rain. As the winter fete had been such a success they planned for another one to be held on the same weekend as Easter Feast. The Prefects once again all worked together to arrange for a wide variety of booths games and food for the students to enjoy. Aisling herself arranged for a mix of actual rabbits and bugs transfigured into brightly colored ones to be placed in a pen for cuddling. Which became her most favorite part of the fete and Archie had a hard time getting her to leave the pen.


The day before her 18th birthday in April, Archie surprised her with a picnic down by the lake, the same area he had used the year before for the Valentines picnic. This time, the pleasant was mixed with the not so pleasant. As Archie had to leave the castle for a bit as a muggle friend of his from boarding school days was in the hospital and there was a possibility of him not recovering. He was away for several days but returned with the news that his friend might pull through.

Soon the things turned into worry for the upcoming exams. Not so much on her part, as her goal in life was not reliant on her exam grades. But Archie's where, not that there was any real stress for him as he was an excellent student. It also came time to learn to cast the Patronus spell, and after a few tries she managed to do so. To her utter none surprise, it was a tabby catty that matched her animagus form only ghost like.

Another Boggart class was held and during this class, a letter arrived from her parents. The news in it overjoyed her so much she and Archie left the volunteer class to go celebrate it. The news? After 18 years of trying, her mother was expecting! The pregnancy would of course be a hard one due to her mother's age but was a great joy to them all as they had never meant for her to be an only child.

The calm times of the castle ended shortly before exams started. When a group from the Ministry arrived to, of all things, Arrest Headmaster Fox. Aisling was not present for this event and only heard second hand what happened. But the gist of it was that he was being brought in for obstruction of justice, and one of those there to bring him in also thought to attempt to arrest Professor Dracheblume. Neither of which went over well. Fox escaped and Dracheblume was released with many apologizes.

The castle soon settled into a buzz of rumors about what happened. With no one really having any idea of why Fox was to be arrested. But, things did soon settle back to the stress of upcoming exams. Which the week of exams came and went, Aisling felt she did well on hers. And she got to watch Archie take his Apparitions test and was overjoyed when he passed it easily.

The week after exams was, as per tradition, a week of lazy days about the castle. The Acting head of Slytherin house hosted what he called Solar Fun days out about the grounds, games and other items set up for the students to enjoy and relax with.

Professor Lane also chose to host sessions where students could face their boggarts again. Aisling rather vocally refused to face down hers, but did attend them to be of aid to the students that, like her, had a hard time with what they say. She gently pulled a number of them away, risking the appearance of her own monster, to get them to a place they could recover.

On their very last Friday night, the one before feast, Archie and Aisling had a plan. They wanted to climb up to the top of one of the towers and watch the sun set and rise on Hogwarts for the very last time. Getting up to their perch was easy enough in feline forms. What she had not been quite expecting was the picnic that Archie had set up on the ledge of one of the bell towers. Though she really should not have been as surprised as he loves a good picnic.

As they settled into watch the sunset, talks turned to their futures, a subject that always made her happy. Archie then suggested she get one of the truffles from the picnic basket. Only, it was not a truffle he really wanted her to find. But a red velvet box.

Inside that box was a stunning diamond and opal ring shaped like a rose. And with it came a question that had long ago been answered without words. But was asked and answered anyway. "Will you marry me?" With the reply of "Yes of course." Her heart filled with joy that he had officially asked her. And after he placed the ring onto her finger the two settled in for a night of stargazing and watching the sun rise.

They chose to only tell three people the next morning, Perse, Marzia and Morgan, so as to not distract from the festivities of the End of the Year Feast.

Final End of the Year Feast

In order to keep the events of the night before from overshadowing the events of the feast she had placed her ring on a cord under her shirt. Planning to pull it out and put it on towards the end of the feast. But was never given the chance to do so.

Going into the last school feast of her life had her heart filled with joy and sadness. Hufflepuff had won the house cup, and after what had happened last year it thrilled her to see the hall hung in the black and gold. Her heart was sad though as she knew this would be the last time she would ever get to have this experience of an end of the year feast. Or even see the hall hung in her house colors. Unexpected hugs from her Head of House before the feast and a special call out from the Deputy Headmistress had her in near tears.

This mix of emotions she was feeling was not to last long though. As soon after the banners turned to the colors of her house, terror rained down onto the castle from the skies.

Attack on the Castle

Hufflepuff barely had a chance to celebrate their win when a roar echoed about the castle. Soon the

cause of it was visible and attacking the castle. A large black dragon. While professors, lead by O'Keeffe and Eastwood, went to take charge of the situation, Aisling set to gathering as many of the younger students as she could to get them to safety. While she was doing this Archie organized some of the older students to help the adults.

Aisling kept her lot safe while about them the castle fell, she would later learn that Ravenclaw tower and the Astronomy tower both fell, With Ravenclaw tower taking out the Viaduct. Meanwhile the bell towers sustained much fire damage, and the groundskeepers hut was a near total loss. They stayed there when the Umbra, who had sent the dragon arrived to parlay. When the call to evacuate the castle via floo to the Ministry of Magic due to something they had went out she gathered her lot to take them to O'Keeffe's office but before they could get up to it the all clear was given. But with it also the news of Headmaster Fox's death. He had given his life to protect the castle with a spell powered by his very life force.

With this news she slumped against a wall and cried both tears of grief and relief. She looked to her charges and then took them to the great hall where everyone was to spend the night. It took her a bit of time in the chaos to find Archie and the moment she did she fell into his arms. After a short bit of talk the two left the chaotic hall to walk the grounds where they could and clear their heads. Wordlessly agreeing not to announce their engagement just yet under the circumstances.

The last ride

The next day was to be their last in the castle. And instead of spending their planned morning breakfast walking the grounds, they helped others recover lost items and gave comfort when needed in their own ways. Doing their duties as head students to the very end. Aisling waited until it was time to go to the boats to pull the ring out and place it back on her hand.

O'Keeffe was at the boats waiting for them, while the rest of the castle met in the clock tower courtyard to board the carriages to the train station. Normally this was the Headmasters privilege. The farewell to the departing seventh years was more emotionally charged then normal. Fox had written down what he had planned to tell them, and so, O'Keeffe was able to allow them to hear one last bit of wisdom from him.


She then instructed them to board the boats, And that Aisling and Archie where to each take one and lead the others to the jetty in Hogsmeade. It was in this way that Aisling left the castle the same way she arrived, with Marzia at her side in the boat.

Arriving at the town they made their way to the train station and boarded the train. Only they chose not to sit in the prefects compartment, but in another one with their friends. The couple still didn't speak of their engagement but the ring on her finger did sparkle and catch a few eyes. Though nothing was said until Talula came to their compartment to speak to her and she saw the ring and loudly commented on it. With the cat then fully out of the bag they let more than a few in on it. To many congratulations, and an “about time” from Perse, who was one of the ones that knew beforehand.

After their last long Express ride home they gathered felines, owl and luggage up and left the station quickly. Not only to spare more emotions but also Arches father had wanted to see them as soon as possible upon their arrival and they needed to take their lot to a hotel first.

Life after Hogwarts



From train, to hotel, and then to the Ministry to meet up with Archie's father there. Alistair Colquhoun was now the Magistrate of Wizengamot and so had been in the Atrium when the students started to arrive. After some brief assuring of each others well being the attention was turned to the obvious ring on Aisling's hand. Archie asked for his father's blessing and was granted it. Though the elder Colquhoun was adamant that it was not needed.

Snapshot 013 d(18)

A dinner with her family was arranged for the next day with both sets of parents present. Her parents were overjoyed to hear of the engagement, and also gave their blessing to it, though again assured them it was not needed.

Off to the town house they then went, where Aisling received an owl from O'Keeffe. Which asked her to paint Fox's portrait. The sheer magnitude of the request, of a dream coming true but at such a cost hit her deeply. She of course accepted the request but is extremely nervous about the endeavor.

While setting to work on the portrait the couple also put together a beach Engagement party at Brighton Beach. The event went over well with many of their school mates and all their closest friends arriving to congratulate and celebrate with them. The couple ended the night dancing under a nearly full moon on the beach.

After the party Ais set to work on the portrait in Ernest, though she did take a break to attend the Quidditch world cup and the circus. Both of which where in Brighton that summer. Along side this they also upgraded the kitchen in the town house to be more modern.

Towards the end of summer and a when they normally would have been starting to get ready for school, they ran into Bonnie and Jo in Diagon. Bonnie told them of some things she had bought at an estate sale of a Elias Morton, Magi-Archaeologist after he had died.

The most intriguing items where a diary and a Gringotts vault key that had belonged to an older Magi-Archaeologist named Frederick Von Dursten who had mysteriously vanished from his Gringotts vault decades ago.

Bonnie wanted to go check out the vault, as a line in the diary had her curisty peaked " “At highest height and lowest depth, Twice a day, To forgotten Sagarmatha Where dwell, at the roof, thoughts on silver”. When they arrived into the vault they found it filled old antiques, clothing, maps, and in the middle, an odd looking saddle, the only thing not covered in layers and layers of dust.




Late Winter


Childhood Home, Jones Family farm

The Jones family lives on a small farm just outside Galway, Ireland, where they converted one of the barns to an art studio, putting in large windows for natural light and installing many shelves and drawers for supplies. The farm allows them to live a semi self sufficient life, at least where food is concerned. It's hard to grow art supplies. There is also a guest house, where Marzia lived in the summer till their 5th year.

Snapshot 004

Jones family farm.

Inside the house is an eclectic collection of their own artwork, plants, a large collection of crystals and stones, various items from many travels around the world, and lots of books. The families new age beliefs, with an emphasis on Celtic mythology and lore, show in not only the crystals but the many books on various aspects of it and a small table with tarot cards and a crystal ball placed on it.

Her parents of course, will continue to live on the farm after her graduation, But she will not be returning to it as a home except for visits and holidays.

Edinburgh town house

Originally simply a home base for the summer of her sixth year when she went touring Europe with Archie. It was formally given to him by his father soon after the start of their 7th year.
They lived in it post graduation until they found the perfect home in the country to call their permanent home. They chose to change very of the inside, other then adding bits of their own belongings about it. Leaving at least the lower floor in its original turn of the 20th century state, save the kitchen that has been modernized. And some of Aisling's artwork hung about.

Once they found their home in the country is foundcontinued to own the Town house and use it when needed, as well as allowing His father to use it to host parties. Those chose to not keep it as their permanent home as As neither of them wished to live in the middle of a bustling city. But its closeness to many art venues and the Edinburgh Summer Arts Festival will come in handy at times.


Beithamuir loosely means Birches by the Sea in Gaelic. It is a fitting name for the country house and lands that Aisling and Archie now live in. The home is located on a remote area of the northern Scottish coast, giving them access to the sea. They got it rather cheaply as the muggles selling the house and lands claimed it was haunted, and it was also in a lot of disrepair. They still haven't figured out why it was thought to be haunted but the repairs where easily done with magic. The buildings on the grounds consist of a large main house, guest house with a boat dock, greenhouse and a small house that may have been meant for a groundskeeper.

As the name says the grounds have a large amount of birches, a tunnel of trees that come out from the rocky muggle road. There is also a pond, several large oak trees and a small flock of puffins that live on rocks on the shore. It is unknown currently what flowers lay around under the soil as they bought it in the fall.

It is Beithamuir that the couple plans to host werewolves at the full moon at as a safe zone.

Physical Appearance

Aisling is on the tall side for her age, and of very slim build. Her most notable features are her massive amounts of wild curly ginger red hair, and her pale freckled covered skin. Bright green eyes are half hidden behind gold framed glasses, as the girl is very nearsighted. During classes her hair is always pulled back into a thick braid. Often with artificial flowers and butterflies tucked into it with a paintbrush and her wand habitually stuck behind one ear.

Her clothing style tends to an eclectic, Boho, hippy look. She has a preference for pastels, loose, flowy tops and long skirts. Or wild tops and painted jeans. Her hair is also then worn in various styles, intricate braids and buns, or loose with flowers or other items tucked into it. The hair style spell has become a favorite.

At any time her face and hands are often seen paint splattered or smudged with charcoal or pastels.

On her right hand is a badger ring that was a gift from her parents, also several leather and beaded bracelets and a simple watch. On her left hand is a gold and opal ring, the focal point is a gold rose with the opals shaped to look like leaves. This pairs well with her new engagement ring, made of Diamonds, an opal and platinum, also shaped like a rose. She also at most times Several layered bracelets again, one of which says HOPE and is meant to represent her grandmothers.


A friendly, engaging, sunny, free spirit would be the best way to describe Aisling. Her outlook on life is bright and sunny, always a silver lining finder. It takes a lot to bring her down.

She is fiercely loyal to those she considers her closest friends. But even those that are not as close would receive her full help as fast as she could manage if they asked her for it. She makes friends quickly, her trust is easily won. Though once its lost its near impossible to get back.

Temper wise, unlike many of Irish blood, her temper is slow to boil, most of the times. But once lost, it is as fiery as her hair.

Since becoming an Animagus, many cat like traits have also emerged in her behavior.

Skills and Abilities

Aisling is a skilled artist, almost at professional levels. Her preferred medium is Watercolors or Acrylics, but she can use several other types of paint, as well as other mediums. Her sketchbooks are extensive and a mix of pencil, charcoal and colored pencil works.

She is also able to cook rather well, having had to learn when her parents got into "art hazes" and forgot to cook themselves. But her skills are nothing compared to Archie's who could be a gourmet cook if he wanted.

Her magical skills are excellent. She excels at transfiguration and charms, and has a fairly good hand with herbology. Her potions had been poor but with some help from Archie's father that improved greatly.

She speaks a smattering of Gaelic, but not very often and not fluently.


After Dorchester was sent away and after the exams of her 4th year where over, the professors had set up a maze for the students to work off some of their anger issues and have a bit of fun. In that maze was a boggart, the first one Aisling ever encountered as she had not made any of the Dark Arts Classes with them. For her then it took the form of herself, surrounded by crumples of paper and blobs of paint and she is unable to make even a stick figure. All her artistic talent is lost. She was easily able to overcome this fear with the Ridikulus spell

This boggart changed though, after the events of her 6th year. Which she found out badly in a DADA class on Boggarts. What emerged was a monstrous Vampire werewolf hybrid instead. She was unable to face this new unexpected change from her old boggart and turned and ran to Archie where she then fainted in his arms.

" A horrid air of silence filled the room as Aisling stepped forwards, Lane giving her a strange look before turning towards the Wardrobe. The silence pervaded for a moment, before something came flying out of the confines of the door, the sound of flesh hitting the wooden boards slapping through the room. Lane took a deep breath in as he looked down at the Boggarts copy of Aislings body as it bled across the floor, jagged marks sliced across the pale corpse. Lane gulped slightly, assuming that this was all of the Boggart, and yet he found himself surprised further as he turned to regard the Wardrobe, watching it shake violently.

Stepping back slightly, Lane looked over at Aisling and nodded. "Wand at the ready girl." The man holding onto his own one as a huge clawed hand gripped to the bottom of the Wardrobe, squeezing hard enough that Lane was surprised the wood didn't crack. A rumbling came from the dark, breathy and vile as some horrendously abhorrent creature shimmied its way from the confines of the dresser. Its head looked lupine in appearance, except the end of his muzzle was stunted and ravaged, flaps of skin pulled back and exposing teeth that jutted haphazardly, as though they were never intended to sprout where they had. Four large ears flicked from the top of the creatures head, brushing against the top of the wardrobe as it moved out. Its body was completely covered in a coarse layer of downy fur, black in colour to the point where its bulky mishapen form looked almost too ugly to stare at, too beautiful and shiny to not. A pair of furred arms stretched from broad shoulders, covered in a smattering of grotesque boils and scars that looked surely infected, whilst at the tip of each of its five fingered hands was a long talon, easily sharp enough to rend a man in two. The creatures legs however were horrendous, horribly back kneed things that were covered in calloused skin, spiny hairs and a few strange scales.

The beast, once it was completely free from the wardrobe let out a trill that left a horrendous ringing in Lanes ears, stretching a set of muddy brown, leathery wings out behind it. The winged creature moved upon its clawed knuckles like a Great Ape, shifting towards the copied form of Aisling to take a bite from her with its twisted maw before looking up at the real thing and letting out a nightmareishly excited jabber. The creature took a moment as though sizing her up before rushing forwards and expanding its wings out. "Riddikulus!" Cary yelled out at Aisling as the creature spread its wings wide, pulling up ahead of Aisling as it roared loudly - sounding like a mixture between the aggressive humming of a chainsaw, the howling of a wolf and the roaring of a tiger - a secondary set of jaws popping out from between the creatures tattered lips - holding a slingshot jaw akin to a Goblin Shark - before splitting vertically and blossoming outwards as though widening to fit her entire head between its teeth. "Riddikulus!" Lane shouted to remind Aisling again, voice struggling to be heard over the roar. "

— Professor Lane Cavanaugh's player describing Aisling's new boggart in DADA

Visual reference artist is unknown

Hobbies and Interests

Again, she likes art, it's not so much a hobby or an interest though, as it is a passion. Aisling lives and breaths art. The only thing she loves more is learning to master her magical abilities.

She also likes to read muggle fantasy novels, explore out in the grounds and as far into the forest as they are allowed to go, and help the COMC teacher with her critters.

Musicals and Disney movies are also another love of hers. Stage and screen. She often confuses the none muggle born about her with references to them.


If you count animals as possessions, she has her cats Rumpleteazer and Etcetera. As well as her and Archie's Owl, Mr. Ernest Bumble.

An entire housefull of, house stuff.

Wand - Pear wood, Unicorn Tail Hair core, 10 inches long, with opal accents, and vaguely shaped like a paintbrush. Kept tucked into her hair behind her ear.

Tarot deck - one of a kind hand painted by her parents and some of their artist friends.

Art Satchel and matching purse, one or the other is always with her, Both were purchased with extension charms already on them. She keeps all matter of items inside it, including food, books, and art supplies.

She has over the years managed to collect a large amount of necklaces that she switches around daily.



Persephone Hyland In the course of one school year Persephone went from someone Aisling only knew of as she was Marzia's other best friend, so someone that she would defend with every ounce of her being. The two have become close, loyal, and fierce friends.

Essa Nazari A younger Ravenclaw, she knows Essa has a tendency to slip into a pessimistic mind set and tries to help her counter that.

Snapshot 015

Sila Warrington Fellow Badger, The two have become very close ever since the younger was chosen as a prefect in Ais's 6th year.

Talula Shippe A younger year badger. Aisling adores the little veela and is one of the younger girls that she feels like a big sister to.

Snapshot 008

Caitlin Spector Another of the younger badgers. Ais finds her super sweet and hopes that one day she will break out of her shell and show everyone the super awesome person Ais knows she is.

Bonnie Nishi Friendship that started towards the end of her last year and just keeps getting stronger.


Danica Priaulx - Her former Head of House. She has offered great and needed guidance to the young Hufflepuff in times when she needed it most. Aisling has also had the privilege of seeing a softer side to the woman that many have never seen.

Aoife O’Keeffe - She is starting to adore the New Deputy Headmistress. O'Keeffe has gone out of her way to help Aisling pursue her goal of being an artist in the magical world. Getting her books on how to paint magically and a promise of help creating connections in her 7th year.



Marzia Sterling - Her bff and partner in "crime" since their first year. They met on the train and rode the same boat in. She is very laid back for a Ravenclaw and hard to upset. Loves bubbles and glitter.

Snapshot 010

Archibald Colquhoun - Her fiance. And nearly a polar opposite of herself. Very formal, sophisticated, nervous, somewhat stiff, and upper crusty. But more relaxed once you get past that. As a Hufflepuff and a Slytherin they make for an unusual but adorable couple.


Morgan Maldive Fellow huffle and one of her other best friends/siblings by choice. She tries to be there for him, his large number of siblings, and adores his puff Patchluck. She helped him out when he trained to be an animagus as well.

Saffron Foxclaw Former head girl, now reporter. Ais sees her as someone she can turn to when she really needs help or an older confidant who can still understand a students point of view. Since she was one not to long ago. Many teachers forget what it's like.

Addison Blackwell This tall former teacher of Ancient Studies is someone Ais greatly admires, and will forever be grateful to for helping to save her life.

Liliana Lemieux - Former art teacher, Aisling looked up to her as a guide into the world of wizarding art.


Rumors are sourced from The Owl Post Rumour has it articles and are free to use in Roleplay.

2022 - 2023

Word is, after that last art class, the perpetrator behind the posters is a redheaded Hufflepuff.

There’s been whispers that a certain ‘puff’s got it for men in tweed. Slytherin men to be precise. Couple of the year much?

Another rather affectionate spud seems after said puff and her friend, rambunctious and wanting snogs from both. Bad Mason, bad.

2023 - 2024

Two of the new prefects this term seemed to be joined at the hip this summer! Who knew – a badger and a snake getting along! Hopefully the new Head Students make sure they’re actually patrolling and not out for a 'rendez-vous!'

Apparently a certain redheaded Badger keeps an endless supply of sweets in her satchel.

Rumour has it that a perfect prefect couple may have already been planning for life after Hogwarts together in the tea shop this weekend.

A certain redheaded Badger was seen running from the Owl post meeting in what was possibly tears.

There are reports of a redheaded bubble monster attacking people in the great hall Friday night

Rumour has it that a pack of lions tried to corner a badger and one ended up with another badger on his back. He was clearly not prepared for that.

A certain artistic Redhead apparently took offense to something said by Pest at her meet and greet this past Monday.

A tweed wearing Snake seems to have issues with Mandrakes in Herbology today, luckily a redheaded Badger came to his rescue, which was kinda expected all things considered.

Rumour has it that a redheaded badger has attracted attention from someone other than her tweed wearing Snake.

There also may be a Hufflepuff that George finally respects.

Two badgers may have lost Hogsmeade privilege for all of next year thanks to a stunt one tried to pull in the Potions Exam. The other was just trying to stop the first one from making a huge mistake.

Rumour has it, that one of the Badgers involved in that end of year potions exam problem nearly fainted when she learned she wasn’t in trouble.

2024 - 2025

A ginger tabby with tiny spots is seen more often about the castle then in the past. Someone’s new pet that got lost?

It wouldn’t be too odd to see her with a Snake’s scarf, but lately she’s been sporting the Eagle’s colors. Is the perfect, if a tad awkward, romance breaking down?

Rumour has it that the attacks have made the Badger and Snake Prefect couple even closer than before.

A certain red headed Hufflepuff stressed out in the village about not yet finding a dress for the dance. Her bourgeois, food loving Snake was not exactly helpful.

Rumour has it THE dress has been found.

Rumour has it that a Ginger Huffle has a tiny new charge that needs to be bottle fed goats milk every so often.

Aisling Jones and Nessa Gloyne spotted beneath the Mistletoe in Owl Post. Ooh la la.

Rumour has it that the Badgers are closing rank to protect one of their own. Some even willing to take on former headmistresses for snapping at her.

Apparently THE dress was so grand, that both a Badger and The Minister of Magic wore it to the ball.

It took Ten Muppets.

That ginger tabby that is seen about sometimes seems to have made a kitty friend, a tabby feline which looks a little more wild cat then house cat has been seen with it.

It’s been said that the ginger Huffle prefect dragged another Hufflepuff prefect out of the great hall by his ear yelling at him. Even used his full name.

Was not only one but TWO cats seen battling the wolves?

Rumor has it that a snake that likes to wear flowers in his hair got petrified by a redheaded badger in the clock tower. And then got his feet stuck to the floor by much younger lion after not being grateful when the lion freed him.

Abner the House Elf has been in a foul mood ever since a group of students invaded the kitchen for a particularly messy baking party.

It’s been overhead that a certain Snake Badger couple have plans to travel Europe together looking for magical art galleries and good restaurants. How Romantic!

2025 - 2026

The freshly minted Head students where seen purchasing an Owl together and discussing what to name it. Seems it was an important first couples purchase.

Rumour has it, that a big summer event happened and, nothing went wrong. As it was hosted by our new Head students lets hope this is a sign of things to come!

A newly self outed Werewolf seems to have forgotten that the Head girl counts the other outed Werewolf as one of her best friends. So much for the newly outed ones accusation of the badger being biased against werewolves.

Rumour has it that a tea party for three was had in the Tapestry hall

So the head students, a prefect and a fox run to the boathouse……..

Rumour has it, the fete was a blast and here I thought the prefects were boring!</span>

Rumour has it that an exhausted looking pair of cats where seen curled up by one of the hearths in the great hall after curfew Saturday night. That Ginger tabby and wild cat looking one that are seen about the castle together at times.

Did anyone else notice those copies of Beadle the Bard in the bookstores over the break with the Head girls name on them as the artist?

I saw Aisling talking to Archie’s dad! Was she asking for his blessing?

What do a calico, a freckled ginger cat, and a fox with a teacup all have in common? They were spotted convening in the DADA office late last night.

The Head Boy was seen carrying a Ginger tabby up to the 6th floor. Isn’t his cat silver though?

The Head girl calmly faced down a rather terrifying man after her best friends in the tea shop today. Looks like Badgers really aren’t the pushovers some think they are.

I heard that the best person to get a hug from is the head girl.

Rumour Has It a certain 7th yr Puff has sisters’ we never knew about. I wonder what else she is hiding.

Marigold likes the head boy. Apparently Aisling and the Ashworths all have competition.

Anyone seen the Headboy since the Headgirl’s Birthday?

So, exactly HOW did the Head boy get the Head Girl out of the bunny pen at the fete? She seemed pretty determined to never leave it.

The Head Girl looks remarkably unstressed over her upcoming NEWT Exams. What’s her secret?

What was in that owl the Headgirl got during the Boggart class? What ever it was it sure made her happy!

Fall - winter 2026

So who all saw the really big shiny ring on the former head girls hand on the train ride last June? About time that happened!


Hufflepuffs have been heard saying that a former badger is in St Mungos but no one knows why.


The name Aisling is Irish and means Vision or Dream, and is a name the player has always found pretty. Rose was chosen as it is her players second favorite flower, and Opal Jones is her grandmother's name. Aisling's parents are named for her other set of grandparents. And her older cat was named for a cat that Softpaw had in RL for 14 years who passed on of old age. Who was also named for the T.S. Eliott / Andrew Lloyd Webber creation

Behind the scenes

Aisling is an alt of furry/fantasy blogger Softpaw Sommer Blog link. She found the sim on a Muggle Monday to take a tribute photo for Alan Rickman. After exploring it for a blog post she fell in love with the build and decided to join the rp. She also plays Arianna von DracheBlume, Magnolia Taffy Feathersweet and Marigold Macaron Feathersweet. As well as a member of the Sim ooc staff as a Head ALO

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